Why I Don’t Believe The Christine O’Donnell One-Night Stand Story

October 29th, 2010 // 137 Comments

With only a few days left before Election Day, Gawker has strangely decided to run an anonymous account from a man claiming he was offered a one-night stand three years ago by Delaware Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell which is supposed to be shocking because of her 30-odd years of abstinence and all that anti-masturbation talk. However, my political views aside, this story recounting a drunken night on the town can almost immediately be rejected after reading the following passage:

Christine was a decent kisser, but as soon as soon as her clothes came off and she was naked in my bed, Christine informed me that she was a virgin.
“You’ve got to be kidding,” I said. She didn’t explain at the time that she was a “born-again virgin.” She made it seem like she’d never had sex in her life, which seemed pretty improbable for a woman her age. And she made it clear that she was planning on staying a virgin that night. But there were signs that she wasn’t very experienced sexually. When her underwear came off, I immediately noticed that the waxing trend had completely passed her by.
Obviously, that was a big turnoff, and I quickly lost interest. I said goodnight, rolled over, and went to sleep.

Really? A completely wasted dude is presented with a consensual opportunity to have sex, yet passes on it because of some unruly public hair? Let me explain the statistical probability of that ever happening: FUCKING. ZERO. How Gawker didn’t reject this story on its face is beyond me. Not to mention, as others who more closely follow politics have pointed out, this just presented Christine O’Donnell an opportunity to, rightly, paint herself as a victim of sexism in the media which is exactly what she did this morning in a statement:

This story is just another example of the sexism and slander that female candidates are forced to deal with. From Secretary Clinton, to Governor Palin, to soon-to-be Governor Haley, Christine’s political opponents have been willing to engage in appalling and baseless attacks — all with the aim of distracting the press from covering the real issues in this race. Even the National Organization for Women gets it, but Christine’s opponent disturbingly does not. As Chris Coons said on September 16th he would not condone personal attacks against Christine. Classless Coons goons have proven yet again to have no sense of common decency or common sense with their desperate attacks to get another rubber stamp for the Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda.”

Fortunately, she handled the situation with poise and grace once you look past the part where she dovetailed into calling her opponent’s supporters “classless Coons goons” and basically insinuated they planted this report on Obama’s orders. But, regardless, as 100% of the photos I biasedly chose prove, Christine O’Donnell might be a crazy woman trying her best to contort her body into never having an orgasm, there’s still no way in hell this story is true, or even had the semblance of sounding plausible. Unless, of course, she really does have some sort of freakishly thick pubic hair that ensnares children and small pets, but even then, beer + men = “Are we related? Not that it matters.” Every single time.

EDIT: Apparently, I’m the only one who interpreted “I plan on staying a virgin tonight,” as “This is what I always say – right before having vaginal intercourse.” The Christian ladies know what I’m talking about.

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  1. hg

    The story probably isn’t true but, we all know she’s NOT a virgin. It’s well known that some man she was seeing on the side paid to keep her home from foreclosing. She needs to back off from the holier than thou talk.

    • Christine has already said she is not a virgin. BEFORE she became a Christian, she not only explored different spiritual ideas and religions, but also partied hearty. She has said openly that she slept around BEFORE she became a Christian.

      However, what you are referring to is more crap and bullshit.

      Christine was very open and public that she was dating her boyfriend and possible fiance Brent Vasher. She was not seeing him “ON THE SIDE.” She went to the Republican Convention May 3, 2008, and presented him as her boyfriend (not from the podium, but in every social interaction at dinner and on the floor).

      Where do you get off saying “on the side?” That’s a lie. They were a very public couple.

      That does not mean they were having sex.

      Brent Vasher as an attorney, I imagine, was trying to help work out a loan modification for his girlfriend, but when he could not succeed, he bought the house.

      I believe that Brent will eventually make a profit on the house when housing prices bounce back. He bought it below market value, and he will turn a profit when he chooses to sell it.

  2. This is another reason why the story is obviously false.

    Christine has publicly stated that she has had sex in high school and in college, before she became a Christian.

    So she is not a virgin. She would not tell Boy Scout Boy she is a virgin… because she is not, and she has told the entire country she is not a virgin.

    Having already admitted publicly, nationally, that she made mistakes in high school and college, and says she had sex even with guys she was not in love with (euphemism for loose sex) before becoming a Christian, she would NOT tell Boy Scout Boy that she is a virgin.

    Not only is she NOT, but the entire country knows she is not.

    So the story is not true. The writer is probably someone who knows Christine and has had his own fantasies and day dreams about what he WISH were true . It may be that he was actually one of the people at the bar in Halloween costumes — maybe. But the rest of the story is not true.

  3. cc

    At the 10,000 foot level, I wish politicians would stop spending so damn much time talking about religion and sex. There are bigger problems. How about a freakin’ plan to solve those!

  4. Arline

    If you actually read the thing, Fish, the “turn-off” was that she said she was a virgin and planned on staying that way, not that she was bushy. You spliced bits of an account together in order to make an argument against a point that was taken completely out of context. It is as if I said “Superficial writer, there is no way that you are enough of a fucking dumbass as to lie and post bullshit like that. You’re not Fox News.” then someone created a post quoting me as saying “Superficial writer, you are a fucking dumbass, like Fox News” well, that is not what I said, is it?

  5. Anon

    I’m loving all the studs… i mean desperate “please shag me anyone” men on here that have no standards so expect other men who have options and dont spend their life on their knees subservant to any woman that would lower herself to fucking him just so she can have a pathetic slave do whatever she wants criticising him for turning her down when he didn’t find something about her attractive.

    You know like most of the women who turn you down do.

    I’m also loving the women on here who lap up stories that women send in to trashy mags, sell to newspapers, or even themselves who tell their or his friends everyone of his flaws (as she sees them not as the exist) having a go at him for.. well acting like you.

    Thank god for stupid people.

  6. WHY I DO BELIEVE GAWKER or WHO IS THIS IDIOT who says he passed up an opportunity for consensual sex? Christine O’Donnell said NO, it doesn’t matter that her clothes were off to ignore a clear NO would make a man a rapist. It’s a good thing Gawker has a kinky hangup about pubic hair. It doesn’t matter what one thinks about Christine as a person and a candidate (I’m an old time Lefty who agrees she is an unqualified airhead) she said NO. I’ve been in a few similar situations with women and since my Mama didn’t raise a rapist I’ve accepted the situations and moved on, this is far from the worst a woman can do to a man. As far as we know Gawker is no rapist either but he is one immature, tacky, kiss and tell type dude.

  7. Christine O'Donnell
    Willy Wonka
    Commented on this photo:

    You know you’re hard up when you’re seriously considering jerking off to this picture…

  8. Ash Bones

    I’d hit it

  9. Paloma

    Who? Is this the tea bagger? Who cares? Who hasn’t had a one night stand?

  10. Mama Pinkus

    she’s a republican whore, and it has nothing to do with any sex encounters she may or may not have had

  11. Reality

    She has a history of distorting the truth, to the point of lying. She was asked about a federal income tax lien filed against her, and she said “that was never a tax lien, it never existed”. Unfortunately for her, there’s this here thingy called the “Internet” where documents are kept; google her name & federal income tax lien, and you’ll see the ~ $11,000 tax lien filing against her. Also, she was asked about her home being put in foreclosure, and she claimed “it was a mistake by the bank”. Again, not the case. The foreclosure documents filed against her clearly show she stopped making mortgage payments for a 6 month period before they filed foreclosure against her. She had to sell her home, to satisfy the bank.

    She has a history of playing fast & loose with the truth, and making things up, even though it can be documented that she’s not telling the truth. So, it’s possible that this “fuck me now” incident really happened.

  12. aDCBeast

    She’s even more inexperienced at things that require you to have a brain like being a Senator.

  13. aDCBeast

    The guy who went on a date with O’Donnell must be a douche because she is EFUG. Extremely Blanking Ugly.

  14. slapkatyperry

    picture #2 is her “O” face i should know because she made it twelve times last night. with me. It’s Amazing what years of pent up sexual energy does to a woman when she finally gets release, she said things that would make the exorcist blush.

  15. JFS61

    I also call BS on this story as well. If a cougar like O’Donnell had crawled under my sheets there would have been some serious stuffing of the ballot box, hair or no hair.

  16. redliver

    Sexism card? I think it’s MORE sexist to assume that because she’s a woman she WOULDN’T be into all the kinky shit the male politicians are always getting caught doing. So yeah… forcing her hairy twat down some drunk guys gullet? Totally believable and I’m just saying that because I’m a feminist and believe in equal opportunity horniness.

  17. Ricks_Daddy

    LOL, white conservative women make me giggle.

  18. McCock

    loser liberals. I’d take this horny bitch over that disgusting wretched troll Nancy Pelosi any day, in bed or in politics, either one.

  19. El Dukeh Picante

    This woman was sh!t on in the media more than any other Tea Party candidate. Even her own political party dissed her as soon as she won the Primary. Good luck tomorrow Christine with your sexy ass!

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