Whoopi Goldberg to join The View

August 1st, 2007 // 71 Comments

Not that anybody cares, but Barbara Walters officially announced today that Whoopi Goldberg has been signed on to replace Rosie O’Donnell has co-host of The View. She’ll start co-hosting the day after Labor Day.

I guess this was a fitting choice. How else are you supposed to know how hip and progressive the show is unless they hire a minority? And if you want to know what the show will be like in the fall, gather up a group of white women at your office and one black woman, then have them repeatedly kick you in the nuts while screaming. Ahh, who needs TV?


  1. adeliza


    “not complimentary to the female race. Know it alls who know nothing.”

    THANK YOU!!!!

    I’m ashamed to be of the same gender.


  2. LouLou

    #51, Glad you agree and I know how you feel about being ashamed. But don’t be, we don’t have to be because I think there should be a separate gender for these screechy types. Cause they’re not real women. I don’t know what they are, but womanly, they are certainly not. We’re real women and they don’t belong in the same category with us.

  3. #49—Isn’t that special? TskTsk. I think you’ve been told to “MOVE!” too many times!? IT guys can be a little God-like in their aspirations, but you gotta love ‘em a little? Is “cheap Korean” a businessman’s cologne?

  4. adeliza

    You got it Lou Lou!!

  5. wow! someone I don’t give a shit about is joining a show I give even less of a shit about? My dreams have been answered! Thank you Barbara Walters!


  6. s0fa

    “How else are you supposed to know how hip and progressive the show is unless they hire a minority?”

    hahahahah…oh man I love this site more than all the other popculture sites cause of the commentary. brilliant I must say

  7. Ummm now that show will be EXCITING for sure. *Snoresville*

  8. Albaham Rinkon

    Rets see, I count three Jews now, is the show called ‘The View’ or ‘The Jews’? I am now so very confrused. Oh and that Hasselback has nice rips.

  9. whatever


    Oh…wait…ahhh fuck!

  10. whatever

    The View has set women back 50 years in my eyes. Watching an episode of The View is enough to make me believe women should no longer be allowed to vote, or work, or join the military, or do anything but sit at home, look pretty for their husbands, and cook meals. That’s how low my opinion is of The View and the women on it.

    It takes days of reading about real women, knowledgeable women, women who have accomplished something to snap me out of it.

    I’m not the only one. I mentioned this opinion to a couple guys and they started laughing and nodding in agreement. The View is shit and convinces any guy watching it that women don’t know crap about politics or current events. Or history. Or logic. Or science. Or any fucking thing.

    Girls, you should be protesting The View. Do any and every thing in your power to get these stupid, screeching bitches off the air.

  11. crazy otto

    Its Zira from The Planet of the Apes

  12. rukdngme

    @46 yeah because we know YOU voted for bush..twice…and baracks nothing is better than the years of damage done by your little friend.

  13. harpo

    i always wondered why she doesnt have eyebrows

  14. ??Whoopi I love U, but you’ll find out zoon az U ztart talkin??
    to that ztupid Elizabeth..zhe will try to make U look
    bad…U will B zorry U took that job…love, U….?

  15. jus'stupid

    Just another reason not to watch the view. And why do they think it is “THE view” it is just “A VIEW”, and not a very intelligently planned view. It is a catfight among rich has been bitches. If they threw dukes, maybe it would be as popular as Jerry Springer…Oh, I guess it is. No one with a brain watches that either.

  16. paco

    i remember whoopie denying ABSOLUTELY that she was even interested in the job on extra or the insider or whichever show it was. i’m sick of these assholes in hollywood talking out of both sides of their mouths. however, who cares…i don’t watch the show and no one can be worse than rosie o.

  17. sharpeidude

    Wow! Goldberg on The View? I used to love watching him wrestle on WCW and WWE, but I think he may be out of his element here.

  18. Mack

    I love stupid people. The stupider the betterer. It’s good channel fodder to skip over but like a tragic accident, ya can’t help but stop to look and see what wreck is happening at the moment.

    Kinda like watching a group of idiots talking each other into walking thru traffic because, “Well, they’ll just have to stop and pay attention to us”, because we decided were so important.

    Good luck Whoopi- you’ll be funnier more than ever now, I’m sure.


  19. k-dawg

    wait – this isn’t the good commentary i love. i like the superficial guy but what a stupid comment.

    whoopi isn’t the first minority by a long shot. not only did lisa ling start out on the view, but so did star fucking jones – and there was a lot more black on the show when she was there, lol.

    truth is the view is bad, but more than that, it’s just too boring even to be funny when talking about it.

    also, fuck u to the asshole who made the jew comment – gentiles with inferiority complexes may have freaked out theories about jew domination of the media and finance, but try to call to mind that jews are a HUGE minority in the world, and also a huge minority in the states. ever thought that the reason you hear more from us and we seem to be “in control” despite being in a diminishing margin of about, oh, 2%, is because we’re just smarter than you?

  20. Robert

    Wow . . . that is one ugly cunt! Straight outa the future . . (Planetof the Apes or Predator) Don’t know who the fuck is uglier, Whoopi or that fish eating Beluga , Rosie, who’s dying to suck on Elizabeth’s clit. And here you have Barbara Wa Wa . . . the incredible lisping liberal, whose primary function is to fart feathers. What a bunch of whining wastes of womanhood. These skanks, except for Hasselback, could only serve one purpose on this Earth. To promote celibacy !! I’d rather bang a tree than to go near these nasty whores. NASTEEEEEE . . . . . . . .

  21. Rusty

    Goldberg is an uneducated, opinionated bucket mouth. Typical Hollywood liberal moron.

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