Whoopi Goldberg to join The View

August 1st, 2007 // 71 Comments

Not that anybody cares, but Barbara Walters officially announced today that Whoopi Goldberg has been signed on to replace Rosie O’Donnell has co-host of The View. She’ll start co-hosting the day after Labor Day.

I guess this was a fitting choice. How else are you supposed to know how hip and progressive the show is unless they hire a minority? And if you want to know what the show will be like in the fall, gather up a group of white women at your office and one black woman, then have them repeatedly kick you in the nuts while screaming. Ahh, who needs TV?


  1. Victor

    FIRST………lmao………………..had to do it………just to show you fucks how ignorant you look.

  2. #2

    Release the sharks with frikkin lazer beams on their heads!

  3. Victor

    FUCK……..now I did it…….made myself look ignorant………Drew you beat me.

  4. Victor

    #3………Long time no see. How you been?

  5. Ivan


    Any bikini pics ?


  6. That damn peyote will get you everytime! I soooooooozzzzzzz wanted to be 2nd!

  7. xx

    I think the rule is, you have to replace one loud mouthed, unfunny, ugly, obnoxious, trashy, low class woman, with another loud mouthed, unfunny, ugly, obnoxious, trashy, low class woman.

    My friend has an outstanding reward of $5,000 to anyone who can provide him with an example of Whoopi Goldberg being funny, intentionally. He has yet to pay it out.

  8. Rimmy

    Whoopi Goldberg to begin hosting the view
    The black woman with the last name of a Jew
    It’s Whoopi.

  9. lambman

    Dang, that sucks. I heard they hired Whoopie AND Sherry Springfeild….I hope that’s true because Sherry is way better than Whoopie or any of the other pannelists.

    Um what does the Asian girl have to do with anything? She quit the show like 5 years ago and now works for Oprah and CNN.

  10. #5–I’ve been fine! I bet Drew has “beat” a lot of men during her career, so don’t feel bad Vic!

  11. jrzmommy

    Why do they feel the need to have a fourth person? Three is just way too many douchebags as it is…….

  12. Victor

    #11 Eagle Chick, how come I posted comments on your page and you never replied. And how come you never sent me a picture?

  13. sea

    Oh, well. I would have preferred Kathy Griffin, but Whoopi is…good. I guess it doesn’t really matter since I don’t watch The View, anyway.

  14. Victor

    #12 JRZMOMMY, you said it best. I agree 200%

  15. god is she gay ewww she needs a makeover da view sucks

  16. #13–’Cause first and foremost I’m a business person not unlike you (I visualize you as a porn Don with your sticky tendrils in everyone’s chat rooms looking for unsuspecting female amatuers!) Lets talk numbers! I have my eye on a Mercedes SL550 you know!

  17. LayDeeBug

    Since no one else has said it, I will…

    I’d hit it……

    (Ahhhh, remember the old times on the FISH)

  18. DanYell

    Now, if they would only replace Hasslebitch with a broomstick.

  19. ali

    jesus as if rosie wasnt enough. when they were sitting around trying to decide who to replace her they were like ‘ok….whos someone that was big in the 90s. but wasnt really too big because everytime we saw them we wanted to punch children……wait a minute…wait a minute…..GOLD.

  20. Victor

    #17, I only post in here. I just get bored here at work. And by the way, I too am a business man. I work for the government, (System Administrator). And I know, by no means, do I think you are a amateur. I just like talking to you because you are one of the few mature people who post in here. I just act stupid and post stupid shit, to try and get a rise out of people. But overall, I am a professional.

  21. Scott Goodyear

    Watching and listening to a tire go flat is at least 5 times more entertaining and interesting than the view or any of its mouthpieces….

  22. adeliza

    Who gives a shit about that fucking show and those tired ass, unfunny, bitterass, hags?
    Who watches The View?
    I have yet to find one person I know that watches the fucking View.

    I bet it is stay at home women who have nothing else to do but play tennis and spend their husbands money, since I am sure they are all trophy wives.

    Any one who watches the stupid fucking View probablly thinks that Lifetime, Oxygen, and Hallmark channel movies are the BOMB!

    I’d rather watch baboons rut.

    Who gives a fuck about the View!!!!

  23. #21–Victor! A fellow government employee trying to get into Eagle’s gov’t issued pants?! I have been pondering your profession for awhile now–thanks for the titilating tidbit!

  24. ssdd

    What an ugly eyebrowless fucking beast…
    The View fucking sucks… Barbara Walters you fucking haggered hag …go fuck yourself.

  25. Victor

    #24 Yes, and as you can tell, when I feel like it, I write somewhat professional. You can kind of tell that I am somewhat educated. So, can we e-mail each other or something? Might interesting to get to know you a little more.

  26. Bemused

    Attention TV viewers: Bearing in mind the origin of Whoopi’s nickname, keep a close watch on Barbara Walters’ facial expression (to the extent she’s able to have one, post-surgery) and Joy Behar’s habitual grimace when Ms. Goldberg ‘speaks.’

  27. Chauncey Gardner

    Awesome – another ugly, obnoxious bitch I wouldn’t touch with a ten meter dildo.

  28. adeliza

    Is she still with Frank Langella?

  29. Shut Up!

    @24, 26, et. al., yes, we are all so thrilled to get to share in your burgeoning romance. Please, let’s continue to use this website as a place to meet singles and try to pick up. I mean, it’s true when everyone says that bars just aren’t a good place to find a love match. But the superficial, clearly that’s the place. So could you both please continue with your personal conversation and grade school flirting. It’s quite thrilling (actually, compared to news of Whoopi joining the View, I guess it really is thrilling, but I digress…).

  30. whitegold

    #8 – look at it this way, I’d feel pretty confident saying that most (but certainly not all, so no offense to those who are) of the Views viewers are loud mouthed, unfunny, ugly, obnoxious, trashy, low class woman. So the woman want to watch someone they can relate to, someone they feel they can aspire to be like, which is essentially a relatively famous and relatively wealthy loud mouthed, unfunny, ugly, obnoxious, trashy, low class woman!

  31. I digress

    #30, you know what’s even funnier? One of the “hook-up-ers” may be an underaged kid, and the other may be a machete-wielding psychopath and these two strangers are becoming BFF. Or one could be an ostritch and the other could be a hyena.

    Riskay, riskay….

  32. Is that you “AJ”? I know that one is a machete-wielding psychopath with mad computer skills and an amazing lunch demeaner, but how did you know that I was underage?

  33. Smelly Gostard

    #23 So, you DON”T like the View? Just wanted to clarify your opinion.

  34. somewhereinthemiddle

    When was the last time she said something anything that made people laugh besides when she refers to herself as a comedian? As for the show, does anyone care about their views? There has never been a day in my life where I ask myself “what would whoppie do?” When that day comes I will have to disembowel myself samurai style for the shame I have brought upon my family.

    As for her look; it’s what would happen if a tryst between sasquatch and the alien from Predator produced a lovechild, then beat it senseless and left it in the woods to die. Wait does Sasquatch give birth out the ass? No… then she looks worse then that.

  35. jrzmommy

    I’d like to see Elizabeth Hasselbeck look across the stage at Whoopi and try to argue that the theory of evolution is invalid.

  36. Italian Stallion

    I wonder if you sit on Whoopi, does she make fart noises?

  37. Black as Forever Night

    Yeah she is the least funny comedian I have seen/heard. A nast rascist black ghettoe ape. I cannot believe she was on star trek. Well, the forces that control the media like the psuedo-jew.
    I do not watch tv as it is a lame drug for retards. Fuck the system.

    I hope a shark bites Crazzzzy Kelli Pot Head whore

  38. adeliza


    I do not like the View!!!

    Hate it.

    It seems to be geared towards the kind of woman I am not, even with all of those “different” types of personalities as hostesses.

    When ever I am at home sick, if I fall asleep on the couch and I wake up and that is on, I puke even more than if I just had the flu.

    I’m glad I was clear on the subject.

  39. Lovely

    It’s about time they added a dude to the show

  40. wontyoujointme

    LMAO @ #40 – that comment was excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. 21st century digital boy

    Another reason for me to continue not watching The View, ever.

  42. Sauron

    I just come backy from doing charity-works for old age orphans.That’s why i understand Barbara walter’s choice so well.I expect her to take after Whoopi Goldberg an homosexual Aboriginal as her co-host.

  43. Dizzybenny

    i’m waiting on the bikini pics of her now.
    she’s just like the other no talent bitch we see on the beach with this site!!

  44. Beavis

    yeah yeah yeah bikini eh eh eh eh BOOOONNNGGGG.

  45. Jeremy

    If you cant get a fat lesbian for ratings, whats the next best thing? A black lesbian. How predictable in this politically correct liberal society. Kind of like Barack Obama actually has a shot to become President because of his skin color despite the fact he has done nothing.

  46. Nigga please

    #21 – A sysadmin is an IT nerd – not a businessman. Go back to editing ACLs.

  47. #47—A sysadmin can’t be a business man and IT nerd? I’ve heard IT guys are good at servicing users! You just ruined my fantasy!

  48. TheTenia

    Yeah IT idiots are not Businessmen. They get an MCSE and suddenly they think they are somehow a microsoft shareholder. IT guys WORK for Businessmen, whenever that is, a cheap Korean isn’t available.

    P.S. shut the fuck up with the flirting you silly cunt.

  49. LouLou

    God, they went from one annoying bitch to another. The voices of the women on this show are enough to drive you insane with their screeching. If that wasn’t bad enough, the morning lineup for the network is Regis and Kelly, The View and Rachel Ray. Which show is more irritating? It’s a toss up. Fingernails on blackboards are more pleasant. The women on these shows (Kelly and Rachel Ray included) are so irritating, so sqwaking, so not complimentary to the female race. Know it alls who know nothing.

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