Who wants to see Fergie’s ass?

January 15th, 2010 // 61 Comments

So here’s Fergie on the set of a Black Eyed Peas video this week and anyone else surprised at the shape of her ass? I always thought she worked out a lot so it’d look more sculpted like Hugh Jackman, or Ryan Reynolds. Or any other man focused on physical fitness for that matter. You get my point. (There’s balls upfront.)

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  1. baadnewsbear

    not me.

  2. Vandal


    Not a bad dumper for an old lady that.

  3. baadnewsbear

    dammit i clicked on enlarge!!

  4. just sayin

    one of the top rated bodies <3

  5. Hank

    I think Fergies ass looks toight. Toight I say.

  6. dude

    ew. Pass.

  7. Fergafide

    Only one thing is wrong with that ass, my face isn’t buried up in it!!

  8. Valerie

    Lookin’ pretty good, Fergie!

  9. Cristina

    Gross and all lumpy! I can’t even look. Gross

  10. KindOfBlue

    She’s totally ripping off Beyonce with that outfit and especially that glove.

  11. havoc

    On the Bangabiltiy Scale, I’d give that ass a 10. And by 10 I mean 10 inches or 10 minutes….whichever comes first.


  12. Drundel

    Not too bad. I’d hit it, from the back though. I don’t want to have to see her face.

  13. Mister Mister

    I like it.

  14. Nodding in Approval

    Great calves.

  15. Nameless

    She should walk backwards and on her hands because her ass is much better looking than her face.

  16. brian0523

    This dumbassbitch has a dumpy looking shitter. No wonder her halfafag husband has been sticking is peen in other poopers!

  17. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I think its an International Butterface day today or something…

  18. Mooooooooooooooooooo

    Tht camera better have a WIDE lens…..

  19. Mooooooooooooooooooo

    That camera better have a WIDE lens…..

  20. LAW

    Thats a BEAUTIFUL body. Nice curvy hips, beautifully shaped ass, incredible legs and nice skin color. This woman is bangin!

  21. From the back, a 10.

    From the front, pure butterface.

  22. ss

    she looks amazing – good for her~

  23. Larry

    I would in a heart beat.

  24. Sorry to disagree but I think here body is banging. I’d hit that hard and often. Lights out though as I do agree that her O-face might turn a man to stone.

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  26. boyingcruz

    her ass looks fine to me, superfish. and why do you always say fergie has a dick? have you sucked it, is that why you know?

  27. Kat

    When stars lose their looks, their bodies, when all of us are in the same chow line trying to get food due to a natural disaster or armageddon, not watching them on television anymore, then and only then will their ego’s finally deflate. I feel so sorry for celebrities.

  28. T. Woods

    Tiger would…

  29. Chupacabra

    That’s a face only a troll could love. Like, moe sizlack-style.

  30. gotmilk?

    10, yeah because Beyonce is so fucking original…

    28, good one!

  31. JPRichardson

    Great ass, great legs. Nothing wrong here.

  32. allen

    With a body like that, Fergie is hot, end of discussion

  33. haphazard

    She’s dropping….

  34. JDM

    Love the look. She’s got a great butt.

    It does look like the material is potentially a wedgie. Not good.

  35. I’d rather see her from behind then to have to her face.

  36. sergent

    I like fergie. she’s rich, she’s easy (i.e. likes meth), and she has a vagina.

  37. Fergie looks gorgeous, i wish we had taken a pic from the front too.

  38. Amy

    Dang. I want a butt like that. It’s perfect.

  39. vito

    Fergie has my favorite kind of legs: feet on one end and pussy on the other.

  40. Hugh Jorgan

    I’d pound that ass till it was black and blue (and white)

  41. Nothing wrong with that.

  42. Jeff

    What a fat ass. I see why her husband hop on that stripper. This think look like a male cross dresser.

  43. Smackthat

    Seriously, the people bashing this hot mess are either jealous fat women or whining gay men who can only dream of looking that good. Fergie has a sweet hot ass. Seriously, it’s perfect.

  44. schwap

    so many bitter gay men on this site. and really, you’ve thought of hugh jackman’s ass? talk about flaunting your gayness. please concentrate on the fine female booty that decorates these pictures (thank god that’s still true, you’re probably gonna change her to some “him” in the future).

  45. DJ

    Fergie is looking fine! That woman has the sweetest body ever. I don’t like the new hair color though. She just looked more natural as a blonde.

  46. what’s the film???

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