Who wants to look in Kendra’s vagina?

May 27th, 2010 // 265 Comments

Now that Kendra Exposed is having its face illegally downloaded off, screen caps are popping up everywhere, so here’s the latest batch because you kids can’t get enough of them. Who knew porn was so popular on the Internet? On that note, I can tell why Kendra’s embarrassed about this thing and it’s not because of the amateur gynecology taking place. Check out the dude she’s banging. Clearly this is the luckiest Walmart cart-monkey alive and should be commended as such. Mountain Dew all around!

NOTE: Full Size versions are ridiculously NSFW if the headline didn’t get you fired already.

Photos: Vivid.com

  1. anomna

    Dude looks like Sloth from Goonies.

  2. Erica

    My innocence!!

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it’;s gonna eat me !!!

  4. Chunk

    Sloth LOVES Chunk!!!!!!

  5. smack


  6. czar

    God… i sure hope with all that plastic surgery she got that she fixed that sloppy mess she calls a vagina.

  7. Omg I just looked at the dude , wow he’s pretty fucking ugly, hey look at that , all you unattractive losers, who frequent this sight!! There’s still hope for you to bang some quasi-celebrity and be in a porno 5 years from now!!!!!! So long mom’s basement , hello hollywood!!!!

  8. Sloth

    Baby ruuuth…

  9. Bunny

    Uhhhh I just sprayed water allover the place at #7′s comment. Fucking hilarious and sooooooo true! The basement’s of the world WILL be empty some day.

  10. Macejunas

    What a woofy meat monster with terrible middle of montana cowgril stripper hair.

  11. saradevil

    Rocky Road?

  12. cc

    He’s unattractive and out of shape. She looks like a white trash trailer park wafflehouse waitress. And is that the white trashiest looking bed ever? Seriously.

    Then, astonishly, she managed to go downhill menwise and resorted to sucking an octagenarian’s cock for room and board.

    Her hubby must be SO proud.

  13. MMMM those meat curtins are making me hungry!

  14. man with no name

    Wow she’s so shy & coil about showing her cunt isn’t she? Final Thoughts…..HOW THE FUCK DOES A DOUCHE BAG STUNTCOCK LOOKING LIKE THAT GET THE CHANCE TO FUCK KENDRA? please enlighten me?

  15. Looks like a gigantic arby’s roast beast sandwich. Minus the appetizing.

  16. Mikey

    Goonies never say die!

  17. Jon

    Thats what I’m talkin about. Meaty pussy at it’s finest. Or do some of you homos think it’s a dick, like with Gaga?

    The funny thing about this video is at the end when he covers his dick with his hand so that you can’t see the cumshot. You’d already seen him fucking but the cumshot, he needs some dignity? He must be a dribbler instead of a sprayer.

    I am glad this video is from 2003 and not now. Pretty good body. Nice natural tits and a great pussy.

    The video is average. Your better off getting a proper porno with better camera quality and lighting. This girl is average. She’s nothing special. It’s no special moment to see her bonking some guy. Can’t believe she has her own TV show. There are pornstars that deserve it more then her.

  18. walmart cart monkey

    In pic # 3 it looks like she has at least 2 vagina holes.

  19. Dude...

    Superficial Writer- I work for Wal-Mart as a cart pusher. Guess what? I’m 17 and got a 2200 on the SATs. I find your comment unwarranted and offensive. Somebody has got to do the job, asshole.

    • Dude!

      I’m 21, and I used to work at Wal-Mart as a cart pusher also. You’re stupid as fuck for thinking the job is actually worth a damn. The job is useless, and so are the bullshit management positions filled by inept middle-aged idiots. Wal-Mart is a trash employer.

  20. Rachell

    What I like about Kendra is that she leaves so much to the imagination.

  21. Jon

    Ahahaha after reading some of the comments.. some of you guys must work in plastic surgeon offices and get payed on commision or something. That vag vag is fine.

    When the labia is reaching 3 or 4 inches, then get surgery. 1-2 inches is fine. Women who have this should be fine, but instead they see stupid comments like that and makes then want to hack at it with a scalpal. So that it can be like a 5 year olds? Fuck off pedos.

  22. MisSpelled

    “hey look at that , all you unattractive losers, who frequent this SIGHT”
    Did you mean “site”? LOLs
    I’m not sure Kendra’s partner is the biggest loser after all….

  23. L E UT

    How in the fuck did he get her? Please, someone tell me! Even though it’s pre-boo job and pre-playboy, she’s still multiple leagues above him. Good lord, he’s fugs.

    @18 That’s exactly what I thought, too.

  24. Thank you whoever posted these, it just went from six to midnight over here

  25. Fruit Loop

    The video is pretty bland. Yeah, she’s got a nice body but the whole thing is just kinda tame.

    The poor bastard doesn’t even get a good cumshot at the end. Kendra hops off him and he has to cover the pop shot with his hand. What the hell for, so that he doesn’t ruin the sheets, or get any on himself? Then he has this pitiful look of embarrassment or shame on his face as he waits for Kendra to root around for a towel for him.

  26. Anonymous

    Wow, she’s loose as a goose. Probably have to hit that from an angle.

    • stings

      Have you ever fucked her? If not how do you know she’s loose? Just because her Labia lips hang like slices of corn beef doesn’t mean her pussy is loose! lol

  27. Armando


  28. Mel G.

    @ #1,

    I was thinking he looks like Blaster of MasterBlaster from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

  29. Mel G.

    @ #1,

    I was thinking he looks like Blaster of MasterBlaster from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

  30. noodles

    This dumb-looking fuck – the male one – seems to have lucked out for one time in his life.

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  34. Double-J

    That is the longest vagina in the world.

  35. @ 22 –Omg I didn’t know everything had to be spelled perfectly, I’ll be sure and have my spell check / grammar on next time…. REALLY??

    Big Montanna in a catchers mit…….. that’s all I’m sayin

    Omg I meant mitt* please # 22 don’t hate me !! (cuts wrist)

  36. Regular Vistor

    I have have a 3.5 gpa in college and I have worked as a cartpusher at walmart asshole. What the fuck do you mean by cart monkey? I swear its like your becoming a bigger douche bag with each day that goes by with your insensitive, thoughtless comments. A lot of cart pushers I know are poor college kids or 17 years old and about to finish high school. You should try and think a little before you make a post jack ass.

    • Some Guy

      Who gives a fuck, it’s a 2-word phrase used as a fill-in for a post about some loose old whore. The people who get offended about a cart pushing comment are those people still doing the shitty job because they can’t be bothered to find anything better. How is your $7.80, having fun working there for a year just to be eligible for another twenty cents? Don’t get pissy at the site owner because you’re too lazy to find a job that isn’t completely worthless. And yes I know, I was a cart pusher for almost a year. Even while doing the job I knew it was worthless, and I truly don’t understand the people who need to defend themselves because of a comment about cart pushing.

  37. discobob

    Her pussy only looks huge to you limp dicks. Anyhoo that dude looks retarded.

  38. Matt Cale

    #30 “This dumb-looking fuck – the male one – seems to have lucked out for one time in his life.”

    He is an MMA Fighter not at his fight weight. I like how you fat beta male bitch virgins think Kendra is a 10 or something. Even in her playboy days she was a busted face 8. In this video anyone who ranks her skank stripper ass above a 6 has never been laid.

    The next manlet who acts as if this guy was lucky to bang her is getting a free lesson in curb stomping.

  39. Britt

    & of course he’s wearing socks.

  40. Excuse me, could I get some horseradish with that and can that be on a hard roll?

    Give me a beer and I gots myself a Slut Beef Sandwich meal!

  41. pimp

    clean up on aisle 6 please…

  42. Jen

    omg, he does look like chunk! hahahahaha.

  43. Olivia

    he’s so fine. id beat. lmfao

  44. joho777

    That looks a little worn and overused for an 18-year-old!

    But this tape is sure to make her a star. Good decision to release it.

  45. msa

    i like the dustbuster hanging on the wall in the background….very classy

  46. msa

    @38: I agree her face is a little busted….but I don’t care what weight this guy is at (doesn’t affect his retard face)…he got lucky on this one.

  47. Frito

    How the hell is that pudgy, pasty looking dude a UFC fighter? I don’t see a an ounce of muscle on that guy. That is probably just what he told to get Kendra into the sack. I guess it’s no worse than bangin Hugh Hefner, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

  48. Just a thought

    He looks like Toby Flenderson from The Office — which is pretty funny if you’re a fan of the show and know how Toby is …..

  49. jewishustla

    that is one unattractive vagina

  50. KEH

    What is hanging on the wall? I looks like a charger for a dust buster. Who puts a dust buster by their bed?

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