Who Wants to See What Katie Holmes Will Look Like in 10 Years?

February 24th, 2011 // 59 Comments

Here’s Katie Holmes at Fashion Week in Milan this morning where her mother Kathleen gave a shockingly accurate peek into Katie’s future along with demonstrating the face she made after her first heart-to-heart with Tom Cruise.

TOM: So basically you need to look the other way and pretend two males aren’t having sex.
KATHLEEN: Oh, dearie, I can do that. I’m Catholic for heaven’s sake.
TOM: Then why are you making that face?
KATHLEEN: I’ve just never seen a real, live leprechaun before.

Photos: INFdaily


  1. Katie Holmes Mom
    Double D
    Commented on this photo:

    I had no idea Katie Homes and Bea Arthur were related. It has to give Tom Cruise hope that one day, Katie, like Bea, will grow a dick.

  2. Colin

    She’ll look like a woman? Have to admit, I didn’t see that one comin’.

  3. true dat

    what an ugly cunt

  4. MrSheenX

    I’d still tap it.

  5. Ze German

    Talk smack if you want about Katie, but I’m telling you right now I would straight up wreck that chick if given the chance. You know Cruise ain’t hittin’ that shit right!

  6. hahahahahaha real life leprechaun!!!

  7. Senor Fantastic
  8. I, for one, would love Katie Holmes to leave her gay husband. Such a waste of beauty. I wonder if that’s how scientology gets people to convert? Get them to go to fashion shows and have them hypnotized by subliminal messages in the clothes? Or the lights?

  9. I didn’t know her mom was the coach from Glee.

  10. Practice Girlfriend

    Kathleen: Katie, I don’t think a straight man would ever do what Tom’s doing with that skinned kneed man in a speedo.

  11. Jimbo

    I wonder if mom still swallows?

  12. Give the old bat a shiny necklace and let’s get filming Titanic 2: The Quickening.

  13. Sweet Pee

    Come on Fish. You really have crossed the line. 10 years? So her mother had her at 10? Her mother is a handsome woman for her age. I challenge you to post a pic of your Ma, FISH!

  14. testington

    Katie looks damn good there

  15. Would any of us really be surprised to find out that is actually Tom Cruise in a mask? I mean, it IS a fashion show and I DID see Mission Impossible…

  16. nonminti

    WOW,it’s time machine! that’s Katie Holmes and Katie Holmes :)

  17. Deacon Jones


  18. ntlj

    I just impressed she’s actually allowed to see her mom.

  19. Leave Tom Thumb Katie. Then pose for Maxim at the very least.

    • homosapiens

      She can’t! He’s loaded and he’d fight for Suri to teach Katie a lesson about walking away and humiliating a man of his…stature.

  20. Keyser Soze

    Not 10 years, 25-30 years from now. Honestly, at 65 that woman doesn’t look bad at all.

    • sam

      Her Mom looks great. Better than most her age. And she isn’t a celebrity, so all of us losers with too much time on our hands should leave her alone, in my opinion.

      In the celebrity realm, Katie doesn’t seem so bad, so I’m not going to hate on her.

      Tom deserves everything the haters dish out and more. TCLTC!

  21. Katie Holmes Mom
    Commented on this photo:

    xenu xenu xenu

  22. anonym

    leave her mom alone.

  23. Cher X

    Her Mom looks great.

    And surprisingly, she has less bags under her eyes than Katie does.

  24. Women, never, ever strike the exact same pose next to your mother…ever.

  25. Jackie

    Isn’t Katie Holmes roughly thirty? Why is her mom eighty?

  26. Sidd Finn

    Katie’s mom looks like her. It’s nice to see their picture having the same projection on their face. :)

  27. me

    …………russell brand?

  28. babooda

    One question: Which one is Katie?

  29. babooda

    What a buffoon…worst sales pitch by a bot ever!

  30. Rhialto

    Just look around in Hollywood and they all will tell you that aging is something you can’t rely on and aging nicely that’s a gift. *Throws cross*

  31. Nero

    She’d look like the perfect well-aged secretary.

  32. Mooch

    She looks exactly like that dude that dresses up like an old woman in Jackass!

  33. Jill Ess

    These shots are hilarious!!!

  34. cc

    They both look like they just saw my penis.

  35. Clarence Beeks

    I think her Mom is an attractive lady. Katie will not age as well, she’s been through the trauma of marrying tom Cruise. Well, sold her soul to the devil.

  36. brit

    She looks like she’s just been hit by a bolt of lightening from the Ark of The Covenant

  37. Mila

    10 years? Seriously?

  38. pookiewookie

    Katie must look like her father, because there is very little resembelance that I can see. The nose is the most different .

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