Who Wants to See Too Much of Kanye?

October 29th, 2010 // 121 Comments

So remember when word got out that Kanye West was sending female fans photos of his penis ala Brett Favre? MediaTakeout.com got a hold of them. I’ve posted one for your viewing pleasure because if there’s one thing this site has been missing, it’s African-American men exposing themselves. I honestly never believed I had the journalistic integrity to breach that wall, but I searched deep inside myself and pulled it out. Which, conveniently, is pretty much the theme here. Anyway, I’m almost positive this doesn’t work the same way on women as it does for dudes, so it really takes a special brand of ego to believe that it does. “Yes, there’s quantifiable evidence that women aren’t visually stimulated like we are, but dammit, I wrote ‘Stronger!’ Lemme be great! *zipppppp*” Of course, that’s coming from a place of pure jealousy because anytime I pull this maneuver, I get kicked out of Starbucks. Probably ’cause I’m white. Bigots, the whole lot of you!

Photos: MediaTakeout.com, Splash News, WENN


  1. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    nice appendage, but his testicles could use a little plumping up. They seem kind of shriveled and small. But then again, my privates aren’t out there for people to judge.

  2. Kanye West
    Willy Wonka
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    Look at that monkey face!

  3. Crystal clear

    I always heard white men are jealous of black men package. I sure can see that around here. Bet tha’s why the guys checked it out.

  4. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    it actually looks good.. u can tell its semi hard.. im shocked kanye got a nice piece on him!!!!

  5. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    That is so hot. Dont care for the waste up sometimes. I would not kick Ye out of the bed though. Let me have some of that.

  6. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    Kanye is a genius! HUGE PENIS TOO!

  7. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    Is that Snooki?

  8. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    Why did he do that because of girl is bad all know Kenye west

  9. Kanye West Penis Photo
    kayne is sexyy
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    I wanna suck his dick and put it in my month while I smell his pubes PURE sexy

  10. Kanye West Penis Photo
    Ms. Luvly
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    Kanye please go shave…that shit looks like hamburger meat

  11. Kanye West Penis Photo
    Ms. Luvly
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    Kanye u need to shave..that shit looks like hamburger meat

  12. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    Not a Kanye West fan, think he’s an idiot, although I have to say I have a little respect for him now seeing he’s not a sheeple who shaves his pubes like the dumb asses who think shaving down there is going to make there peen look “bigger”.

  13. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    its funny how women get aroused by a black cock. i only see it as an animal cock like when im looking at a caged monkeys dick

  14. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    mhhh, well, I have a BF, but can’t help but wonder why they pic left the head out, and imagine it growing in a warm, moist mouth of another man. LMAO

  15. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    looks like a diseased POS!

  16. Kanye West Penis Photo
    john lennon
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    BFD, like there isn’t plenty of black cocks already overflowing the internet. That pic could be anyone, its not unique or anything . It really doesn’t matter either way. IMO, It is too bushy though, you’d think a guy that wealthy could afford the electric beard trimmer to keep the pube-fro at bay.

  17. Kanye West Penis Photo
    The Listener
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    The standard range for an erect human penis in length is 5.0″-7.5″. I have no idea what the range is for the girth.

  18. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    boooooooooooooorrrrrrinnnnnnnnggggggggggggggg and i’m not impressed

  19. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    Ok I didnt even bother 2 read ALL the comments but THANK YOU @Andriiya Im lmaorotf he know he looked. And 2 the rest of yall, any1 who has a penis or has seen 1 b4 can tell that the above penis is “soft” therefore when erect Im sure its more like 8″-9″. Duh! :rolls my eyes: Im just sayin, common sense.

  20. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    Ive seen better looking cocks in D rate porns.

  21. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    Beautiful penis Kanye!

  22. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    What is it? It look like a newly born black rat.yuck

  23. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    What is it? It looks like a newly born rat. yuck! I’ve seen better pictures of a black mans penis.

  24. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    That is nice size, you see that it’s long…the tip isn’t even visible in the picture and it looks girthy. He does need a trim at least on that fro down there.

  25. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    That is big, you see that it’s long…the tip isn’t even visible in the picture and it looks girthy. He does need a trim at least on that fro down there.

  26. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    its so

  27. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    lil ass penis , black men not that little u pose to have a 12 inch like me kanye -__________- damn

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