Who Wants to See Too Much of Kanye?

So remember when word got out that Kanye West was sending female fans photos of his penis ala Brett Favre? MediaTakeout.com got a hold of them. I’ve posted one for your viewing pleasure because if there’s one thing this site has been missing, it’s African-American men exposing themselves. I honestly never believed I had the journalistic integrity to breach that wall, but I searched deep inside myself and pulled it out. Which, conveniently, is pretty much the theme here. Anyway, I’m almost positive this doesn’t work the same way on women as it does for dudes, so it really takes a special brand of ego to believe that it does. “Yes, there’s quantifiable evidence that women aren’t visually stimulated like we are, but dammit, I wrote ‘Stronger!’ Lemme be great! *zipppppp*” Of course, that’s coming from a place of pure jealousy because anytime I pull this maneuver, I get kicked out of Starbucks. Probably ’cause I’m white. Bigots, the whole lot of you!

Photos: MediaTakeout.com, Splash News, WENN

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