Who Wants to See Too Much of Kanye?

October 29th, 2010 // 121 Comments

So remember when word got out that Kanye West was sending female fans photos of his penis ala Brett Favre? MediaTakeout.com got a hold of them. I’ve posted one for your viewing pleasure because if there’s one thing this site has been missing, it’s African-American men exposing themselves. I honestly never believed I had the journalistic integrity to breach that wall, but I searched deep inside myself and pulled it out. Which, conveniently, is pretty much the theme here. Anyway, I’m almost positive this doesn’t work the same way on women as it does for dudes, so it really takes a special brand of ego to believe that it does. “Yes, there’s quantifiable evidence that women aren’t visually stimulated like we are, but dammit, I wrote ‘Stronger!’ Lemme be great! *zipppppp*” Of course, that’s coming from a place of pure jealousy because anytime I pull this maneuver, I get kicked out of Starbucks. Probably ’cause I’m white. Bigots, the whole lot of you!

Photos: MediaTakeout.com, Splash News, WENN


  1. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    #kanyedong better not become a trending topic.

  2. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    Underwhelming. Way to crop out the tip to make it look bigger, Kanye; you aren’t fooling anyone.

  3. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    someone needs to tell him to shave. gross.

  4. eww

    someone needs to tell him to shave. gross.


      It is alllllll beautiful!!! the whole thing!!!!

    • MrsEllis

      Um, no. Few things in the universe turn me on more than the little trail of hair from the belly button down. He doesn’t have that, but I’m just trying to make a point. I love real men. And real men don’t shave.

    • MM

      100000% agree. disgusting

      • Brooke

        See, I thought this way until I had a guy who DID shave. Holy fuck. It didn’t last long, but that was one week of not having to choke on stray pubes (and amazing AMAZING sex) I will never forget. Too bad he had ties to the mob… and multiple girlfriends….

    • cayenne

      real men don’t shave their crotch, that’s feminine, he could trim it down.. but shave? on a man, that’s GROSS…….

      • Woofus

        Real men shave their balls right? I always liked that if they were shaved I don’t get a mouthful of hair

    • q

      he needs to take a weed whacker to it first lol.

  5. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    Innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnerestinggggg!!!!! who said women dont like to watch??? I love to :D

  6. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    *sad face* Not impressed and I figured he would have better upkeep or something. A lightening bolt or “Kanye was here” trimmed in the pubes.

  7. Michelle

    LMFAO Taylor swift must be laughing somewhere…

  8. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    It looks so lazy.

  9. castallare

    if #kanyejunk becomes a trending topic, I’m giving up on humanity.

  10. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    Excuse me follks, I’m a Canuck, but is that “Dick” Tracy, the late “Dick” Nixon,
    or ther current Andy “Dick”?

    “Frenchie” McFarlane

  11. Kanye West Penis Photo
    Rod Munch
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    It’s so Veiny!!!!!!

  12. The pink star was enough for me.

  13. Bow Down Assholes

    No thanks, I think I’ll pass. Curiousity will not kill THIS cat.

  14. dude

    Seeing ANY picture of KanGAY is too much of KanGAY

  15. just an idea

    Can we get a whip-round going to see if maybe we can collect enough dosh to pay Charlie Sheen to kick his Kanye’s ass back to gay-ville? Who knows, maybe we can convince him to to it just for the hell of it.

  16. Hello

    Barf. There isn’t enough money in the world to make me look.

    • Andriiya

      You do realize these comments only show up on the NSFW picture, right?

      • j

        apparently not. hahaha

      • Drew

        No they don’t, dipshit. Click “Comments” and you can see everything. Herp derp.

      • Andriiya

        Well excuse me if I didn’t look through all the comment arrangements, these comments don’t show up under the SFW version of the pic. Anyway I was just trying to make a point: if you need to say you didn’t look, then you probably looked. In fact if you need to say you didn’t look then you probably saved the pic, photo shopped your face in next to it, printed it out and taped it up on the ceiling above your bed…

  17. Jillia

    Siiiigh… God damn my morbid curiosity….

  18. Ksurfiws

    0_o that wang is ripped.

    thing looks like it is on ‘roids

  19. Kanye West
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    See too much of Kanye?

    Dude, every time I see Kanye, I’ve seen too much of Kanye…

  20. wiskey

    So, Wow, that is very nasty, i didnt know a guy could have so much pubic hair, looks like a worm is coming out of a black hole, good for him i guess,
    it looks average-big, looks kinda thick,
    I kinda wish i was as big as him, I dont know it depends, What does the ladies here like? Big cock, mine is 5 and a half inches but i Think it’s still too small, anyone care to comment?

    • Mike Walker

      5 1/2 inches ? You may as well cut it off and get a sex change.

    • Bow Down Assholes

      Christ, you must hear “is it in yet” alot!

    • wiskey

      Why are you guys so mean? I needed a real answer, I dont get it, only dudes answered to this, what about the ladies? is 5 and a half ok? I dont really want to get a sex change, but i guess im going to have to turn gay, and stick to guys, Im straight now, but, if what you guys say is true, im fucked, I don’t think guys are into big dicks, I don’t know, I didn’t know i was so tiny
      I also realized, My ex used to call me Superman, but i recently realized is because i Come faster than a bullet

    • chesty

      actually 5.5 inches is the average size of an erect human penis

    • Jess

      I will answer as a girl because no one else has said a lot. I think that size length is fine for most women. Girth is much more important than length, nobody likes a pencil dick! But if you have decent girth, then most women would be happy. It is actually uncomfortable if it is too big because it can hurt, especially in doggy style. What is more important is are you good at oral? Do you give the women lots of foreplay so that she is ready for intercourse, etc… Do you move the way that she wants you to? What is more important than your size is that you are caring and responsive to your partners needs.

      • YOLI

        Ummm…Stop lying to him! 5.5 is too small no matter the girth! I don’t need you to tickle the outside, I need to FEEL you! 7.5″ or better, 1.75″ plus girth (around), then we talking! You would royally piss me off! SN: Size matters to gays too, at least the ones I know. Sorry but honestly speaking, buy a penis pump, pull on it, something… :((((

      • cai

        little penises make me cry.

      • Ken S

        ewww oral on women is gross-been there done that! giving a man head-now that is awesome!

  21. bolo

    I wonder how much of that i could fit in my mouth, probably just half,

  22. WTF Report

    It’s a decent looking cock, too bad it has to be attached to him.

  23. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    I’d let him shoot his baby batter all over my face! Yum!

  24. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    kanye west is much more appealing all of a sudden

  25. If people are calling this guy big, or big side of average…Then I guess I have been blessed with the men I’ve been with (and now I have a skewed sense of ‘average’).

  26. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    I was expecting it to be really big or really small because he is so egotistical and obnoxious….but it is just normal for a black dude his size

    And the pubes are normal but could use a bit of manscaping

  27. Cock Dr

    Thanks for the kind offer. I’m always grateful when the SW posts full frontal male nudity but I will pass on today’s chocolate special.

  28. Kanye West
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    Holy Sh*t. That dude has more metal on his person than fucking Iron Man.

    And how can he sing through his newly aquired diamond teeth?

  29. Kanye West Penis Photo
    Tommy Lee's Cock
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    What a terrible photographer. Is his dick even hard?

  30. Kanye West
    angry beaver
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    He’s got one of those fake dicks on…you know, the one he bought from lovers lane and usually keeps shoved up his ass.

  31. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    Certainly not a fan of Kanye, but that’s ok since he likes himself enough for the whole world.

    That said, he has a nice looking cock. To all the people saying he’s “small,” he’s flaccid here. That’s a remarkably thick and long flaccid cock.

    For the people who are shocked that men have pubic hair, here’s a life lesson: real men have hair. Ken dolls do not. If your man is shaving his bush, he’s trying to make his cock look larger. Kanye doesn’t have to work about that.

    • Mama Pinkus

      tip for you Robert – the ladies like a little bit of male grooming – not shaved, but not the Amazon jungle either – you know, the same way most men like pussies

  32. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    Bahahaha!!! baby carrots anyone?

  33. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    not bad. he could trim a little.

  34. Just Cause

    Kanye makes enough money to buy a razor.

  35. Casey

    What has been seen cannot be unseen. Damn my eyes (and curiousity).

  36. Jolie Coeur

    Non merci…

  37. Veronica

    A standard vibrator is 6 inches, so don’t worry about it. There’s also girth to consider and women come in different sizes too. Not every woman wants a huge cock. It can be kind of uncomfortable.

  38. Kanye West Penis Photo
    Ash Bones
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    Is it snipped at the tip ??

  39. Ash Bones

    If brett favre were black

  40. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    Isn’t his tattoo suppose to be on the left arm? This picture has it on the right….

  41. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    5 1/2 is totally normal/average. The other dudes are all completely lying and probably have micropenises.

  42. Kanye West Penis Photo
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    He is a closeted homosexual for sure

  43. cc

    Can someone please arrange an MMA style cage match between him and I? I’d love to lay a beat down on him

  44. Kanye West Penis Photo
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  45. Kanye West Penis Photo
    Willy Wonka
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    You sure this guy is Black???

  46. Kanye West
    Willy Wonka
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    “Taylor, imma gonna let you finish, but first check out my dick…”

  47. Kanye West
    Willy Wonka
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    they could have easily used a smaller star…

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