While most of us are still waiting on that order of “Donkey Fries” that the waiter at Guy Fieri’s restaurant forgot, Jaden Smith has been flaming Toronto’s Four Seasons for “spiking” his pancakes with cheese. Jaden tweeted that he felt he was nearing death after breaking his vow of vegan celibacy.

After doing a little research, it seems that the only pancakes on their menu are clearly “cheese spiked” ricotta pancakes… An 18 dollar dish called “The Canadian”, ricotta stuffed pancakes made with flour, butter, and topped with whipped cream. Basically, it’s vegan AF so it’s clearly an inside job to end the career and ruin the dietary purity of the kid who brought his hair to the Met Gala like a cat that found a dead bird.

Jaden is in Toronto filming Life in A Year with Cara Delevigne. The film is obviously produced by Will “Big Daddy Style” Smith.

Question now is whether or not Jaden has the balls to apologize to the Four Seasons for not knowing how to read or something. Insiders are rumoring that the chef is planning on changing the breakfast dish to the “Pinkett Line” or the “Nepotistique”.