Sofia Vergara is in Rome shooting a movie called Bent. Judging by the IMDB description, it sounds like a Jason Bourne knockoff with a fast-talking Columbian love interest. Probably not something a lot of people are going to be setting up tents outside movie theaters for, but who knows.

Shooting in Rome hasn’t been all piazzas and pizzas for Vergara however, especially when it’s cold outside and someone is spraying her down with squirt bottles like a dog who just pooped on the carpet.

Look, I’m no doctor getting removed from a United Airlines flight, but I know that when you’re that cold and wet- you’ll probably end up catching a cold. I also think that this technique of spraying someone with water and playing with their hair might get someone off of a plane a lot more efficiently than beating the shit out of them, but hey- I’m not airport security either…

Anywhoozle- here is a picture of Sofia Vergara in all of her sickly, makeup-less glory:

sofia vergara

Just goes to show that even if you have a swollen face, don’t put on any makeup, and look like a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT person – I’ll probably find you equally as attractive if your name is Sofia Vergara. As I’ve been saying since last November, sick is the new healthy and police brutality is the new fro-yo #Fashion2017.