Whitney Houston can’t leave the crazy behind

November 26th, 2008 // 34 Comments

There’s been something missing from Whitney Houston’s life since her 2007 divorce from Bobby Brown. Namely, someone who’ll cuddle with at night, pack and light her crack pipe, and take a hands-on approach to curing her constipation. But those dark, lonely days may be coming to an end. The Chicago Sun-Times reports:

We’ve heard it before, but folks inside Whitney Houston’s circle of pals again insist the on-the-rebound diva and ex-husband Bobby Brown may be getting back together.

The official word from Camp Houston sticks to to the old line about the divorced couple remaining separate, ”but good friends whose primary interest is the well-being of their daughter.” Yet, several Georgia sightings of Houston and Brown in recent days–clearly looking very romantic while dining together–seem to boost the reliability of what I’m hearing. I’m also hearing that the divorced couple’s daughter Bobbi Kristina is eager for her parents to remarry.

Hallelujah, it’s a holiday miracle! And they’re doing it for the right reason, too–their kid. In this age of broken homes, too many children go to bed at night, unhaunted by visions of Daddy trying to smoke his own dandruff while Mommy screams at the invisible man in the corner. But Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown are doing their part to reverse this disturbing societal trend. Could dual UN ambassadorships be far behind?

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  1. Rick James

    Cocaine’s a helluva drug.

  2. I know something you don’t Joe Rogan………………I smoke rocks.

  3. You can lead a horse to water but you cant make em drink! Ladies? the man you choose to marry reflect on who you are…nice shot of her nostril superfish!!!

  4. Hooray for happy endings.

  5. CaptainMorgan

    Somehow, just somehow, I am able to actually picture Whitney screaming at the invisible man in the corner and Bobby trying to smoke his own dandruff. Was that on YouTube?

  6. future Oompa?

    Why does she wear darker foundation than she really is? Her face is almost orange.

  7. Ted from LA

    This is one of the biggest wastes of looks and talent of all -ime. Her best song, “I want to do crack with somebody” was a classic. Fake tits to boot? I’d like to take her back to 1985 and get her some serious counseling. Then I’d nail her when she feel off the wagon and knock her up, followed by more counseling, and then I’d steal all her money. I’m a romantic.

  8. Randal

    There’s a classic artist on the FISH today and that classic just happens to be Whitney Houston. A woman with strong vocal skills that shatter glass when those high notes are hit who became a star the day after her first single was released.

    Through the years, Whitney has continued to uphold her strong values as a person while parting ways from the evil that was once part of her life.

    Congratulations on walking down the road to freedom, Whitney. There isn’t a better person in the world who deserves it more than you.


  9. kevTHA

    randal, randal, randal…..

  10. Ohhh, I hope Whitney and Bobby do not get back together; I’m with Ted….I’d like to take her back to 1985 and rewrite things. Still waiting for that miraculous come-back from her. Hope it happens!

  11. Randal is a bot not a human

    Does anyone notice how generic Randal really is? A complete phony. But we love him anyway here and he fills out our little collection of freaks and losers:
    Frist, Ted from LA, Rough Daddy, Binky, Jimbo. Perverts and hard core druggies all terribly unattractive and sexually damned.
    OUR collection. To amuse us if nothing and else but mostly nothing else.

  12. ummm...yeah

    Shut up, I am the one who is supposed to bad mouth that fuckin Randal.
    Randal…why won’t you die already?

  13. Doggy Style

    yep, that’s a Negress.

  14. Who Cares

    Slow day, huh Fish?

  15. Matthew

    I agree with #7 i whould go back in time and prevent miss houston and prevent her messing her life up and not marring bobby brown but I want to say this Bring the crazy back!

  16. Sport

    unfulfilled potential and a washed out life and career.

  17. She used to be gorgeous…at least she looks like a human again.

  18. Ted from LA

    Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for the kudos and luadations. You’re like real family to me.

  19. Anal Troll

    Awwwww Ted! You are like my mountainous family too! Dirty sex and cheap booze makes a clan “stick together”. That and the terrible lonliness of isolation.

  20. Hi Ted!

    @ # 18. Ted from LA: I would like to urinate on you.

  21. Blah

    What is that in her nose in the first pic?

  22. Toonkinstein

    ….so much for that much anticipated “come back”……..sucks to be her….she finished……no comeback here

  23. friendlyfires

    O – Ho – Say – keen – u – cee?
    Where in de world is my crack pipe?
    The toxic clouds I inhale
    that tragically cause delirium screaming
    Booze can cause white scars
    (stops singing, starts maniacally snorting crack pipe fashioned out of a Bic pen and a Coca-Cola can)

    …. Booby, Booby … whare are ya’ Booby? … ah needz ma’ ah-ees, ma’ rahkh, whar de crack, pliz? …

  24. Nothing

    @ #21


  25. djcorbijn

    I’m Whitney Brown and I do c-c-c-c-c-c-c-cocaine!!!!!!!!

    Just as fun as a clown.

  26. djcorbijn

    @3, 21 & 24

    Cocaine gets absorbed by a mucous membrane like the inside of a nose really fast so she must do Scarface amounts of coke. I’m not arguing that it’s coke.

    I just wonder if she tests her voice now by taking a hit off a rock from a glass pipe and then then lets out a screech from the buzz that shatters the pipe? That just seems more realistic than her screaming at an invisible man in a corner however I can see Bobby trying to snort his own dandruff and ashy skin.

  27. STevec

    mega booger up that horse-sized nostril in the feature pic

  28. I just don’t get it. Crack is super fun but I don’t see how any amount of drinking and drugging can possibly make Bobby Brown even remotely attractive.

  29. Wow…, she is pretty and gorgeous. BTW, my brother told me he saw her profile and photos at an age gap dating club **AgelessOnly.c o m**. She has written some blogs a few days ago. Maybe you should have a look.

  30. You’re a born LUNATIC or not, folks!!

  31. bootlips

    Crack Head Coon. They don’t have any will power. Bobby Brown didn’t destroy this shaved ape. She, like every other coon, blames her behavior on everyone else but herself.

  32. terrormachine

    Woman has never owned a wig that didn’t look like it came from the swap meet.

  33. Whatever happened to the reality show they were going to do?

  34. Really useful list. That just seems more realistic than her screaming at an invisible man in a corner however I can see Bobby trying to snort his own dandruff and ashy skin.

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