Whitney Houston can’t leave the crazy behind

There’s been something missing from Whitney Houston’s life since her 2007 divorce from Bobby Brown. Namely, someone who’ll cuddle with at night, pack and light her crack pipe, and take a hands-on approach to curing her constipation. But those dark, lonely days may be coming to an end. The Chicago Sun-Times reports:

We’ve heard it before, but folks inside Whitney Houston’s circle of pals again insist the on-the-rebound diva and ex-husband Bobby Brown may be getting back together.

The official word from Camp Houston sticks to to the old line about the divorced couple remaining separate, ”but good friends whose primary interest is the well-being of their daughter.” Yet, several Georgia sightings of Houston and Brown in recent days–clearly looking very romantic while dining together–seem to boost the reliability of what I’m hearing. I’m also hearing that the divorced couple’s daughter Bobbi Kristina is eager for her parents to remarry.

Hallelujah, it’s a holiday miracle! And they’re doing it for the right reason, too–their kid. In this age of broken homes, too many children go to bed at night, unhaunted by visions of Daddy trying to smoke his own dandruff while Mommy screams at the invisible man in the corner. But Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown are doing their part to reverse this disturbing societal trend. Could dual UN ambassadorships be far behind?

Photos: WENN