Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown getting divorced?

whitney_houston_thumb1.jpgAhhh, it’s always sad when the fairy-tale ends. This one was called “The crack-whore marriage.” Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s 14-year marriage is reportedly on the rocks, with the couple planning to divorce. Brown has been telling friends and acquaintances he is divorcing Houston, 42, after an infamously tumultuous marriage. Earlier this month, Brown was reportedly seen flirting with a group of beauties backstage at a concert at the Foxwoods Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut. A backstage source said, “While flirting with a bunch of women, they asked, ‘What’s up with your wife?’ Bobby said, ‘We ain’t together no more. We’re getting a divorce.'”

Well, this should free Whitney to find a man of more discriminating taste. Particularly a taste for mold and stale cheese, because I’m sure that’s what she smells like. Seriously, Kevin Federline has nothing on Bobby Brown when it comes to destroying women. Next to Whitney, Britney looks downright gorgeous. Of course, the only way they’d ever actually be next to each other was if Britney was covered in mescaline.