Whitney Houston’s Dead (1963 – 2012)

February 11th, 2012 // 284 Comments

Whitney Houston looked like this Thursday night, so you’ll probably be surprised to learn she mysteriously died this afternoon at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. TMZ reports:

Whitney Houston died this afternoon … a rep for the singer told the Associated Press.
According to our sources, Houston died at the Beverly Hilton hotel. A police crime lab vehicle was seen outside the hotel just moments ago.
So far, the details surround Houstin’s death are unclear. The singer famously battled drug addiction for years.

I love how TMZ calls the cause of her death “unclear,” but then their very next sentence is basically, “Oh and by the way, she smoked crack everyday for breakfast.” Which is still way classier than what I’m about to say and that’s how the fuck is Lindsay Lohan outliving these people?!

Rest in Peace, Whitney.

UPDATE: Wait a minute, she died the night before the Grammys? Holy shit, Chris Brown struck again. It’s like his full moon!

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. Whitney Houston Drunk High
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    Searching for crack pipe. Ugly old tranny whores.

  2. Whitney Houston Drunk High
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    Sorry sight for sore eyes!

  3. Popular

    JPC he or she did not state ALL black people, instead he or she stated clearly only those that hated Whitney Houston were dumbfucks You’re the one that can’t read a simple sentence without being bias. He is clearly defining a racist act as racism. You’re doing nothing but blurring the truth, the truth in his own perception.
    You’re coming to the defense of racist black people that unjustly scrutinized a black woman for being creative. You’re a fiend.

  4. Whitney Houston Drunk High
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    So sad that someone who had talent, beauty, and a lovely daughter would just squander it all for an addiction. Yet another tragic Hollywood story. Makes me wonder what the hell about the industry drives people to live like this.

  5. Seat Filler

    They can’t take away my dignity
    Because the greatest love of all
    Is … crack

  6. Whitney Houston Drunk High
    elaine benes
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    Every time Greek Parliament discusses austerity measures, a celebrity dies….

  7. This has to be one of the best threads ever.

  8. Whitney Houston Drunk High
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    Crack sales plummet 43%…

  9. Whitney Houston Drunk High
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    Wall Street scrambling as crack stock (CRK) falls to lowest levels in over a decade. Millions of black people are losing their “getting old and kickin it paper stacks”.. National Guard ordered to restore order in the ghettos where looting and violence has broke out. In other news Bobby Brown releasing a new book entitled ” Foil or Glass which is Besta.

  10. Whitney Houston Drunk High
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    Actually she had just sneezed and was inhaling the snot off her upper lip.

  11. Whitney Houston Drunk High
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    This photographed expletive was taken just as Whitney caught sight of Chris Brown sneaking into her hotel.

  12. Whitney Houston Drunk High
    Cleveland Girl
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    If so many people had not been pushing her for a “comeback” she may have not fallen into her addiction again. She could have let a quiet, sober life far from the spot light with her daughter. I almost blame Clive for this.

  13. Whitney Houston Drunk High
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    We lost an amazing singer, I am a brasilian girl who loves great music and her music will never dies. I keep playing her music in my mind. I don`t care what many people say about you, but for min you were a person like every body else, strong and in same situations weak. I will miss you very much, hope you can singer for the ones that were also called by God. My condolencies for your family and hope your daughter can keep you close to her heart.

    Love you whitney

    Alice Martin

    • Whitney reality

      She was a mediocre talent with a few hits who got into some addictions. Quit talking about her like you knew her. Clearly she was in trouble for a long time. Why would you put her on a pedestal like that? She spent the money you spent on her songs on drugs and alcohol. It was her money but stop making her out to be this fabulous person. She was a human being that made bad decisions that cost her her life.

  14. Whitney Houston Drunk High
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    I hope that the monsters who got these pictures would never goes to the pain that whitney`s family is going now. To loss someone that you love, it is like to lose a part of your heart.

    Love whitney

  15. Whitney Houston Drunk High
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    Whitney reminds me of Marilyn Monroe in these pictures. Beautiful but troubled.

  16. özge

    10 years ago ı met to her with long leather dress and amazing voice! sleep with angels i love you so so much you are still my diva!

  17. Whitney Houston Drunk High
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  18. Whitney Houston Drunk High
    Shaythe sht
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    Fuck all you hating ass losers! You are just mad because you are not rich and famous or known as the greatest singer in the world! Hate on because the world will always love Whitney Houston! She will always hold a special place in my heart! She is the reason why I give all my haters the fuck you attitude/ cold shoulder!

  19. Whitney Houston Drunk High
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    she was lookin fineeeee look at them leg caps,that behind.

  20. Whitney Houston Drunk High
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    “Gimme my pipe so i can enjoy my bath”

  21. Whitney Houston Drunk High
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    my boy Eric Hudoson was with her that night thats hem in the back with RayJ he sad she did not do any drugs and ppl where passing her her dranks i think some one spike here drank

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