Whitney Houston’s Dead (1963 – 2012)

February 11th, 2012 // 284 Comments

Whitney Houston looked like this Thursday night, so you’ll probably be surprised to learn she mysteriously died this afternoon at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. TMZ reports:

Whitney Houston died this afternoon … a rep for the singer told the Associated Press.
According to our sources, Houston died at the Beverly Hilton hotel. A police crime lab vehicle was seen outside the hotel just moments ago.
So far, the details surround Houstin’s death are unclear. The singer famously battled drug addiction for years.

I love how TMZ calls the cause of her death “unclear,” but then their very next sentence is basically, “Oh and by the way, she smoked crack everyday for breakfast.” Which is still way classier than what I’m about to say and that’s how the fuck is Lindsay Lohan outliving these people?!

Rest in Peace, Whitney.

UPDATE: Wait a minute, she died the night before the Grammys? Holy shit, Chris Brown struck again. It’s like his full moon!

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. Information is Power

    She died but they don’t know how? Tried to revive her for 30 minutes and they didn’t know why she was dead? They are all lying. It’s a big mystery. Maybe it was a snake bite. Perhaps she choked on a piece of steak. You would think they would mention if she slipped in the bathroom.
    They don’t tell you what happened because they want to control you. You’re not being told the truth because you’re being controlled.

    • ReaderLeafer

      That’s right, IIP. Now, make sure your tin-foil hat’s on nice and snug before you retire for the night in your Survivalist Bunker, cradling your shotgun.

    • JPC

      I guarantee this dude is voting/has already voted for Ron Paul.

  2. jeff

    Any news on Madonna?


  4. I guess she’s no longer WAITING TO EXHALE?

  5. They better get Kevin Costner to be her Dead Body Guard otherwise every dope fiend is going to try to either rape her corpse or chop it up and smoke the bitch!

  6. Whitney Houston Drunk High
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    Her poor daughter.

  7. Whitney Houston Drunk High
    F-Uh uh Spaghettio
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    “Gosh I’m a wonderful talent, adored by millions and incredibly devoted to me art”

  8. Whitney Houston Drunk High
    Pip pip cheery-o
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    Such a fucking waste, because she didn’t have the strength to handle her own life. Sad thing is, will her death teach ANY celebrity a damn thing? Hell no. My prayers to her family but this is just depressingly pathetic. Hope her kids stay off the drugs.

    • Meh

      Her daughter’s a druggie just like her. Just search “Bobbi Kristina Brown”.

    • Sorry, but I need to interject another thought here: I have read many, many posts referring to the fact, or implying, that Whitney Houston “didn’t have the strength to handle her own life…” or “she/they (drug addicts) just wouldn’t/won’t learn…” I even saw an article that was cheering people on to “take a stand to end addiction.”

      People seem to forget that addiction is NOT a life decision. It is a disease.Taking a strand to end addiction would be like taking a stand to end chicken pox!

  9. There's video

    Where is the video? She’s screaming like a banshee, show the world the last great performance of Whitney Houston.

  10. Clive Owem

    Who’s next?

    • Terry

      Culkin! Seen his emaciated ass in the press the other day?
      She had it all and then fucked it up.
      All the best superstars seem to be dying. MJ, Whiteney. The only one left will be Madonna. And she ain’t got no fucking talent; yet the bitch is the richest of all of them. Wow.
      Adele better get her fat ass on the treadmill or wear blue while running through Inglewood California.

  11. the ghost of Grammy’s future just made a very public point to Rihanna

    • dooood

      booze blunts and buttsex = win!
      music legend squandering future, career, and ultimately life for one of the worst drug habits possible = fail

  12. Worldwide crack numbers plummeted today with the death of Crackwhore/Sometime singer Whitney Houston who supported at least 75% of all crack sales in the USA. When asked for a comment about how this will affect the overall sluggish economy, President Obama said “FORTY ACERS AND A MULE?!?”


  14. Whitney Houston Drunk High
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    And I~~~~~ will always love you~~~~!

  15. Paramedics were at the scene almost immediately and would have saved Miss Houston if not for the fact that when they attempted CPR they got high as fuck as forgot why they were there!

  16. I hear the paramedics spent 3 hours taking hits off Whitney and ordered pizza’s.

  17. Oh shut up. She did crack for the past 15 years, is it really that fucking shocking?

  18. Whitney Houston Drunk High
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    Maybe she was saying, “My fffffffffffffffffffeet hurt!”

  19. The New York Football Giants

    flavor flav smoked crack and he’s charming, he always knows what time it is!
    bobcat goldthwait smoked crack and he was lovable and told some funny jokes.
    lawrence taylor smoked crack and he’s a sports hero!
    doc gooden pitched a no-hitter.
    ron washington almost won the world series.

    whitney houston probably loved crack more than anyone in recorded history, but she didn’t handle it very well. sometimes she seamed like a real cunt. at some point, you can’t blame 100% of your problems on your vices.

  20. Whitney Houston Drunk High
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    Wow, her skin is still flawless. What a shame that she died the way she did.

  21. Whitney Houston Drunk High
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    whatever the cause of her death,,, such a sad loss. She was so talented and beautiful. i hope her daughter and family find peace. She was truly one of our greats!!

  22. Whitney Houston Drunk High
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    and I have to add that posting these photos is SO tacky. The woman was sadly very sick and spreading these pictures is incredibly inappropriate.

  23. argleblargle

    I love how many people are saying we lost a star or a great entertainer. That person was lost a long time ago and was never going to come back.

  24. Whitney Houston Drunk High
    Robby Brown
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    Does the rest of her crack get divvied up in probate court (assuming it’s not in her will)?

  25. Whitney Houston Drunk High
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    Crack is whack!

  26. Elf

    “Houston! You had a problem!”

  27. Where’s the line forming to beat Bobby Brown?

  28. Bobby Brown should be booked on manslaughter charges.

  29. Whitney Houston Drunk High
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    Her last autograph????

  30. Dan

    She also had a lot of demons…

    But she had a fantastic voice in her prime. I will always remember my mom blasting Whitney Houston as she cleaned the house. I liked it.

    RIP Whitney Houston

  31. lili

    I am quite honestly saddened by this. She sure made alot of not-so-praisable life choices, but she was truly talented.
    Her death is endlessly sad; how she threw her life away is just tragic.
    How sad.

    • Sing Sang Sung

      Let me explain something to you about talented because you seem ill informed. Talented means being able to perform your art in any given circumstance at great praise.

      You might have liked the sound of this persons voice, but that’s your opinion, that does not make someone talented. It simply means they have a voice you enjoy.

      This particular performer constantly got out of breath at nearly eveyr performance. Whatever talent you think she might have was wasted by her lack of trainning. Training she obviously refused because she thought she God’s gift to singing.

      The different between a talented artist and Whitney Houston is the talented person would devote themselves to being better. Whitney Houston devoted herself to drugs because she thought she was the best. She was not, at all the best.

      • name

        Pretty narrow view of talent. Whitney may not have been the consummate performer, but if that’s your only criterion, Madonna or any teen singer is talented. Whitney wasted her talent, but you can’t deny she had a voice like few others.

      • Oh, please – keep the “explanations” because that’s the most moronic statement I’ve ever read. So “training” is the hallmark of the talented drug-free performer because it teaches them to be able to perform at the drop of a hat to great praise every time? While training will help you sustain your voice over the long haul, it won’t magically give you emotional stability andmiraculously provide you with mental health when you have problems.

        By your criteria Judy Garland’s a no-show in the ol’ talent box. Kay Thompson wasn’t exactly a slouch when it came to helping jer develop her signature style, but in spite of developing incredible legato and amazing breath control Garland still had disastrous marriages, drug and alcohol problems up the wazoo, and was notorious for her erratic performance record – and she died of suicide/an overdose at 47 – no doubt, because she didn;t have enough “training”.

        Maria Callas had the sort of conservatoire “training” you’re probably thinking is teh magical safety net – and in spite of having that, and a blazing operatic career, still spent the last years of her life addicted to Quaaludes and sleeping pills, and died young at 53 from a substance-induced heart attack.

        No one wakes up one morning and says, “Hey, you know – I think I’ll be an addict for the rest of my life, because I think I’m the best and I can spare the time to devote my life to that goal!” If you think that’s how it works, you’re an even bigger moron than you appear to be – and so far, that’s pretty considerable.

      • CranAppleSnapple

        Well said, Justi!

    • Thank you, CranApple, sorry about the typos. I left out Natalie Cole and some others who have had formal vocal training and major drug addictions, as well as Billie Holiday, who had no formal training and destroyed herself with drugs and booze. No doubt Lady Day falls into the “not talented but simply means they have a voice you enjoy” category because she was literally a reform school dropout, never had any musical training, and *tsk* only wrote a few songs without learning how from a music and theory instructor. She, too, had a problem with breath control at the end due to her addictions – her voice became so fragile it was beyond hauinting. Which tells you how little taste Frank Sinatra had, because he considered her to be the greatest musical influence on his life.

      Genius, you see, can only come from the proper training – without that, there can be no real talent.

  32. I was going to say she had a great set of pipes, but for some reason that seemed like a poor choice of words.

  33. Whitney Houston Drunk High
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    Didn’t you have better photos to use? Well, She is beautiful! Love you Whitney, hope you’re rockin healthy in heaven!

  34. Johnny Cage

    This is so sad. I really loved this woman’s singing since the 80s. My condolences to her family.

  35. After Bobby split she switched to legal drugs, that was her prerogative.

  36. assman

    assman don’t care. heartless.

  37. Rob

    Holy cow, Bengalis are everywhere. Look at the one behind Whitney Houston.

  38. Drug-Hater

    I feel no sorrow in her passing, too much money, too much fame, not enough caring friends to help her with her problems with drugs, alcohol and who knows what else.
    As yet another wonderful talent leaves this world too early people still can’t get the simple message through their thick skulls that DRUGS KILL. I blame the culture of the “elite singers and actors” that precipitate this behavior. When will you clueless idiots learn that you are NOT impervious to DEATH, it will eventually get you too.

  39. Whitney Houston Drunk High
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    This is not how I would like to be remembered.

  40. vekfan

    You know I have no sympathy or whatever for her, I didn’t like her music but that’s besides the point.

    She had all the money in the world and chose to piss her life away.

  41. Whitney Houston Drunk High
    Expert on Everything
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    Nice booty for real! Why couldn’t it be less than zero Lindsey Lolife?!!!!

    Damn it Whit! You was the best, prettiest, top of the heap bad ass fine black woman! Life is so unfair! Fuck you Lindsey!

  42. Whitney Houston Drunk High
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    Sad, predictable, and painful.
    She was a real beauty once (hell, she still looks better than The LowHand on these pics) and, although her music wasn’t exactly my thing, she undoubtedly had some epic pipes – once.
    Rest in piece, ma’m. My generation owes you half our makeout sessions.

  43. Oh wow…if this were 1992 it might actually be newsworthy.

    *shrugs* Perhaps I’m callous, but crackheads die all the time, it just so happens that this one could sing once upon a time (though, if you’ve heard any of her more recent performances, you know those days were long past).

  44. Carla

    For what it’s worth, a friend shared with me this vid of Ram Dass talking about attachments and addictions, and at first it seems way out there but then it is so right on about AA and rehab and everything else that maybe Whitney Houston and other addicts have had to deal with, so here it is:


  45. Whitney Houston Drunk High
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    Anyone who has every second of every move photographed in so much detail as to include being caught in the act of blinking can be made to look out of it when they are not. The publishers of these horrible photos is a monster, Whitney was sober. We love youy Whitney and will miss you , you are in a better place with good and away from the demons and tormentors like those that enabled these pics to be published.

  46. Carla

    P.S. this one breaks it down in a less new-agye way I guess:


    • Felonious Monkey

      Thanks for posting this, Carla. My mom used to tape episodes of this show off PBS.
      For people dealing with addictive personality and obsessive-compulsive disorder, EMDR therapy and energy healing like acupuncture does wonders.
      There is hope. Trust.

  47. When Will People Learn

    A beautiful tribute to a once beautiful but now silenced voice.


  48. Wink

    I wonder if dying from a drug overdose makes her “street” enough for all of the black people that hated her guts for being too mainstream and “white” in the 80s and 90s? Congrats, dumbfucks, she is one of you now.

    • JPC

      I wonder if you realize how strange it is that you hold a grudge against black people over what they thought about Whitney Houston in the 1980s.

      Then again, I’m guessing that’s not the only problem you have with black people….

  49. Whitney Houston Drunk High
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    You high-you die.

  50. Whitney Houston Drunk High
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    Once you go crack, you never come back. Just die already.

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