Whitney Houston’s Dead (1963 – 2012)

February 11th, 2012 // 284 Comments

Whitney Houston looked like this Thursday night, so you’ll probably be surprised to learn she mysteriously died this afternoon at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. TMZ reports:

Whitney Houston died this afternoon … a rep for the singer told the Associated Press.
According to our sources, Houston died at the Beverly Hilton hotel. A police crime lab vehicle was seen outside the hotel just moments ago.
So far, the details surround Houstin’s death are unclear. The singer famously battled drug addiction for years.

I love how TMZ calls the cause of her death “unclear,” but then their very next sentence is basically, “Oh and by the way, she smoked crack everyday for breakfast.” Which is still way classier than what I’m about to say and that’s how the fuck is Lindsay Lohan outliving these people?!

Rest in Peace, Whitney.

UPDATE: Wait a minute, she died the night before the Grammys? Holy shit, Chris Brown struck again. It’s like his full moon!

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. Colostomy Bag

    “I wanna smoke crack with somebody!” .. well, that somebody can now be God.

  2. jd

    Well, Lohan absolutely has to be next up in the dead pool.

    • CNN


    • Whitheyfan32F

      Jay Z’s child is white.

    • JPC

      Never bet on Lohan in the dead pool. It’s been the favorite bet for years, and she keeps on going, like Keith Richards with tits (pretty soon her face will probably look like Keith’s too).

    • Terry

      Better happen because I have this months rent riding on it.

    • ….Fish, sometimes you are simply brilliant, and sometimes you simply stupid as hell.
      But then again aren’t most of us.

      Lindsay hasn’t outlived Whitney Houston. LeHo is 25. Whitney was 48.
      Now if my math skills serve me correctly, this would mean that Whitney had indeed outlived LeHo by 23 years.

      Which also means Leho still has 22 years left to still be outlived by Whitney—and this we all know is simply not going to happen.

      But then again— there is the Keith Richards factor/phenomenon thing to consider….Artofwar

      • i was just gonna say! lindsay hasnt out lived anyone. shes only 25. maybe if lindsay was born in 63. then yes, how the hell has she out lived these people. but shes much younger. shes got some time to go to make it to whitneys age. if lindsay makes it past 50, THEN we can be asking that question

      • CranAppleSnapple

        Are you seriously saying you don’t understand that? She outlived her because as of this date she is still ALIVE, despite the fact that they are/were both completely wasted crackheads, most hours of the day.

    • When you make fun of someone who died from drugs ..then I guess you should make fun of everybody that dies from self induced causes – like heart attack caused by obesity, death from complications of Diabetes caused by bad eating habits , liver failure by drinking too much, Death by Respiratory failure from smoking or by second hand smoke , so – all those people making fun of whitney from dying from drugs………think about this , if youre making fun of her, you should make fun of all the other millions who have died from the above diseases….let s leave the judgement to God …. People Who Live In Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones , don’t criticize other people when you yourself have faults and weaknesses …pass on if you agree

  3. puddleduck

    When will they ever learn? RIP

  4. My thoughts exactly. About Lilo, that is. RIP Whit.

  5. I am now dead

    ANNDDD IIIIIIIIIIIIII Willll always loooovee crack………

    cough cough



    • mamabear922

      stupid fuck.

      • I am now dead

        Hey mamabear,

        I am saddened that my post did not meet your stringent requirements.

        I did not realize that it would have a negative impact on your day when some crack head ex talent passed away.

        In the future I will try my best to fulfill your pathetic needs and do my part in the entire worlds duty to make your happy. I thought life was all about self-realization and shit, I didn’t realize my entire objective was to keep your three brain cells happy.

        I do now. I am chastised. I bow my head in shame.

      • Ralph Tresvant a.k.a. Mr.Sensitivity

        Hey I Am Now Dead,
        being called a stupid fuck really really really really must have got your panties in a bunch to write almost a 3 paragraph reply.

    • Dank

      Epic fail. The “i want to smoke crack with somebody” was way funnier. Stop trying to steal the spotlight. Hack

      • I am now dead

        Hey Dank,

        Cut a man some slack. It was early, I was in a hurry, it was the first thing that came to my mind. (Please see my reply to mommabear as it appears to apply to you as well)

        Oh one last thing, it got a reply out of you didn’t it?

      • Stryfe

        Who gives a fuck what excuses you have for your hackery? Doesn’t make reading your witless garbage any less terrible.

  6. Epic fail by Kevin Costner this time.

    • Carla

      LOL! So-called inappropriate humor is quite appropriate in times like these, even you do feel like a twinge of sympathy because, shit, another talented self-destructive mofo bit the dust. Too bad when the ones with some talent do not value their lives and their loved ones’ feelings more than their favorite drugs.

      • Brooke

        I have to second this, inappropriate but funny… And yeah, probably because this is such wasted wasted talent. She really should have been on top for much longer, but her addictions kept dragging her back down. Loved her voice, which is why the drug and abuse stories frustrated me so much. Sad to see her go, but I’m not sure anyone is surprised…

    • mike

      Great concept, Reid, shitty execution…

  7. lol TMZ took down the “good genes or good docs” pretty quick they had posted earlier.

    I liked her in the 80s but she smoked her life away in a crack pipe. I feel bad for her family but not her.

  8. Minky Wail

    Best national anthem ever. RIP Whitney.

    “We are people in the grips of a continuing and progressive illness whose ends are always the same: jails, institutions and death.”

  9. Carla


  10. Don't lie

    Safe to say Ray J killed Whitney Houston then. He was last seen with her, probably loaded all the pills up.

  11. CranAppleSnapple

    Oh my god! I can’t believe this, and yet of course it’s not surprising. Oh now I have the sads. I was a mere kidlet when I bought her first album, on vinyl and everything. Whitney, you silly girl. You had so much greatness. RIP.

    • Clarence Beeks

      I was a teen when she hit it big. She was an amazing talent, and I am so sad about her death. I was sad to see the turn her life had taken in the past decade, but this is still a shock to me.

  12. Mariah

    She will always be The 80s Queen . Such a shame where her life went.

    • Carla

      Lohan is still very young; her body can still take some serious abuse, but not for much longer. Whitney was nearly fifty; what’s surprising is that she lived so long. I’d wager that Lindsay might outlive Amy Winehouse but just by a couple of years, if that.

  13. Carla

    May you have peace & sobriety in your next lifetime, Whitney. As one of the last great pop stars who was a true vocal talent, you will be sorely missed.

  14. Whitney Houston Drunk High
    Commented on this photo:

    Looking for a…..microphone….this big

  15. The saddest part about this is that despite the fact that it’s not at all a surprise, it’s all anyone is going to talk about now for weeks.

  16. Bobby Brown

    This post is very difficult to masturbate to, but I did it.

  17. Veronica

    I also had her vinyl album when I was 13. Played that motherfucker almost as often as Patrick Bateman did. She was in a white swimsuit on the back.

    Kids – Drugs are bad, m’kay?

  18. Confusus

    Has it been twenty-eight days, give or take a couple, since Etta James died?

    Because if it has been a month, Xtina better switch feminine hygeine brands before performing at Whitney’s funeral.

  19. Bart

    So sad. She was a great talent who had a talent for screwing up her life. Best wishes to her family and friends.

    RIP, Whitney

  20. POWW

    My last post Fish. I tried to be the person you would listen to and be careful with venom but I cannot do it anymore. I know you are making lots of money and being a capitalist and not a socialist, I truly am happy for you. But, no more venom for me. I used to enjoy your wit and humor but it’s crossed the line from “superficial” to venomous. I hope you decide to pull back—a lot. Just a few notes:
    Eric—I thoroughly enjoy your posts. Msntex, you are so well spoken.
    Frank, get a fuxking life. You are just arrogant and obnoxious.
    Cc: 50/50 on you. Cock Doctor—you need a real man. KimKim/It’s kimmy bitch(or whatever you call yourself. You too need a real man and Frank is not him. I’m assuming you are a smart Asian woman. You don’t need someone else’s man. Do not get a room.
    It had to be said—50/50 on you too.
    You probably know me pretty well Fish as I think you are astute but just in case you missed something:
    I am POWW
    P— pretty, pissed and plump (yes boys, I’m post menopause and fat)
    O- old and off as in pissed off
    What you do not know is I could be any of you posting’s Mom. I’m sadden to see the misogyny regularly within your blog and frightened as I am the Mom of a 26 year old beautiful, caring, law student daughter and no, law student and caring are NOT an oxymoron. She will make a difference as she plans on Senior Advocacy Law—and she is a conservative. I have been married to the same man for 36 years. I love him with all my heart and he loves me. We laugh, we have sex and occasionally we fight but most of all, we have each other’s back always. There is nothing sexual on this site that I either have not done firsthand or know quite a bit about. Your posters are clueless about a lot of things. You could learn a few tricks from me if you really want a woman for the long haul. I pray for you Fish. I am not a very good Christian. A pretty lazy one actually but I know right from wrong and I know and try to live by the Golden Rule. I am not always successful. I hope, the next time you want to pan (just this week) someone who is struggling with drug addition (Whitney Houston), mental illness (think Britney) or anorexia (Lohen’s sister) that maybe you’ll pause and think—-you are an excellent and gifted writer—you shouldn’t need to trash people that are truly struggling, regardless of how much money or fame they have. That old expression: Money doesn’t buy you happiness—is true. By all means, keep picking on the Kardashian’s and the fake boobs, lips etc… and highlight the beautiful people but maybe just maybe you don’t need to laugh and mock people that truly will lose their life because of their issues. Trust me Fish, you will wake up one day and be in your mid 50’s and you’d go “what the hell happened, it went so fast” I wish you the best.

    • Joe Blow

      Wow… ever heard of paragraphs?

    • CranAppleSnapple

      No one wanted to picture you having sex. That was cruel of you.
      I’m a happily married lady too, for 22 years, but I’m certainly not going to rant/brag about the deets.
      Weird, lengthy, over-sharing rant full of attacks on people, but at least you say it’s your last.
      Fish does and excellent job here and is hilarious, and I doubt anyone cares what a stuffy bag of bones like you thinks about it.

    • TheDevilYouKnow

      Wow, POWW – way to bore the holy fuck out of everyone.

      And Joe is right, learn to indent. Your tl;dr diatribe is hard to read and even more difficult to ignore.

    • cc

      50/50…thanks, I think that’s pretty respectable.

    • Brooke

      Yeah, if Fish doesn’t watch his mouth he’ll never get to have sex with a post-menopausal sassy behemoth and know the joys of having to pay for his kid’s law school… I’m sure he’ll take this message of wisdom to heart.

      • Are you bragging about your own life while simultaneously ranting on a celebrity website? Am I alone in thinking that those two things don’t go together?

    • Mike Walker

      Nobody here gives a shit about Lohan, Britney, et al because they have what people who are genuinely struggling don’t have – opportunity – and they piss it away repeatedly with a middle finger to the world. From what I’ve seen, half the people who frequent these gossip boards appear to be depressed ex-junkies anyway, so it’s not like they *can’t* empathize with their situation. They just don’t give a shit about spoiled, arrogant twats who *choose* to make a spectacle of their self destruction from halfway across the country. Best to sit back and enjoy the meteor trails…

      Apparently, they care even less about some fatass drama queen having a meltdown in the comments section of a gossip blog.

    • JPC

      Why does someone with talent like Whitney Houston have to die, but this useless, boring, self-righteous bitch gets to keep living?

    • Sees through the lies.

      You’re not white you’re Mexican, fatty.

    • “Frank” as in Frank Burns? Or me? Eh…I don’t really care.

      • dooood

        did i miss something? it’s like she sayin he went too far before anyone even had the chance to go too far

    • Pippy Longcockings

      POWW is praying for you Fish. Jesus loves you, even if POWW thinks you’re a fucking asshole. You shouldn’t trash struggling people Fish. Trust me Fish, you will wake up one day in your mid 50s and wish you hadn’t been such a capitalist pig. You’ve been called many things, but I bet an “excellent and gifted writer” is a first.

    • Nobody

      POWW, what I don’t understand is why the hell you’re even here? You don’t like what happens on this site, well you’re not being held here at gunpoint, you have a choice.
      PS. Nobody gives a flying fuck about you or your life any more than they do about mine, take your reinforced soapbox and crawl back in front of your television, reach into your feed bag and take a bite.

    • TL;DR

      First like others have said, please learn how to properly construct your ideas. This is all wrong; it’s one big huge run-on sentence.

      You should know what to expect from the name of the site.

      I don’t recall having read anything you’ve posted anyway so I won’t lose any sleep. Now maybe Fish reads everything but I’m willing to bet that he doesn’t give a flying rat’s ass what you think.

    • Felonious Monkey

      TL:DR, POWW, I think you should get some acupuncture or some other natural healing modality b/c it’s obvious your medication isn’t working. Oh good, you won’t be posting your conservative tripe anymore. Take the time to focus on getting yourself better. You sound like you need help (I’m not being snarky).

      • Poison Ivy League

        All these haters for J-POWW? UNBELIEVABLE!! She’s fat, sassy, old, and white! What’s not to LOVE?

      • xx

        i enjoy fish but yes, he just comes off as nothing but bitter now. lighten it up. bring in another writer for diversity. michael k keeps it funny, take a lesson.

    • mike

      of all the places to melt down you pick *here*?

    • You have to love the irony of someone who’s sanctimoniously claiming to leave the site because the venom is too much, then slams every poster who disagreed with her supposedly golden-rule lovin’ ass on the way out.

      But before you go, maybe your conservative law-school attending daughter could sit you down and tell you that the plural of Kardashians doesn’t include an apostrophe. Me, I’ll be enjoying the fact that her clients will be on Medicare and Social Security, which will mean you put her through that caring law school to advocate for socialists.

      Also, hormone replacement therapy is a good thing – you don’t need to overshare your misery over a lack of estrogen here.

    • Joaquin ingles

      Worst post ever.

    • jake

      The Cliff notes to POWW’s post: She’s fat. That’s all I understood.

  21. Confusus

    Etta James, Don Cornelius, Whitney Houston.

    Black History Month 2012 is off to a shitty start.

  22. Whitney Houston Drunk High
    Commented on this photo:

    Such a beautiful talented lady……it makes me very sad that she could not get her life together. She gave us alot of enjoyment in her short life.

  23. Bafoon Qwalitee

    Trading in crack futures has been halted across the globe as spot prices collapsed on news of Ms. Houston’s demise

  24. Holy Hell

    Still just proved what a freak of nature Keith Richards is, was and will always be.

    • cc

      Science really needs to dedicate a lot of hours to studying his DNA.

      • KV

        Don’t forget to put Ozzy on that list. He deserves to be studied too.

      • That Bastard Tony

        It’s the drugs guys. Richards, Jagger, Aerosmith and that whole generation were messing around with stuff that wasn’t all that potent. Whitney (along with Vanity) were getting high off of crack cocaine and crap that would do enough damage to your body to still kill you years later even if you got clean.

    • dooood

      so that was her problem. she was only smoking crack

    • I am now dead

      In breaking news, Bobby Brown plans to cremate her body and get mutha fruckin HIGH YO!

    • Eric Cartman

      Meh drugs were WAY weaker back we he was partying it up. He probably did the equivalent of 1 joint of today’s strength over an entire weekend back then ;)

  25. Whitney Houston Drunk High
    Commented on this photo:

    Which Kardasion am I, right now?

  26. I made fun of her in the Ray J post but I loved Whitney’s voice before she ruined it with drugs. I don’t know why she threw away all her talent for the pipe but there’s no way she has been happy the past few years so at least she can’t suffer anymore.

  27. AnnaDraconida

    Sad. I’ve never been a fan but this woman actually had talent, unlike most of today’s pop stars.

  28. Anon

    Whitney Houston was the biggest bitch of an asshole you would ever have the displeasure of meeting. It’s one thing to be high on drugs but it is another thing entirely to be an evil asshole bitch high on drugs. If you don’t know then don’t judge, you’re lucky you never had to be with her.

  29. anon

    Official face of Black History month right there

  30. Gunnar

    Drugs are a very powerful master and only some are lucky to loosen the grip once their into it. She got into it and succumbed. She didn’t look bad at all on these night club tabloid photos. She was pissied off over something that’s for sure. Rest her soul.

  31. Johnny P!

    “I decided long ago,
    never to walk in anyone’s shadow.
    If I fail, if I succeed,
    at least I’ll have my dignity!”
    She had the chance to never ‘walk in anyone’s shadow’.
    Addiction made her crawl in shadows, and lose all dignity.
    Too bad, and what a waste of a big, big talent.

  32. Grand Dragon

    $100 for me from my Dead Pool

  33. cagster

    Totally gutted…that it was not Madonna.

  34. Whitney Houston Drunk High
    Commented on this photo:

    Leave these people alone, you’re part of the problem.

    • To what problem do you refer? Inherent in life on this world are millions of problems from personal weaknesses, diseases, disappointments, poverty…need I go on?

      People like you, who pronounce others “part of the problem” simply because their opinions or actions don’t jive with your own, are a whole problem unto themselves. The medical term for that problem is called “being an asshole.”

  35. Whitney Houston Drunk High
    max fightmaster
    Commented on this photo:


  36. Scruffer

    I always liked her voice, didn’t always like her choice of music.
    But fuck, the woman is my age. She was (pressured) into a professional music career from a VERY young age. She became famous at the same time I was still trying to figure out who I was.
    I cannot fathom her life. I wasn’t surprised she got into drugs – it’s the way things go in the US. (oh yes, btw, and Holland is so so bad and immoral to allow soft drugs!!)
    I guess I thought she had people around her who wanted her to get better. I don’t know. People who genuinely LOVED her, not because of money.
    But I guess those people truly abandoned her, even when she tried to get better. Yes you, CeCe Winans, yes you ‘auntie’ what’s-your-name.
    I also understand having to let go when you need to.
    So ultimately I will never understand what kind of hell Whitney went through – she might have simply killed herself.
    I DO know she had an incredible voice and her music brought me many beautiful moments in my life.
    Thank you Whitney. May you have peace now.

  37. Whitney Houston Drunk High
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    What a goddamned shame.

  38. dontkillthemessenger

    I think we all learned something very important tonight… Dina Lohan is obviously Whitney Houston’s mother.

    Seriously though, Whitney was one of the greatest singers ever… she made the freakin’ national anthem a top seller. Drugs suck. Except for weed.

  39. FrightenedByPenguins

    It always upsets me when an ultra famous and talented celebrity dies.
    All the hurtful comments and sick jokes. All the shit they were given while they were still alive. All the smart ass fucking losers who flock online to mock the passing of a legend… non of them bother me at all.
    Its the fact that the media world is going to do a 180 and suddenly gush about how wonderful and amazing they are after spending the last few years/decades (24 hours) talking crap about them just so that they can have someone listen. Fuck, my TV is going to be flooded with fucking gossips who once interviewed her testifying how much of a wonderful person she was and how captivating it was to be in the presence of her because she was so talented and charming and behind the drugged up diva attitude she was such an amazing human being.
    Makes me feel sorry for the human race to see Joe public lap this shit up time and time again. Honestly, have you seen the sad fuckers on Twitter? Anyway. She was talented before she fucked her life up. Her fucking drugged up husband didnt exactly help her any – though I’m sure he’ll get his big remourseful TV interview and sympathetic tears from the mod of previously enraged no nothing strangers. She’s hardly a loss to the human race but its sad that she’s gone out like this. RIP Amy Winehouse, I thought that cover song you sang that one time was pretty decent.

  40. May she get all the fiber she could possibly want in Heaven. You know, because she was complaining about being constipated a few years back. Because of the crack, probably.

    Note to self – either a) never get hooked on crack or b) never go on national TV and explain how your spouse sticks their thumb up your ass. One of those two.

  41. narddog

    i guess kevin costner’s unemployed now…

  42. forrest gump

    …………….SHE WAS PART OF MY YOUTH, folks.
    (her heart was in the right place)

  43. Dank

    Ray J killed her. Don’t worry, he caught the whole thing on tape, including him pissing on her body.

    Too soon?

  44. Mando

    Whitney you were so bright that you burned yourself out. We will miss you.

  45. Wow what the fuck.. I knew she was having a tough time of it but damn. She was such a cutie back when she hit.
    Rest in peace Whitney.

  46. Oz Matters

    I guess the big question now is whether they will cremate her or smoke her?

  47. Cover up

    The “black coroner” is going to say she died of natural causes. Who killed Tupac? Who killed Biggie? How did Whitney die? OJ is innocent?

  48. Adam

    oh whitney! why did you have to die before i got a chance to show you my snake?

  49. sunnyowen

    Christ, her knees looked like shit!

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