Whitney Houston Did Coke, Had A Heart Attack, Then Drowned. You Don’t Say?

Since we’re already talking about white powder this morning, the coroner has released the official cause of Whitney Houston’s death and, surprise! It’s cocaine. I say surprise even though drugs were basically a given as the cause of death because when police investigated the hotel room Whitney died in, there wasn’t a trace of cocaine to be found. So, of course, here’s Ray J with another denial to TMZ which doesn’t at all make him look suspicious:

Ray J’s rep tells TMZ … the singer had NO KNOWLEDGE that Whitney was using again.
The rep says Ray J is especially upset at claims made by Bobby Brown’s sister, Leolah Brown, who went on TV Thursday night and suggested Ray J was to blame for Whitney’s demise. Ray J says the claim is absolute B.S.

In Ray J’s defense, Kim Kardashian often let him film them having sex/golden showers and, say what you will about her, she’s not the coke type. So he honestly might’ve been completely in the dark about Whitney doing blow. Now had it been crack, he probably wouldn’t even try to deny that one because c’mon. So, the important thing to take away from all this is that Ray J peed on Kim Kardashian in a sex tape and that’s the only reason she’s famous. That’s really the lesson here.

Photo: Pacific Coast News