Whitney Houston Did Coke, Had A Heart Attack, Then Drowned. You Don’t Say?

March 23rd, 2012 // 38 Comments
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Since we’re already talking about white powder this morning, the coroner has released the official cause of Whitney Houston‘s death and, surprise! It’s cocaine. I say surprise even though drugs were basically a given as the cause of death because when police investigated the hotel room Whitney died in, there wasn’t a trace of cocaine to be found. So, of course, here’s Ray J with another denial to TMZ which doesn’t at all make him look suspicious:

Ray J’s rep tells TMZ … the singer had NO KNOWLEDGE that Whitney was using again.
The rep says Ray J is especially upset at claims made by Bobby Brown’s sister, Leolah Brown, who went on TV Thursday night and suggested Ray J was to blame for Whitney’s demise. Ray J says the claim is absolute B.S.

In Ray J’s defense, Kim Kardashian often let him film them having sex/golden showers and, say what you will about her, she’s not the coke type. So he honestly might’ve been completely in the dark about Whitney doing blow. Now had it been crack, he probably wouldn’t even try to deny that one because c’mon. So, the important thing to take away from all this is that Ray J peed on Kim Kardashian in a sex tape and that’s the only reason she’s famous. That’s really the lesson here.

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  1. Richard McBeef

    Preliminary reports suggest the bathwater was around 75% urine. The police aren’t ready to suggest there was foul play involved, but this whole pissing on chicks thing is pretty foul.

  2. You should see the look of shock on my face.

  3. Randal

    Sadly, this news is not surprising considering the troubled and bumpy road Whitney had turned onto long ago in her career. A true star that illuminated everyone’s heart with her voice and sparkling smile.

    I will always love you, Whitney.


    • Do_Freebird

      Randall, when are you going to OD? I think I’m speaking for the group when I say we’re will to take up a collection.
      Besides, how much can a box of white powered rat poison cost?

  4. Yeah, just like we thought, “crack whore.” Damn, your daughter is UGLY.

  5. Dude of Dudes

    She was killed by the white man. Dont believe the lies.

    • AceDan

      Not true!

      Michael Jackson died first!

    • Do_Freebird

      Don’t you mean the black kid who was like a son to her even though he brought her sandwich bags full of white powder, killed her, took the drugs from the bathroom, finished them with Bobbi Christina the night her mother died, sat in the front pew at her funeral, took Bobbi Christina out again and got her high in NEWARK NJ for Gods sake, is going to marry her soon, will then make sure she OD’s, collect all her money, then spend the rest of his life banging skinny white chicks with fake breasts because that’s what all the gang bangers with cash do.
      Yeah, that man – A BLACK man with bags of WHITE drugs.

  6. Anon

    *feels embarrassed for asking*

    Aren’t crack and cocaine the same thing?

    • Ronald From Disney

      Like ice and water

    • Yes. Fish makes a distinction up there, but toxicology reports and urinalyses would not. They can only detect cocaine, not the form (powder or crack-rock) that was ingested. So when you hear that this or that celebrity tested positive for cocaine use, you can’t rule out that s/he was doing crack, and you might even assume that s/he was if you want to. (Mostly talking about you, Dwight Gooden. Yeah, I know it was crack you were doing. I know.)

      To expand upon Ronald’s analogy (an analogy I already had in mind, Ronald!), it’s as if detectives came to her hotel room hours after her death and analyzed her drink: “She didn’t have scotch on the rocks, she just had scotch and water.”

    • El Jefe

      I think Whitney made it pretty clear that “Crack is Wack”, so I am sure she was using cocaine:)

      • Duh

        She publicly admitted to “rock cocaine,” which is crack.

      • dooood

        if crack were ever to become legal, and was sold by kelloggs or nabisco as a cereal, you could have whitney’s face on the box and nobody would even question it.

        bitch is the all time champion of crack

    • Anon

      So crack is crazier than cocaine?

  7. Dramatic Puddle

    Not surprised. I’m waiting for her family and the few fans she had left to start blaming Bobby Brown again, like that used-up, 48-year-old ho-bag didn’t make her own choices and had been away from Brown for several years. He’s clean, and shes dead.

    • dooood

      while we’ll never really know, and they’re both losers, but it is kinda interesting and funny to wonder – hey, what if it was whitney who was the bad influence on bobby

  8. vaseline

    He probably didn’t give her enough crack to kill her, so he has that going for him.

  9. Whitney Houston
    Commented on this photo:

    (Gesturing to guy across the room) “I SUCK WHAT’S DOWN THERE!”

  10. Do_Freebird

    Here’s the deal. The same person :
    1. Got her the Crack.
    2. Did the drugs with her.
    3. Was one of the people who found her dead.
    4. Took the drugs so the cops wouldn’t find them.
    5. Finished the drugs that night.
    6. Sat right up front at her funeral.
    It’s good to have family.

  11. Angie

    The awsome part is she was in debt when she died, so her useless family isn’t going to get shit. They can’t even latch on to Bobbie Christina, because she’s a broke down druggie too.

    • Do_Freebird

      Actually, Bobbi Christina will be one rich little addict. Houston’s records are selling like hotcakes, Bobbi will be collecting big bucks from the movie that Whitney did before she died, there’s an unreleased album that goes with the movie, and all kinds of other money that collects when singers kick it and become relevent again.
      The problem for the soon to be dead Bobbi Christina is that Whitney’s “other son”/drug courier/bath mate/future husband of Bobbi is just bidding his time. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the enormous amount of blow that is in reality uncut draino.

    • Manuel

      Maybe she’s jealous of Rick Santelli whose rant on the same nweotrk inspired the Tea Party. Or, maybe, she’s a man-hater who associates anything she doesn’t like with men. Or, maybe (again), we should just make some dumb blonde comments.

  12. cc

    If you read the full report, you have to wonder why the US government didn’t encase her body in concrete and drop it down an abandoned mine shaft to prevent her from contaminating our groundwater.

  13. White America

    Whitney Houston is Dead?

  14. El Jefe

    The least surprising news in the history of mankind.

  15. Anytime I hear a celebrity is doing hard drugs like this, I just wait for the death announcement, because you know it’s coming. Sorry, she made her own choices, and paid the price. She’s free of whatever hardship she was trying to escape now.

  16. Whitney Houston
    Commented on this photo:

    What a horrible, terrible, tragic loss.


  17. Herman Bumfudle

    only a retard would say something so stupid.

  18. Whitney Houston
    Commented on this photo:


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