Where Is That Wind Coming From, Kate Compton? Wait… Don’t Tell Me.

DISCLAIMER: The following has nothing to do with the splishy-splashy model in the gallery above.

Last night I had a dream that I was stuck on this farm where the caretaker went Mr. Hyde and tried to kill me. Morning came (in the dream) and he was totally normal again and actually apologized to me for what happened, claiming he was sick the night before. I wasn’t buying it and said ,”you can fuck right off, buddy- I’m out!” By that time shit was pretty lucid so I flew off like superman over a field of boobs.

The lessons to be learned here are to always lead with communication before compromise, survival skills can come in handy when being pursued by a bloodthirsty killer, and never accept apologies from someone who tried to murder you… also a field of boobs from a bird’s-eye view is a sight to see.

Happy Friday- check out this gallery of wet hooters and get you a doughnut or something.