When did Kate Gosselin get giant breasts?

March 3rd, 2010 // 65 Comments

I just came across these pics of Kate Gosselin leaving the Dancing With the Stars party Monday night, and I have no idea how I feel about her chest. Don’t get me wrong, I stare directly at and ignore the voice attached to any pair of boobs just as much as the next guy, but it’s kind of hard to look at Kate Gosselin after watching her family implode from wholesome sugary sweet to whatever the hell they are now. Plus her uterus is a goddamn landmine, so I’m pretty sure if I masturbated right now, I’d get hit with no less than four paternity suits. Provided I’m not already just for thinking about her womb.

UPDATE: It’s a girl! And 25 boys.


  1. go girl she looks greak stfu haters if u dont like her back off and dont watch her!

  2. Mike Nike

    I think it is now evident to everyone who was driving this little “fame party.” Shes a media whore. She wants to be the vaginal superstar queen of all media.


    She truly thinks that people are DUMB and that she can get one ( or two lol ) over on us. She claims in People Mag that plastic surgery is ” RIDICULOUS” well gee lets see.. it sure wasnt ridiculous when Haileys daddy removed her ” jowls of a dog” and she even asked him for a BOOB job. The only reason he said NO was that he was already giving her a FREE tummy tuck. Anyone with an eye can tell she had her boobs done. Look at the pic of her in Hawaii she was flat as a pancake. NO BRA or underwire in the world can make you look CUP SIZES bigger. They only LIFT you up.. Sorry Zilla dont know who you think your bsin…

  4. BOOB tube

    Do We literally have to watch Her BOOB TUBE!?
    Disgusting poor excuse of a Stripper errr Mother!

  5. BITCH


  6. darius

    she gives good deethroat….go kate..

  7. Eddie

    I don’t know why but its hard for me to find her attractive. Ever time I see her I just think back to the pre-fame Kate, dark brown hair, heavy, and frumpy. The type of chick you would’nt let your friend bang. I just picture her going home and doing like a Mission Impossible, she pulls of the mask and wig and your stuck with that Kate, then she eats you…

  8. Dr. Van Nostran

    I dont know I use to think she was a big C. But lately shes starting to look hot to me, maybe in a dirty kind of way.

  9. Melissa

    I don’t really think much of her. But just for those that are crudely saying that her Vajayjay needs work because she has had so many kids, is mistaken because she had a C-section with the sextuplets. That means it’s probably still very much intact.

  10. I C Wiener

    I’d suck on them.

  11. Hugh Gentry

    she reminds me of Jenna Jameson, and that makes my cock start moving…

  12. Hibbard

    I think Kate is hot, but she treated Jon like fucking shit. What a CUNTBAG! I would still eat her like a big mac!

  13. ASSMAN

    Kate only cares about herself, she was evil toward Jon, treated him terribly, probably never fucked him. Her titties look juicy and firm. I would like to give her the three finger web test. and suck the nipples right off them nice titties. But hey, I’m only a typical man whore who jerks off at the drop of a hat. Peace out bitches!.

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