When did Kate Gosselin get giant breasts?

March 3rd, 2010 // 65 Comments

I just came across these pics of Kate Gosselin leaving the Dancing With the Stars party Monday night, and I have no idea how I feel about her chest. Don’t get me wrong, I stare directly at and ignore the voice attached to any pair of boobs just as much as the next guy, but it’s kind of hard to look at Kate Gosselin after watching her family implode from wholesome sugary sweet to whatever the hell they are now. Plus her uterus is a goddamn landmine, so I’m pretty sure if I masturbated right now, I’d get hit with no less than four paternity suits. Provided I’m not already just for thinking about her womb.

UPDATE: It’s a girl! And 25 boys.


  1. L

    She looks like a tranny

  2. Is she wearing a wig?

  3. #1 is an idiot. She’s a bitch, but theres no denying that she looks hot here. And..I’m pretty sure we already decided months ago that she got a breast augmentation, Fish.

  4. Nome King

    I really hate this woman.

  5. Aaron

    That’s funny because I just came across these pics of Kate Gosselin too.

  6. Mr. Nice Guy

    Who cares, she treated her Husband like Shit, and she has 8 Kids. Done

  7. Ego

    WTF, giant breasts?? Those aren’t giant breasts. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!

  8. Me

    can’t stand her. please go away.

  9. TROOF

    Kate got her first implant shortly after they moved into the Heffner Road house.
    Do you remember when there was 2 episodes with JUST (or mostly Jon) in them? The boxes were still packed all over the house?

    Thats cause Kate was in LA getting her titties and other shit done.

  10. Andrea

    Thank you Ego – those are NOT giant breasts. They look like c-cups at best. d-cups aren’t even giant. if you can fit into a bra made by victoria’s secret, you’re breasts are normal-sized.

  11. I’d like to kick her in the box.

    What a self-loathing sow.

  12. She got them at the gettin’ place.

  13. Mr Fun!

    Giant BREASTS to match that GIANT V-Jay-Jay!

    Should we consider her a star for being a total bitch to her kids and husband?

    Seriously, who is watching those kids while shes out doing all this crap? I guess the local crack dealers can look forward to 8 New customers in about 5 years!!

  14. Crabby Old Guy

    *low pitched buzzing sound echoing* – the sound from inside her head. Average sized boobies – giant Home Depot sized twat – zero self-esteem and sense of pride. Wow, any more at home like her?

    My right hand brings more to the party than this bitch.

  15. AmericanWhiteTrash

    somebody gun down this cunt

  16. Dufresne

    No Thanks.

  17. medi0169

    I would soooooo lick her ass and then tongue kiss her so she can taste it. Cause I’m a gentleman. Nice cans Kate! You go girl!

  18. Valerie

    That’s a pretty dress, better suited for a brunette…like myself.

  19. spicy

    I’m sorry but she looks good. Hollywood makeovers man

  20. L

    She looks like a tranny because of the hair… It looks too fake.
    The rest is fine.

  21. arfil

    She looks fucking ridiculous because she’s trying too hard. You’re old and average looking, Kate, and extensions and breast implants won’t change that. Get over it and concentrate on raising your litter of children.

    • Well isn’t that was she says every chance she gets. I do everything for my kids. Or my kids said Mommy do dancing with the stars. So for her kids she got rid of their dogs, for her kids she got tits, for her kids she is showing them an unreal life traveling all over the world. Shouldn’t that money be better spent going towards their education. Really Kate do you think you are going to last long enough in the spot light to continue the way you are living for your kids. What I see is a future of Kate’s 8 troubled adults unless Daddy has the chance to have a stronger influence on them. What next girl a new butt or a new face cause you are going to have to hide. I actually like her before she started treating Jon like shit on the air and started acting like her shit don’t stink. The whinning about the reporters is just sick, they have to eat too.Look how Nicole Kidman treated them with class, Sending food and drink to them the night before her wedding. In turn they have nice things to say about her. Kate on the other hand they make a joke of and she deserves it.

  22. oh my

    She annoys me.. but I really just have to say that Jon is prob kicking himself since shes like 39x better looking than the strange he chases around.

  23. sandra

    She is so ridiculously annoying, but I admit this is the best I’ve seen her look in a long while. She has definitely had at least a breast lift. After having children, your breasts tend to take a deep trip south, as I know first hand.

    She’s still soo soo annoying. Go away Kate.

  24. AteIsEnough

    She looks like the blonde tramp sister on “That 70′s Show”. Only, her hair looks like a wig…short was much better on her. I’d still only do her in the butt anyway, don’t wanna look into her soul killing eyes.

  25. DJS

    To quote Roy Orbison from his song “Pretty Woman”;


  26. BeeTee

    I look at this and ask myself……do I need to be hung like a Folgers can to even get close to touching the sides?

  27. Hot Tamale

    Ay, Yi Yi, I tire of her…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  28. Poncho Villa

    This bitch needs one of my lunch specials……The Dirty Sanchez

  29. SO RIGHT

    I HATE — HATE –painted on eyebrows! Ugh — NO ONE looks good in them.

  30. Cantilever

    I hope she didn’t get a boob job.

  31. BeeTee

    Trust me after 8 kids she would need it cause those babies would look like short stack at IHOP

  32. Dave

    God, I wish this attention whore would GO THE FUCK AWAY. America does not give a shit about you, Kate. Go away.

  33. Rough debunks

    “Dancing with the stars” who watches this garbage…

  34. kelvin winn

    Saw her on a talk show last nite and didn’t know who she was, I also thought to myself this chic looks familiar and attractive thats was when I realized thats the bio tch from the reality series kate plus 8 and immediately lost my hard on…lol

  35. 70'shairsux

    Can we put a stop to the 70′s remix haircuts? Holy fux I always hated big hair pretending to not be big…

  36. The Original Shawn

    #9′s got the idea. Annoying bitch Kate may be, but she’s had a great rack at least since the first time my wife (unfortunately) introduced me to the show.

  37. Gorilla Pimp SLAP

    Why the fuck are we looking at some old hags flap jack titties.

    Even if she were hot, after pumping out 8 kids in one shot, that twat is fucking ruined for all eternity…unless you need an open airy space to park the space shuttle.

  38. She usually looks like shit. She looks like a hot soccer mom here. Isn’t that what she is, anyway? You people act like she’s actual celebrity.
    And of course she’s had her tits done. She’s popped out like 20 kids.
    Lol@ the men talking about her “loose vagina.”
    She’s probably tighter than most of the whores that have slept with you.
    I guarantee none of those kids came out of there. Multiple births usually = C-section. Plus, from what I hear, her ex is hung like a 3 year old.

  39. Morons, The Lot Of You

    Every time there’s a pic of her, it turns into a discussion about how loose she must be. Of course she had a C-section.She talks about it all the time. Delivering 8 kids is too risky for a vaginal birth. Get a clue.

    Not that I’m defending this rough, nasty, overachiever of a manhater. But geez, there are so many other things to make fun of her for that are accurate. Shame to waste all of your hate on her vagina (which I’d rather not envision any more).

  40. Zeke

    Man…hate to say this, but with all that make-up, the new ($5k) hair-do, the push-up bra…she looks mighty good.

    But safe to say, she might need some reconstructive work down below.

  41. captain america

    …….since the PIZZA’s arrived!!

  42. Dude

    Giant? Really? Not even big, hell dude. Obviously you didn’t loose your virginity on your day off.

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  44. bmose

    Some dip fuck wanted it’s autograph–that’s some funny shit.

  45. Freebie

    I see she is still with her married bodyguard. Thought he was staying with his wife and giving Kate up. Guess the wife is not a celebrity.

  46. @ 44 – He thought it was Jack Nicholson as the Joker.

  47. She is prettier than I originally thought.

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  49. dee

    doesn’t she have like 134 kids to look after???
    what the hell is she doing out at parties???

  50. DonLay

    She looks hot. Real steamy. But who in the F**K is watching all those kids???? Hot, but still the 3rd worst parent ever. Octomom 1, her ex-husband 2.

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