When Catherine Zeta-Jones Attacks

February 25th, 2011 // 104 Comments

Here’s Catherine Zeta-Jones physically launching a paparazzo after he hit her in the face with his camera while she was entering a London hotel last night. Which had to feel awesome for that guy considering he just had his ass handed to him by a middle-aged Welsh woman. Usually I’m not a fan of celebrities randomly attacking photographers just because, but in this case, the guy nailed her livelihood with his camera, not to mention this is probably the most erotic thing I’ve seen all day and I’ve been to Bree Olson‘s website twice this morning. (For research!) Maybe because I started picturing Catherine brawling Chris Brown in the streets then dropping scones on his unconscious body. “Now that’s bloody irony, love.”

*looks down*

Do they make Kleenex in beach towel size? Just curious.

Photos: Pacific Coast News, Splash News


  1. Catherine Zeta-Jones Michael Douglas
    Commented on this photo:

    She is still too hot for him

  2. homosapiens


  3. I think it’s great. You go girl!

  4. Catherine Zeta-Jones Michael Douglas
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    beware you fool, this is ZETAAA the WARRIOR PRINCESSS !!!

  5. Catherine Zeta-Jones Michael Douglas
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    I think she told him about the affair.

  6. Good for her! I would have given her extra points if she bit a chunk out of the guys face. Kit Cat, call me , I still have Mr. Buzzy.

  7. Catherine Zeta-Jones Michael Douglas
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    This series is like watching Memento … everything was fine, and then …

  8. mancuso

    I never cared for her much, but now I think I’m in love.
    I want her to pick me up and throw me through the air while calling me dirty Welsh names with lots of weirdly-paired consonants in them. “You ffawnnwyd gahrwddyg, stick your fwkkyng camera in your bwmffawgh!!!”

    Also…, when did Michael Douglas become his own father’s grandfather?

  9. me

    psssssssst: SEND HER TO LIBIA, folks!!

  10. Catherine Zeta-Jones Michael Douglas
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    looks like a droopy Bob Barker

  11. Catherine Zeta-Jones Michael Douglas
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    face work pulling eyes apart

  12. Catherine Zeta-Jones Michael Douglas
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    Well, of course she had to defend herself. Clawhand wasn’t going to be much help on this one.

  13. Catherine Zeta-Jones Michael Douglas
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    miss Piggy, no?

  14. Catherine Zeta-Jones Michael Douglas
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    I feel bad for Michael Douglas….he has to deal with this when she’s angry @ him!

  15. Catherine Zeta-Jones Michael Douglas
    tiny pecker
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    what a cunt ………. but I love her faces she’s making just think of the face in bed wow :) !!!!!

  16. Rough part the internet. Yes, like the red sea

    You know why shes angry right?

    That cletus dude probably said: youves gotta purty mouthh….

  17. jaime

    the best part about this is that she just received the title of Lady Catherine from the british empire.

  18. rovingardener

    The thing is, paparazzi don’t know enough to not screw with Welsh; this is what you get.

  19. Catherine Zeta-Jones Michael Douglas
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  20. Catherine Zeta-Jones Michael Douglas
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    She’s saying “do you know those photographers were just *really* harassing me as if it was two words!” He’s saying “omg; someone is going to die!”

  21. Catherine Zeta-Jones Michael Douglas
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    the looks like posh spice here.

  22. Anon(butobvious)

    Is it weird that she reminds me of *plump* Victoria Beckham?

  23. James

    They have no right to do this. The celebs, I mean. There are plenty of vacancies at your local McDonald’s, just get out of the limelight – you chose to chase this profession, and what goes along with it – now deal with it. I’m sure the millions in the bank help a bit.

    Papz are scum, but still. Read above.

    • brandi

      Yes, because she dreamed of being an actress for a long time, she deserves to get hit in the face by someone who should have been at a real job.

  24. Catherine Zeta-Jones Michael Douglas
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    This woman is now my idol! You go, girl.

  25. brandi

    And when did 41 become middle age?

  26. Catherine Zeta-Jones Michael Douglas
    salad tong
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    Dougie, do something…

  27. Catherine Zeta-Jones Michael Douglas
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  28. Catherine Zeta-Jones Michael Douglas
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    It’s so sweet when grandpas take their granddaughters out for a walk …

  29. Catherine Zeta-Jones Michael Douglas
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    I could stuff that purdy mouth with a whole lot more than grandpa Douglas …

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