What’s All The Hubbub With Louis CK’s New Movie?

As Louis C.K.’s secret passion project I Love You, Daddy gears up for its theatrical release, folks on the internet are already dismissing it as a pariah of a flick due to the fact that Louis tackles some taboo, Lolita-like subject matter. Considering the massive sexual harassment inquisition that’s been going on for the past couple weeks, I can see why everyone is a little jumpy.

Critics (and I use that word lightly because these are mostly just anonymous voices on the internet) are saying that the film is “poorly timed,” like they expected the guy to just say, “oh shit, some bad stuff happened let’s just sit on this finished movie that we put years of work into until people calm down.” While that may be S.O.P. for the superhero blockbuster/laser light show genre, it doesn’t work like that with a self-funded indie flick. What if these issues are satirized in a critical and though-provoking manner? What if this is a great time to put something like this out? Who the fuck are you?

Besides just the timing of this movie, people seem to have issues with the film’s Woody Allen-esque aesthetic. They figure that because it’s in 35mm black and white, set in New York/Paris, and follows a neurotic main character with a jazz soundtrack that it’s some big cop out. I seriously think people don’t understand subtext anymore…

How do people have a problem with this trailer? You don’t know what kind of motivation Louis’ daughter (played by the very fem-positive Chloë Grace Moretz) has in this movie whatsoever. It’s also pretty plain to see that the main conflict in this film looks like Louis’ struggle to process how his own daughter would get into a relationship with a guy like John Malkovich’s character in the first place. How can these rabble raisers not see that this has nothing to do with sexual harassment, but more of a satire on the fucked up, real life relationship Woody Allen had with Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter? IF EVEN! I don’t know! I haven’t seen the fucking movie, and everyone is just speculating all this shit! For all we know, there’s a big plot twist and vampires show up at some point!

**cracks a fresca and takes a deep breath**

Of course, there are the looming rumors that Louis C.K. is part of the sexual harassment mafia, but since no dirt has really been dug up since Gawker brought that to light two years ago, I don’t buy it yet — I’m really sorry… Who knows though… Maybe tomorrow someone will tweet how Louis C.K. cornered them in a bathroom and jerked off on a toothbrush. I don’t know the guy; that’s the whole point. You (I’m looking at you Internet) don’t know where this movie’s moral compass is heading, so why flip shit without seeing it?

I know everyone is a little sensitive right now, but c’mon… Everybody chill out on this one. Movies are made to tell stories, not to tell you what’s right and wrong. It’s up to you to figure that out for yourself.

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