What The Hell is Going on With Tyrese?

I think it’s safe to say that Tyrese Gibson is balls-deep in a mental breakdown. Over the past couple weeks it seems like it’s only been getting worse. First, he flew a cryptic banner over his daughter’s school that said “daddy loves you” or something, breaking his restraining order the the 10-year-old had against him for allegedly beating her. Definitely got some Marky Mark in Fear vibes off of that stunt.

Then there was this video that gave the crazy crying guy from Intervention a run for his money.

Now he’s claiming that Will Smith and Jada have given him $5 million to stay off social media and get his broke ass back on his feet… problem is, he announced it via social media and Will and Jada seem to have no fucking clue what he’s talking about. Welcome to the cuckoo bananas club, Tyrese. Why don’t you have a seat over there next to Lindsay?

This was the initial post from Monday night. Since then, Tyrese has posted about a dozen things on Instagram, went live on Facebook for a bit, and tweeted god knows how many times… most of the subject matter in these posts has to do with the fact that he is still waiting on those 5 million Fresh Prince bucks to hit his bank account and how you have to live in Atlanta to be able to vote in Atlanta…

I hate kicking a guy when he’s down (just kidding, it’s my job), but Tyrese is being a fucking idiot right now. If you’re going to cry to the internet about being broke, maybe don’t do it in a fur coat while smoking a cigar and talking about hopping on a private jet.

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