What It’s Like To Go On The Paula Deen Cruise

After a public relations disaster thanks to a lawsuit she ended up settling out of court after giving a now-pointless and career-destroying deposition that confirmed to the world she thinks making African-Americans dress up like plantation slaves is an acceptable wedding decoration, Paula Deen vanished from public sight. Except now she’s planning a $75 million comeback because old Southern white people “who don’t know any better” have a target demographic that can’t hand you its money (or die off) fast enough. However, not every company bailed on Paula, and some like Alice Travel, doubled down by offering cruises with Lady Butter Belle of the South which Caity Weaver subjected herself to so none of us ever have to. It’s an incredible read that examines the morbid realities of cruise ships and how easy it is to find a singing black chef to make you not look like a racist on one. And before any says it’s TL;DR because reading is hard, I made it through the whole thing, and I’m the type of person who fast forwards through the opening credits of TV shows if they deprive me of one second of Rust Cohle saying awesome bleak shit into my face. Suck it up.

Gravy Boat: My Week on the High Seas With Paula Deen and Friends – Gawker

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