What In The Hell?

October 28th, 2010 // 53 Comments

When it comes to the paparazzi, I’ll always defend their existence and argue with anyone who says what they do isn’t a “real job.” Because like any occupation, they’re simply the product of supply and demand. If people didn’t enjoy their work, I’d be selling my body for profit instead of just the sheer thrill of it. That being said, there is absolutely no excuse for these shots of Courtney Love shopping in West Hollywood yesterday. The bastards were well aware I’m going to look at them, vomit blood for five hours, then inflict them on others because I’m an asshole. It’s like they know me better than I know myself.

“That wasn’t part of our deal, Blackheart!”

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. Reginald T. Rockstrow

    ugh…I can almost smell that from here. gross. she needs to be quarantined.

  2. dont get it

    is she wearing a onesie under that dress?

  3. Lady Blah Blah

    Oh jeez….

  4. sarah holt

    That is vile

  5. J

    The sad thing is, I saw her saggy ass and immediately thought, “What is Courtney Love up to now?”

    Gotta give a girl credit for having an instantly recognizable body, even if it is for all the wrong reasons.

    Eyebleach please.

  6. Thanks for covering ur hole courtney

  7. Courtney Love Panty Flash Upskirt
    Commented on this photo:

    Insideout undies! Must have been dirty.

  8. Rather

    “That wasn’t part of our deal, Blackheart!”

    Simpsons reference FTW!

  9. Rancid

    This reminds me. I’ve heard that people sometimes mix fruit with cottage cheese. Does it taste that good?

  10. Yes, our eyes are burning and I can only imagine the lingering stench of sulphur & rotten tuna, but it could be worse.
    At least she’s wearing panties.


  12. Oh my she forgot to wipe the waffle iron smacked ass. Someone please hand her a box of wet naps. While I search for a box of booty wipes next to the toilet paper for her.

  13. hey thanks for posting this you turd I was eating.

  14. Facebook me

    At least we are being thoroughly disgusted by the sight of:

    1) Tampon string hanging out
    2) Toilet paper tucked in that deporable onesie
    3) A “shart” mark

    Indeed people, it could be WAY WORSE!

  15. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    Get off your high horses. I am sure that the majority of you have worse bodies than this. This is a human body, a little flabby, untoned, but how many of you have six-packs and no cellulite? Like 5%? You are all such hypocrites…

    • I don’t think you know what “hypocrite” means. seriously, I think you’re just using words that you’ve heard smarter people use, without ever considering that you’re ignorant of their proper usage.

      To be a hypocrite, these “majority of you” that you’re talking about would have to put equally flabby and unattractive bodies on display while criticizing Courtney over her nasty form.

      But the fact is, the vast majority of people DON’T dress like this in public, don’t bend over to bare their gross ass to the world, and so are ENTITLED to criticize people who do.

      Next time, ask someone what a word means before you use it.

      • Mel Gibson's Shrink

        How about I tell you to go fuck yourself, how about that? Is that the proper usage of smart words? People are hypocritical for criticizing her BODY, NOT the way she is DRESSED.

        Next time before you decide to get real smart, just rub one off instead, that will rid you of that excess energy.

      • Facebook me

        I found your remark very funny..It looks like she is wearing a burlap sack? Poor excuse of a leather dress? Perhaps stole from the wardrobe closet of the movie “The Hobbit?”

      • June

        Hypocrite: noun
        “a person who pretends to be what he or she is not; one who pretends to be better than is really so, or to be pious, virtuous, etc. without really being so.” I would say McFeely properly used the term. If anyone criticized her for the way she looks and they look the same or worse, than that would make them very hypocritical. And the VAST majority don’t dress like this in public? Ever been to Walmart??

    • Dodging Work

      I’ll tell you something else Mel Gibson’s Shrink. You suck at your job. Your patient is a belligerent fucking mess.

    • The ONLY HETERO in this Joint

      Here we go again – I’m with ya Mel! The fact of the matter is that a LOT of folks do dress like this. Jesus Christ McFeely – been on a plane lately?!

      I happen to think she’s kinds skanky hot and I would be delighted to bed down with her. The problem here continues to be that our hostess and the VAST majority of the posters here have some ongoing complulsion to look at one shot that happens to catch any glance of cellulite and fire away. That’s pathetic. If all you douchebags are waiting for perfection please feel free to continue waiting while I pork just about everything in sight and smile all the way to the drugstore for more condoms.

      The ironic part is that all you losers are sitting around waiting for perfection and then – lo and behold – you and the women in your age bracket get old – and let me tell ya: Age wins EVERY TIME. Nothing holds back age. Absolutely nuthin’.

      So keep one hand on your pecker an dthe hand on your keyboard boys and the let the ONLY HETERO in this joint continue to enjoy the free range tuna….

      • Jules

        I’m guessing a lot of the people who critique someone who doesn’t have a perfect body for appearing in public like this would shit a brick if they saw that THEY were captured on People of Wal-mart. Hypocrite does apply.

      • Adonis

        You poor ugly bastard my wife goes to the gym. Nope. No cellulite. Of course not all of us are small nosed and handsome either.

      • Lady Blah Blah

        HETERO, I’d like to invite you over for bar-b-q chicken marinated in my menstrual fluid.

    • The ONLY HETERO in this Joint

      Name the place Lady!

      Will there be enough legs there for me and the Einsatzgruppen or is it first come, first serve….?

  16. Darth

    Eeww! Where’re the internet filters when you really need them?!

  17. Meh

    …That wasn’t paaaaarrrrrtttt!!!!

  18. Courtney Love Panty Flash Upskirt
    Frist - My eyes!! Burn it /w fire!!
    Commented on this photo:

    Ahhh my eyes!! Burn it /w fire!!

  19. The paparazzi takes the picture, doesn’t mean you have to POST the picture!!! Good lawd man, if ever there was a photo showing the difference between being thin and being in shape this is it!!! she’s not fat, but she’s not in shape. She’s … She’s … AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Trying to get us into the halloween spirit ffs????

  20. Nero

    Does she expect the pap to deliver the lighter?

  21. Chupacabra

    it’s time for granny to start wearing appropriate clothes for her OLD ASS.

  22. Claire Jamieson

    she’s about 1000 times more talented than any of the ther people featured on the blog. She’s in her fucking 40s, what do you expect? People get fucking cellulite, especially given her drastic weight changes over the years. Yeah she probably should have worn a longer dress, but fuck it she’s the queen of grunge.

    • Yes yes, she’s talented. So is Aretha Franklin but you don’t see HER (Thank the good lord) wearing tiny dresses that flash her ass and cellulite all over the country for anyone to take a picture of!!!

      So being the Queen of Grundge means she can flash the world her rotted bits for all to see? In that case, i’m the King of Pervs!!! I’m going to sit on my porch in front of my house and cover my bits with nothing but a SOCK!!!! All HAIL KING SQUID!!!!

      • Cock Dr

        I admit some curiosity.
        Post your address; we’ll drive by on Halloween. Make sure the porchlight is on.
        I hope for your sake it’s not too cold that night.

    • Cock Dr,

      Bring magnifying glasses or a telescope!!! I’m in Canada. It’s freaking cold here!!! Frightened Turtle syndrome!!! My balls will likely be blue as well, not from lack of sex but from Frostbite!!!

  23. freebie

    Oh come on. Not all woman can look like the perfect airbrushed 19 year old. Why even bother publishing pictures like this?

  24. you dumb assholes

    It is fine that her 45 year old body looks like that….it’s not terrible. However, she should make sure her ass is covered at all angles.

  25. Trolololololololololol

    I have the weirdest boner right now.


  26. Mike Walker


  27. Courtney Love Panty Flash Upskirt
    R C
    Commented on this photo:

    H O L E

  28. dave

    i thought it was susan sarandon

  29. captain america


  30. Hannes

    Awfull butt…

  31. Gym Rat

    As much as I exercise….sigh

    Thank goodness I don’t photogs chasing me…I’d have worse photos taken

  32. Courtney Love Panty Flash Upskirt
    Willy Wonka
    Commented on this photo:

    First! Mother fuckers!

  33. Rev

    Aww man, there goes my appetite.

  34. fap

    Flabby junkie butt.

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