Weston Coppola Cage totally doesn’t need his last name to get chicks, no way

November 29th, 2008 // 85 Comments

Nicolas Cage posed for this family photo in Vienna, Austria today with his wife Alice Kim and son Weston Coppola Cage. Weston brought his girlfriend along who I really want to believe isn’t jockeying for that sweet Ghost Rider dough. Maybe she simply digs dudes who think dead fetuses make kickass necklaces. Who knows? Then again, she did just score a free trip to Vienna with Nathan Explosion here, so yeah….

NOTE: I’m getting axed in the face tonight, aren’t I? Sweet.


  1. firrrrrrst nigga

    yeah you’re jealous :)

  2. The Master


  3. The Master

    Nick, tie your shoe. And your son looks like a future serial killer.

  4. Sher

    Ew Nicholas Cage is gross.

  5. Monkey Poo

    Future? I think he’s already there.

  6. Monkey Poo

    It’s good to see that Lucy Liu has started eating again. What’s she doing with the star of The Wicker Man?

  7. kahlee

    Oh come on, shes no oil painting herself. They look quite well matched to me. Just an average looking couple (with terrible hair).

  8. Randal

    Weston has a strong gaze, much like the strong silent type in many movies of the past and present. The long, glistening and healthy looking black hair is certainly a Pantene Pro-V hair solution that would go well with a medieval role.

    I see a father and son movie in the future.


  9. sharan

    that’s his wife of a couple of years.

  10. sharan

    that’s his wife of a couple of years.

  11. sharan

    that’s his wife of a couple of years.

  12. nathan explosion is waaaay more brutal than some dude who brushes his hair the same way marsha brady does. “97… 98… 99… 100! now the other side!”

  13. missy

    wow are we goth enough there buddy?

  14. CaptainMorgan

    That’s an Alberto V05 Hot Oil Treatment poster boy if I ever saw one.

    Since when did Nic Cage start shopping at Marks & Spencer? ( It’s a GAY emporium which stocks clothing for ‘continental turd burglars and nob gobblers…so I’ve been told. )

  15. xanadouche@live.com

    LOL @ “Nathan Explosion.”

    Sweet ref, Superfish.

  16. your mom


    marry me.

  17. Boris

    Little Nathan Explosion needs to re-touch his roots.

  18. Ronov

    Weston is hot!

  19. woodhorse

    Darwinism: 1 , Christianity: 0

  20. okgoodanswer

    wow, i’d like to know what shampoo/hair treatments that dude is using. That is a really fantastic head of hair!

  21. Oh cage is into the yellow Gashish too huh? hmmm

  22. #16 marry me to o.x.. p.s.your moms hahaha

  23. humpin frog

    Where’s Lurch and the “Hand”? Can’t a butler and five knuckles get a break now and then, too?

  24. Barry McCockener



  25. phonecard

    I like how Jr. Is standing forward of daddy so they look the same height. His feet look huge. Like size 13 or so…

  26. Nic’s son looks HOT. He should lose that washed out bleach-head and get an equally hot, black-haired goth chick (Dita Von Teese might be single)…

    - M

  27. Kodiak Bear

    Nicholas Cage is such an annoying, ugly fuck

  28. Spoonman

    I don’t follow Nathan Explosion that much (or, to be honest, not at all, because he is awful), but I don’t think that that kid was a mix of Explosion plus Asian wife. Can’t imagine a short Asian girl makes a creepy kid who doesn’t look Asian, and has 50 lbs on the dad.

  29. rawr

    R u on crack? his son is gorgeous…u kno u jst jelous of his perfect hair.

  30. rawr

    R u on crack? his son is gorgeous…u kno u jst jelous of his hair cuz u bald.

  31. Kelly

    It’s probably just the lighting in the picture but look at the young girl’s legs..they’re 2 different shades. HeeHee. And da-yum that boy’s feet are huge.

  32. Grizzlies

    Does the chick on the right have a prosthetic limb?

  33. yawn

    HAHA u kno wut big feet mean!!?;)

  34. KIDS

    Have seen many beautiful girls on ***INTERRACIALLOVING.COM***, the place where hot and SEXY singles are together, meeting new friends and making dates. You may wanna check it out! LOL

  35. fj

    awkward picture.. the son would look better if he cut his hair

  36. Wonder how much of the son’s persona is real. Probably a whiny little girl behind all that manly make-up.

  37. My Dogz Haz Fleaz

    Wow, Cher’s really beefed up something fierce.

  38. Balls McCoy

    Weston Coppola Cage is yet another reason Dr. Frankenstein’s license should be revoked.

  39. Balls McCoy

    Runner up: Weston routinely calls his dad “Grandpa” and his girlfriend “Lilly”.

  40. godless guru

    “Darwinism: 1 , Christianity: 0″

    LMAO! Yes, that score is true. For the evening.

    For the year:
    Darwinism: 693,721 , Christianity: 0

  41. tc

    Nick Cage.

    I like what he’s done with his hair.

  42. Weston

    With daddys money anything is possible! So stop saying that barmaids and strippers are outta my league! I can afford them with daddys money! So there!!!

  43. joey joejoe

    daddys money + no talent = douche

  44. jee

    #27You’re fuckin annoying yourself,shut your dirty mouth fuckin slut

  45. blah

    seriously….what the fuck is wrong with her legs??

    they are two different colors!!!!!!!!!!

  46. KILL ‘EM ALL, folks!!

  47. dew

    I think the son might be pretty attractive if it wasn’t for his hair, but at least it’s clean, so whatever. I’m sure he’ll cut it eventually. Both their pants are too long, the bunched bottoms makes them look short-legged.

  48. jzz

    Nicholas Cage = Franken fuck

  49. Coming from a womans prospecive, I would say she’s after the money.

  50. Weston and his GF looks like beauty and the beast

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