Weston Cage Has A Reality Show Now

When we last left Weston Cage he was following up his whirlwind tour of getting his ass kicked by every virtually person in his vicinity including himself by checking into rehab to become an action star and prove he’s not crazy. Well, apparently that didn’t last very long, because now he’s filming a reality show with his mom which, you’ll never believe this, is also part of his master plan to prove he’s not crazy. He’s like a wheel kick of surprises. Via Starpulse:

Fulton and her 20-year-old son will front new VH1 show Uncaged, which will follow their daily lives, and Weston is hoping the new project will show the public his true colors.
A source tells Star magazine, “Christina said the show will be like a modern-day Addams Family. Weston just wants to show the world he’s not mentally ill.”

When you describe your home life as a “modern-day Addams Family” – a family who by definition are crazed masochists that shoot and stab each other with weaponry when they’re not dressing their kids like 19th century corpses – you basically forfeit the right to follow that up with, “Oh, and by the way, we’re not fucking crazy.” That said, Nicolas Cage’s wang is ground zero for this entire production, so people are already impressed you haven’t ripped each others faces off and traded them for Chihuahuas. You’re doing great.

Photos: Pacific Coast News