Weston Cage Did Karate Outside of a Restaurant

Taking a page from Mel Gibson’s Guide to Crazy Fighting – “Remember, your opponent might be invisible, and that’s where they hide the blowjobs.” – Weston Cage and his freshly shaven-head put on a karate show for the paparazzi last night because he really needs people to believe he’s a skilled martial artist who can win at fights provided you’re not his babysitter or a pregnant woman. Outside of those two categories he will ruthlessly dismember you with precision moves just as soon as he gets his mascara on. It’ll just be a sec. “Does this look too Moulin Rouge? Because I’m going for more of a Captain Jack Sparrow. I shall not lie to you, his piratery amuses me so. CRANE KICK!”

Photos: GSI Media, Pacific Coast News, Splash News

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