Wesley Snipes owed taxes on $38 million (That’s a lot of cheddar)

Wesley Snipes faces trial for tax fraud on Monday and the IRS has revealed documents that show the actor failed to pay taxes on $37.9 million in income from 1999 to 2004. On top of that Wesley Snipes also tried to get fraudulent tax refunds for almost $11 million, according to Reuters:

Snipes, 45, was charged in a 2006 indictment along with a known tax protester and a former accountant whom the U.S. Justice Department said had been barred by a federal court from preparing other people’s tax returns.
The tax fraud occurred at a time when Snipes was signing movie deals worth more than $10 million each for “Blade II” and “Blade: Trinity,” according to the prosecution’s summary.

If Blade’s not paying his taxes, than neither am I! It’s a revolution, baby! WOO!!

Legal Notice: Anticlown Media in no way endorses the nonpayment of taxes by its employees or readers. Please be good citizens and file your income taxes with the appropriate agencies. If it makes you feel better, the Superficial Writer’s “revolution” only made it five steps to the employee lounge where he successfully dared our intern to eat a bunch of shrimp leftover from Christmas. On a related note, condolences to the family of Jimmy “Where’s my coffee, bitch?” Gunderson. He’ll be missed.

Photo: Getty Images