Wesley Snipes gets 3 years in prison

April 25th, 2008 // 153 Comments

Wesley Snipes pretty much decided in 1999 that he’s not going to pay taxes anymore. Considering he was, at the time not so much now, a major movie star the government kind of noticed that he wasn’t paying them a nice chunk of change. Eight years later, hello, welcome to your three prison sentence. Though some are actually calling the trial a victory for Wesley Snipes because he ducked five of the eight charges including felony tax fraud and conspiracy. Wesley, however, made a last minute move to appease the government by cutting them a check for $5 million. It, uh, didn’t work. The AP reports:

So taken aback were prosecutors that they first declined the cash. But by the end of the day, the government took the money and more — a maximum three-year sentence for its highest-profile criminal tax target in decades.
“The sentencing court sends the right message to the American taxpayer — you’ve got to pay your taxes,” U.S. Attorney Robert O’Neill told reporters outside the usually quiet central Florida courthouse. “Rich, poor, it doesn’t matter. We all pay our taxes.”

Even stranger is the fact that, afterwards, Wesley Snipes was actually smiling outside the courthouse and flashing the peace sign. Somebody needs to explain to Blade that he’s going to jail where his fellow inmates will pretend his ass is a vampire and you guys can do the math on what they’ll use for a wooden stake. Answer key at the bottom. Please show your work.

Answer Key: X = The square root of a whole lotta butt sex.

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  1. George Bush


    Well Said!

  2. coffeebean


    Typical minorities, you were told to get the fuck out, you were too stupid to listen, you looted the fuck out of your own neighborhoods, you pissed away the financial aid you were given, and then you sit back and sing the fucking blues because you were wronged by whitey again. History just keeps on repeating itself.

  3. dew

    Thanks George Bush; it should be obvious where I live: the same city that has Ellington Air Force Base (if you’ve ever heard of it)!

  4. Black Gold

    This is whitely’s Last year. We Africans and Hispanics need to get rid of these devils. Truce baby truce.

  5. George Bush

    God Bless Texas!

  6. George Bush

    By The Way to all a happy Anzac Day
    25 Apr 2008, In Observance of Anzac Day

    To our friends and allies from Australia and New Zealand, for your Veterans of the past 93 years of protecting the freedoms of the world, to your valiant who served and serve yet today, to all Veterans from “down-under”, we thank you and honor you today and everyday.

    Thank you for your honored service.

    Richard G. Shuster, RandomlyRamblingRick, Anzac Day)

    Anzac Day is commemorated by Australia and New Zealand on 25 April every year to remember members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who landed at Gallipoli in Turkey during World War I. Anzac Day is also a public holiday in the Cook Islands, Niue, Samoa and Tonga.

  7. leevland

    #93. Auntie Kryst – I just want you to know that #95 Reverend Wright just solidified exactly what I was talking about. We here in Europe know your history better than you do, you have one of the dumbest nations in the world when it comes to math and science, and you can really add history to that list as well. In case you didn’t know, after being emancipated blacks wanted to live in peace, and tried to live in peace they didn’t seek any revenge, but white Americans (not all of’em) being the barbaric bunch of hooligans they are put together hate groups like the KKK, and many who weren’t official members but still participated in public hangings, burnings, rape, and countless other acts of the utmost atrocious nature, and then tried to make such things legal with “Jim Crow” laws where someone who worked just as hard everyday, who’s money was just as green couldn’t simply sit in a restaurant of their choice and enjoy a meal that they were more than willing to PAY for…. all this and if I had a decade or two I could go with much more, but all this against a race of people that you know would excel and succeed and surpass you if the playing field were ever level, you’re nothing but a bunch of ignorant white cowards that use everything at your disposal; the law, the government, anything to make sure that a race of color does NOT get the same chances and opportunities that whites are afforded. We can also throw POOR whites into this mix as well, the way you see in America a certain group will be held to a lower standard of life and living not for being a trifling, lazy, unmotivated, detestable person, cause the majority are hard working black Americans who work their asses under the most heinous conditions to take care of themselves and their families. You unconsciously commit these abominable acts for nothing more than the reason that their skin is darker, now if that’s not evil sinister, barbaric, and RACIST you tell me what is.

  8. HungLo

    @ #97 coffeebean – Please shut the fuck up, you dumb fucktard. Everyone please listen!!! All white people are not like this retarded asswipe, waste of life imbicile. With each statement you make you just prove that inbreeding really should be outlawed.

  9. Jenna

    Who the hell said Wesley Snipes is a good person?

    Jahaaa, he’s been accused of beating up like ten of his last girlfriends. Thats not a nice guy, especially not since he has mean martial arts skills and probably easily can break any normal sized woman in half like a twig.

    Bad guy. Bad. Go to jail. Hope you get poled in the bumhole.

  10. Jenna again

    To all the europeans here going around pretending like the states are so bad and stupid and boohoo.

    Shut the FUCK up.

    I’m european, and the only reason you can win these arguments against americans is because they dont get as much info about europe as we get about america.

    Plus, the unites states is just that, and anyone who knows even a tiny bit about the place knows that both the legal system and the general culture and mindset of the public changes very very much depending on what state youre in. You could say that the USA is like a bunch of little countries.

    Kind of like Europe. And when we mention Europe we must indeed mention the baltic, and russia, and the extreme lack of education and horrible poverty those people like in. And at the same time lets mention scandinavia, who in studies have more neo nazis compared to general population that any other country in the west world.

    So, take it from a fellow european: Shut your pieholes before you make even bigger arses out of yourselfes.

    And the americans, be proud, dont let that shit get to you. Europeans who brag about Europe always chose to not mention the bad parts. Because theyre SO bad.

  11. Beauty Expert

    I think he had collagen injected into his lips so they look like an asshole.

  12. Beastman AIDS

    How do you know he’s white? There seems to be a misconception that the only people ignorant enough to start making racial slurs on the internet are white people.

    I agree with your comment though.

  13. Beastman AIDS

    ^ Nevermind – i read a couple of his other comments – your correct

  14. annie

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  15. magpie

    couldn’t he just blow someone to get out of jail time? I heard that always works.

  16. Anal Fistula

    thank goodness OBAMA will heal our racial divide.

  17. leevland

    @ #110 Jenna again – You just solidified my point, we know so much about America, cause we don’t butcher history when we teach it to our children, we come with the TRUTH and FACTS, not altering, adding, and omitting history to show certain events and people in a good light and others in a bad one. There is nowhere on Earth that you’re going to go and it’s all great, but you’re the one here making an ass of yourself, I’ve been been to America many times I’ve seen the good and I’ve seen the bad. The same goes for Europe, and Africa, you sound just like some of these fucktard moronic fucks here thinking they actually did blacks a favor by stealing them from Africa and enslaving them, maybe it’s in an attempt to heal their guilt, but anyone with a brain know it’s bullshit, Americans are so far up the media’s ass that I’m sure every broadcast network can feel the wedgie. Everytime an American turn on a television and see images of Africa it’s famine, disease, and war (which are in fact sponsored by white nations). I’ve been to Africa and it’s a beautiful nation of beautiful people, I can show you beauty, harmony, and prosperity in Africa that will never make it onto American TV, to a degree Americans can’t be blamed for some of their ignorance. For the most part, most Americans do want equality, peace, and love, but let’s face it that shit just won’t happen cause the very powers that be in America are the one’s making sure that doesn’t happen, cause that would rip the very twisted fabric of the corrupt system they have set to keep turmoil going, but what most stupid ass racist white rednecks don’t get is that very system is working against them as well, it’s not even as much about black and white as it is RICH and POOR! Blacks and Latinos hands aren’t totally clean in this cause they refuse to get it, and stop all the crazy violent genocidal shit that they’re doing to THEMSELVES. Everyone from Tel Aviv to Tokyo know that Obama will be the best thing to happen to that country, but will American society be able to put aside it’s racist spirit to invest their vote wisely for what’s in the best interest of their nation? I for one really hope so, but I doubt it.

  18. Snipes Fan

    3 years is ok. He’ll probably get out in 1 1/2. He’ll be back making more money then anyone on this thread. If you’re not a Millionaire or better you’re a loser.

  19. Enus McScrewyou


    You sound like a complete idiot. It is nice to know that Europeons (intentional misspelling) think they understand American society and culture better than we do. Thanks for enlightening us on your distorted view from across the pond. Africa is a complete shithole and don’t act like its not because you and your euro-trash buddies got stoned on the beach and watched the sunrise. As for black Americans, this country has give them every opportunity imaginable to get their shit together and they fail every time. Just look at any statistic you want. It is morifying how fucked up black society is in this country.

  20. Death around the corner for your loved ones

    Hi losers. Don’t forget that they just told us today (shall we say eased the admission of fact) that OIL will be $200 a barrel soon. And don’t worry it will be $400 soon as well. B I L L I O N S will starve around the world and there is
    N O T H I N G that can be cone about it. That is because there is a finite amount of resources on this planet and the capitalists pigs stole the hydrocarbons and made us all buy fancy engines to squander it all away.

    Haaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    We have been busy developing slave labor COMMUNIST CHINA and India so they have taken what little oil was left. And there is NO substitute. Using corn for ethanol is energically retarded and so the death knell has been sounded loud and clear for those that can hear.

    Why do you think our government has become fascist losers? They HAVE to as there will be riots taking place as the population begins to go hungry.

    “The trouble with capitalism is the capitalists. They’re too damn greedy”.
    Herbert Hoover

  21. Happy Happy Joy Joy say it isn't so (Santa Klaus is dead)

    Just me again. I can’t wait to hear the reactions from morons who have no idea of truth. I know you hardy bad-ass Republicans – keepers of the Flag and bearers of the Cross of Jesus know that this just can’t be so! There is enough OIL left for 6 zillion centuries and your government would NEVER lie to you!
    We are oh so righteously defending the world against TERRORISTS! They hate us because we are FREE! (We are?) Yeah that’s the ticket.

    Anyway, argue with me dumb fucks. My thesis is that there will be at least 50% to over 90% die off if not more. And there should be over 90%. More like 99% of humanity needs to go. Our population is ridiculous.

    With the advent of robotics we will not need so many “useless eaters”. Think of it…the elite will own thousand and thousands of acres with a robotic work force that does not fart and eat there food. Oh there will always be a servant class to have sex with and kiss their asses of course. But there will not be many peasants. The world will no longer need a proletarian work force. The evolutionary next step will be the robot. Deny it. Say it isn’t so.

    Haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
    Or is it…
    Muah haaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  22. Petard

    I’m really saddened by this. No more Blade movies for at least 4 years. And then when he’s out they’ll take a decidely different course.

    Blade 4: Vampire Ass Pirates
    Blade 5: Blade Meets the Village People

  23. leevland

    @ #119 Enus McScrewyou – You are a prime example of just the kind of dumb fuck I’m talking about. I bet you don’t know a single black person personally, yet you’ll sit and judge their race and culture. Let me guess where did you get your sources FOX News?, CNN?, MSNBC?, World News Tonight?, or maybe from a TV show you like to watch, or some of your favorite movies “The Birth Of A Nation” perhaps? I’m sure with all these reliable sources you’ve learned plenty about black people and “The Hood” since you like your father, and grandfather, and so on probably have a white pointy one in your closet. You stupid fuck there are prominent blacks all over America, and all over history. Blacks that invented things that are so commonplace in our lives we take them for granted on a daily basis, blacks who were master scholars in literature (W.E.B. Dubois), Medicine (Dr. Charles Drew), Law (Thurgood Marshall), Business (John H. Johnson) Theology/Political Science (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.), Agriculture/Science/Engineering (George Washington Carver), and I won’t even get started on music and athletics, the list could go on for miles. Unlike you I happen to be a white person who knows the truth and not being programmed like a mindless fucking pasty faced drone who can’t think until being told what and how to. You watch a show like “Cops” and think you’ve got blacks all figured out. You and people like you are the epitome of racism, and what’s racism? Ignorance and fear, that’s right you’re a bunch of ignorant cowards knowing full well that if blacks were given all the amenities afforded whites in America they’d all excel to the point of not needing to “depend” on your white asses for shit! The opportunities that you speak of, do they include all the race riots that barbaric depraved white men rampaged upon thriving black communities such as in Tulsa (1921), Chicago (1919), Rosewood, FL (1923), Kirven, TX (1922) are these the opportunities you’re talking about, cause if I were black all I could see as soon as I become self sufficient and reliant, and financially independent of anyone, a bunch of wild, barbaric, evil, white devils will come in the night or day and murder, rape, pillage, and plunder everything that I’ve worked my ass off for, not to be arrested or even brought up on a single charge for parading my dead body through the street. Sure, you’d like to forget, or even deny that sick, evil, sinister, twisted shit ever happened, and you want to say to black people today…. “Hey! that was a long time ago, just let it go!” and you want to actually think they’re wrong when their response to that is the same as yours would be…..”FUCK YOU!!” Yeah Right, don’t make me laugh you pompous arrogant fuck, you can sit back a finger point and mock, when everything is engineered and designed to work in your favor. Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes. If you had to actually switch places with a black person for a day in America, I doubt your weak white ass would last 24 hours without committing suicide.

  24. Jean Grey

    I’ve read this entire thread, and I know one thing, I would quit trying to argue with whoever leevland is. Everyone who’s tried to counter point him have been blown down like a trailer park in a hurricane. For a European he knows his stuff.

    120 & 121, I totally agree with you guys. Only a idiot who wants to be impoverished would vote republican.

  25. Dr. Phil

    Life is what you make it. If you want there to be more oil there will be more oil. It’s as simple as that.

  26. Enus McScrewyou


    Please enlighten us on how much you know so much about black America? How many black people did you grow up with? How many black people did you go to school with? How many black people live in your town? How many black people have you worked with? The fact is you know absolutely nothing about what you are talking about. Sure, you have read all about it in books from the comfort of your little white euro-trash world, where ever that may be. Or perhaps you are one of these hipsters that tour around the U.S. hitting all the national parks and trendy areas in big cities but never really getting a feel for what goes on in the ghetto or fly-over country. Maybe you were fortunate enough to sneak a peak out the window on your train ride and get a glimpse of the natives in their natural habitat. You clearly consider yourself to be an intelligent and well-rounded guy, and there is nothing anyone could do to convince you otherwise. Why not try doing a little research outside of Oprah’s book club and look at measurable data? Why don’t you move yourself to Anytown, USA and LIVE in a black community? You might be surprised at how ignorant you are. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time or the patience to hold your hand through such an endeavor, but you seem like a resourceful guy…educate yourself.

    I have lived my entire life among a large population of blacks (45%), many of whom I have only respect and admiration for. However, for a large percentage of blacks the story is not the same. The problems plaguing black communities at this point in time have NOTHING to do with whitey or an unfair system. Is whitely responsible for blacks killing each other in the streets? Is whitey responsible for the fact that a majority of blacks refuse to take responsibility for their children? Is whitely responsible for blacks not taking advantage of the many opportunities that they have now? Currently, many blacks are actually taking advantage of these opportunities by achieving academic and professional success they would otherwise not be able to do if they were white or asian! While people such as you have crafted clever arguments as to why whitey is to blame, NONE of these arguments hold up to close scrutiny. You can kick and scream all you want, but until you walk a mile in MY shoes, you don’t have a fucking clue.

    As to these historical injustices that you continue to dwell on incessantly, I have NEVER committed an injustice against a black person, nor has my father, nor has my father’s father. Did blacks get a bad deal in the past? Sure thing, so have a lot of other people. I will empathize with, but not apologize for the sad history of black America. I get up every day and go to work and take care of my family. I go to church sometimes, give to charity, and pay my taxes. I don’t owe anybody anything except goodwill, kindness, and respect. The time has come for blacks and their apologists to quit complaining and get on with it. Just look at ANY other minority population in this country. They have worked their way up within a couple of generations.

    Sadly, your ignorance on this issue, and many who share the same view, are only making it harder for blacks to truly succeed. By dwelling on past transgressions and insisting that racism is everywhere, you provide a very convenient excuse for many to just sit on their asses and do nothing. I remember in my younger days when I was much like you. Opening my eyes to the world and noticing the inequality is all around me. My first reaction, and very natural one at that, was the same as yours. I observed that history has not been fair to everyone; therefore, this must be the reason for the inequality I see today. However, with a little bit of experience and maturity, I began to dig a little bit further and was surprised at what I found. While the world certainly isn’t fair to everyone, most people at the bottom of the pile made life choices that produced unfavorable outcomes. People like you want to blame such poor decision making on history, poor education, or a failing government, but the reality is that people make poor decisions irregardless of what others tell them. In the black community particularly, it is all too easy to drop out of school, get involved with crime, and have illegitimate children because everyone else in your community is doing it. How could that possibly be my fault? What else can I do? If I could give half my money to fix the problem, I would. However, history has shown that throwing money at the problem accomplishes nothing. You of course think you know everything and everyone else is just stupid. Well, my little euro-trash friend, remember what I tell you. When you are older, you will look around and see that nothing has changed, despite all of your good intentions and money wasted.

    So, you can spend your life making excuses for people and blaming others, but you will find that the outcome will always be the same, some succeed and some fail. This only comes with life experience, of which you clearly have very little. Instead of smoking pot with your friends and pontificating on what you think is the problem, get out in the REAL world and see what is going on. I commend you on your idealism and tenacity, but don’t sell yourself short by misinterpreting your vigor with wisdom. So, keep up the good work and God Bless America!

  27. leevland

    @ #126 Enus McScrewyou – Now we’re getting somewhere. Somehow I new you a little deeper than your first shallow comment. One thing about me I grant you right when you’re right, and if you read one of my earlier posts (#117) I acknowledged what you said, that blacks and latinos certainly have a hand in their own demise in America. Granted, it’s not whitey stopping some young black kid from sitting in a classroom and choosing to get educated, instead he’d rather be a class clown and eventually drop out, then being poor, and uneducated, lacking vocation and skill, he turns to violence and crime, and then end up in the either prison or the graveyard, it’s not whitey’s fault that a bunch of beautiful black young ladies are having children out of wedlock children with a bunch of low life losers who aren’t even taking care of themselves let alone facing being responsible for a child. Trust me I’ve experienced quite a bit more of America than you’d think. But in your post you made it sound like this is ALL black people when that shit just isn’t the truth. The truth is that decadent percentage represents a small minority of black Americans, for the most part blacks are just like you, get up go to work, and in many cases work their asses off just to come up short of whats needed to make life and living one in the same. I’ll tell you this I’ve been a professional musician for over 28 years and my two best friends, my brothers whom I’ve been reared with really since birth who happen to my bassist and drummer are black. We grew up in the same impoverished neighborhood, but like you said it’s the decisions we made, not to mention our parents actually being responsible for us had a lot to do with that too. But, us and our families are able to live the plush lives we have today cause we worked our asses off and made the right decisions when it came to education, morality, and life period. So yes I grew up with blacks, went to school with blacks, and while I’m at I’ll just put it out there I have black children cause my wife is black. I’m just thankful that I live in a place where people (in the words of the late great Dr. King) are judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin, or the size of their bank accounts. Face it my friend, America has not grasped the concept that when it comes down to it we’re all HUMAN BEINGS, you’re either going to be a good one or a bad one. Before we’re any color, culture, race, or religion, we’re a HUMAN BEING. What so much of white America refuse to face is their own prejudice, and when you don’t face you have a problem or issue then you won’t seek to remedy it. If I have a grievance with someone it’s because they’ve actually committed and infraction worthy of my contempt. But so much of white America will have full blown view and analysis of a person without even as much as speaking to them, asking them a question, without knowing one thing about them but the color of their skin, and where I’m from that’s bullshit. You have to commit more of an infraction than just the pigment of your skin to extract my contempt. For crying out loud in America there are still exclusive county clubs and society sets that won’t allow black to be members right here in 2008! Does that shit make sense, I’m talking about blacks with college degrees, with financial and social status, even more so than a lot of their white members, but they’re ousted for one reason and one reason only….the color of their skin. To me that shit is evil, and it’s WRONG! Myself and my wife teach our children love, tolerance, and peace, it doesn’t matter what skin you’re in, if someone shows you love and is good to you, you do the same. In much of white America this isn’t how they raise their young, they rear them to believe just because they have pale skin and blue eyes, that they’re superior by birthright, and that anyone who isn’t just like them is inferior and shouldn’t be trusted or befriended, and is beneath them. To me that tantamount to child abuse, and is evil and wrong. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t ALL white people in America, but it’s enough of them to keep America from being that beautiful melting pot that it was intended. With all the cultures and races that make up America it should be a beautiful utopia of enrichment flourishing and prospering with things anew from all that could come together and intertwine, but somehow there is a sinister evil ideology in your country that just won’t let that come about. I guess the best you can do is start with you and your house, and try to be part of the solution, but by all means if you’re not going to be part of the solution then please don’t be part of the problem.

  28. leevland

    @ Enus McScrewyou – Oh, and for the record, I know this is hard to believe being a career musician, but while I have watched sunsets on beaches in Africa, amongst many other places, I’ve never smoked pot or indulged in any illicit drug, or even as much as drank a beer or any alcoholic beverage. I was reared to believe that my body is truly a temple, and unlike my home, servants can’t keep that clean, only I can do that being not only of clean mind and heart but body as well. And yes……God Bless America, and the rest of his Earth.

  29. Enus McScrewyou

    Well, the root of any prejudice is based on experience and observation. I don’t blame someone for locking their car doors when a black man walks up to them on a dark street, because based on statistics there is a much higher chance that he is going to rob you than a little old lady, or even a white male for that matter. While that chance may be slim, it is simply a matter of risk-avoidance. The same logic goes for many other “prejudices” about blacks, or any other person for that matter. To ask people to simply ignore such intuitions is like asking them to ignore dark clouds as a sign of rain.

    As for exclusive country clubs, if that is your biggest grievance with America, then that is pretty lame. In America we have such things called “civil liberties”, one of which is freedom of association. If a bunch of old white guys want to play golf without women and blacks around, I couldn’t care less, just don’t expect any public funds to support it. If you have a problem with it, go start your own country club. The fact is most people like to be around other people of the same kind. Again, this is human nature and you can’t do anything about it, nor is it your place to try. The best you can do is make sure that all are equal in the eyes of government. This country has gone to great lengths to accomplish this goal, and there is ample evidence that many policies today now favor minorities over others. While many argue that this is to make up for past injustice, it is simply creating a new injustice.

    Your idea of a “beautiful utopia of enrichment flourishing and prospering with things anew from all that could come together and intertwine” is simply your idea of America, to which you are entitled. However, you should learn to respect other people’s idea of America as well, so long as it does not violate the law. Just because you wouldn’t chose to live your life a certain way, doesn’t mean that it is wrong. It is simply different, and that is what freedom is all about. You have every right to say and think what you believe, but when you take the next step of forcing your beliefs on others then you cross line in to totalitarianism. I’m not going to say that America is perfect, but is a pretty nice place to live, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  30. leevland

    @ 129 Enus McScrewyou – Again my friend, what you said just solidify my point. Now take the fact if you like to play by the “statistics” most of the serial rapist and murders in American history have been white males, but somehow everyone can still feel a lot safer and just their guard down around him for nothing more than the fact that he’s blonde, blue eyed, and white. This is exactly what such a criminal element prey upon. I met a girl in America that made a living (and quite a nice one) being a thief, and you know what she told me, she can get away with stealing so much because when she goes “to work” everyone in the store is so busy following a the black person that eventually goes to the counter and pay for their goods, that they aren’t watching a cute little white girl who just looks as innocent as a dove. I haven’t seen her in years but, she had been doing it for quite a few years and as I said she was making quite a living at it, even had an eBay store set up selling her stolen products. And when you say “their kind” what that mean to Americans is the same color simple and plain, nothing more. Elsewhere in the world when people say they’re more comfortable around “their own kind” they mean someone with the mindset, outlook, and values. It have nothing to do with color. You’re correct, it’s everyone’s God given freedom to be as ignorant as they choose to be. It’s my opinion, but to me that’s just really twisted. And it’s the one’s with that narrow mindset that I kinda feel sorry for, cause they’re the one’s missing out on so much. Plus I’d rather live and experience things, I don’t know how much I trust white statisticians keeping statistics on blacks and other races of color. I’ve been all around the world and have met people of many cultures and colors around the rainbow, some good, some bad. It take a person as an individual, but guess in American when you’re color blind your deemed naive. But I know that there are good spirited, good natured, color blind people in America, black, white, and otherwise who are full of life and joy because they don’t carry that weight of prejudice and stereotypical distrust on their minds and hearts. You’re a good person to love your country as I do mine, and we’ve got this in common as well, you said that you know America isn’t perfect and not without it’s flaws, and wouldn’t trade it for anything. The same goes for my home. But I just hope Americans wise up, and come to some simple realizations that by now shouldn’t even be issues anymore, cause the price that America as a society may have to pay for such insolence, just may be too great. Good luck and God Bless.

  31. Pixie

    I’m surprised that everyone is taking this as a racial issue. I think this incident with Snipes shows how hypocritical the American government really is. Why is it that Individual tax payers should always pay their dues when the government turns a blind eye to corporate fraud which deprives our country of BILLIONS of dollars each year? High gas prices, housing crisis, it’s all good — the people in charge of these criminal economic policies go on to write books and soak up the money from their paid public speeches, meanwhile the right wing keeps the public distracted by wedge issues (race, gay marriage, religion) to keep us nipping at each other and to further cement our decline as a society while they laugh it up all the way to the bank. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. People should be held accountable for their actions whether it be an individual who breaks the law, a corporation, OR an administration.

  32. Vote Republican

    For a strong America that will not include the left. We will imprison them. To keep this proud country free. We will keep our liberty by depriving theirs. We will keep Israel safe and that is very important to us in small towns throughout this vast land. Just knowing that all the countries in the vast Arab world are helpless against the Iraeli juggernaugt is the most important component of a healthy American economy. It really isn’t about the children or helping the sick and the elderly and the downtrodden.
    We need to take out Syria, Iran, finish off Lebanon and the rest of those towel heads. To keep America safe and the chosen ones almighty to keep their covenant with the Lord. Their God. The on that chose them.
    Take what is theirs and make it ours.
    Keep our corporations global.
    Farm out our work so our workers have no work.
    Hell what do we need jobs for? We’re all so rich over here!

    It’s a new Morning in America.
    Run up the deficit some more. Tomorrows losers can pay for it.
    Why do people need to retire. There is plenty of work for people in their mid-sixties. They are living too long anyway.
    Glory to the Empire.

  33. HungLo

    #132 – Spoken like a true fascist. Hail the new Nazis… the Republican Party!!

  34. The IRS should be the real issue here.
    Who sold who and when does not matter at this point.
    Every didshit here sells them self daily to the highest bidder just to live.
    The real word is lets kick the IRS to curb and get a system in place thats fair to everyone who works and pays.
    The taxman has always had the ability to bring out the worst in all people since the beginning….

  35. Lyn

    Snipes should’ve gotten at least 8 years. He was definitely part of a conspiracy to evade taxes. The IRS in the last few years has switched from going after big business to going after individuals. A lot of people don’t think that’s fair. Snipes was a big wealthy celebrity, though, and there’s no excuse for what he did. He knew he was breaking the law, and he got caught.

  36. CS

    Have any of you seen Undisputed? Wesley Snipes is gonna be fine. He kicked Ving Rames ass!

  37. Poor Wesley, lol. According to my fellow Highbrid Nation blogger Juan, Wesley cut 15 million dollars in checks hoping to get a little mercy from the court but got nothing but the book thrown at him. Guess we won’t be seeing a Blade 4 anytime soon. Though I feel bad that his sentence was so harsh, I also feel like if I have to pay taxes then so does he.

  38. HungLo

    To: #131 & #134

    You are so right, everyone is here with all this black and white shit, when the color that has us all in turmoil, pointing fingers, and placing blame is GREEN! There are just a few greedy, miserly, evil fucks atop of everybody even the government with strings attached to all of us controlling us like the puppets we’re all being with all this petty ass bickering. It’s time to come together as human beings and Americans, and to start seeking knowledge and learn the truth and clip the strings that control us and the chains that bind us. It doesn’t matter what race, color, or creed you are in the country if you’re not in the billionaire club your still a fucking slave…. believe that shit!! If anyone is interested take a look at this and deal with the facts….. and ask yourself “What am I prepared to do?”

  39. HungLo

    Oh and one more note, it was because of a racist fuck like Woodrow Wilson being president that allowed this to happen. He was so caught up in keeping a foot on the neck of the black man, that shit happened right under redneck, blue nose, and white sheet that he couldn’t even reverse. This is why we need to boot the bullshit racism and hatred and come together. The “United States” need to truly UNITE otherwise there really will be hell to pay if we stay on our course of insolence.

  40. Liberty Belle


    Wow! everyone here talking about he broke the LAW and he deserves to go to jail, and blah blah blah…. Can they say what law he broke? That’s where from local pee-on cops to the government have us over a barrel. No one really knows THE LAW! Wesley Snipes had to have a real shit attorney to even get a single day in jail. I would’ve take half of what he paid whatever shake leg shyster he hired and with no law degree would’ve got him off scott free! People read my lips (my words since this is a blog) THERE IS NO LAW THAT BINDS US TO PAY ANY INCOME TAX ON OUR LABOR…..PERIOD!!! You are all being a bunch of mindless fucking lemmings. WAKE UP AND WISE UP!!!

  41. wraith808

    I think it’s really f’d up for a person to be sentenced as an ‘example’. Justice should be blind- not to set an example to others. But then again, our legal system isn’t about the blind lady, is it?


  43. amen ra

    @140 Correct…

    Look at all the Americans arguing over someone they don’t even know lol. You think you know the whole story. You know nothing. The Illuminati wants all of Wes’s money because he’s a non Nazi with gobs of money. The Illuminati want everyone’s money. Now is the age where the elitists are taking everything they can and are close to enslaving everyone white, black, yellow or red.

    You know why America is the first to go down? Because you’re the easiest to divide. No unity, no harmonious culture, no respect for each other etc. But don’t feel too guilty because it’s not all your fault. Your own media creates these conditions and and feelings you have towards each other. You are being led like sheep to slaughter.

    Soon there will be no USA, Canada and Mexico too. It will be the North American Union and you’ll be earning Ameros. Just like Europeans were led into the EU with no choice.

    Snipes is a perfect example of how a single hard working talented man is fucked by the Illuminati. He’s got a hot Korean wife and 2 kids. Such a shame. Shame on you America.

    If it wasn’t for New York or nice places like San Fran there would be no reason to even visit the US. The US sucks. It’s a hole. LA is the worst. Too bad most people around the world think that America is the “cool” America they see in the movies. That’s why Hollywood is the most important industry to the US govt. Keeps up that great image PLUS they get to throw in the images of the minority criminals at the same time.

    Did you know that many Americans travel the world wearing Canadian baseball caps, t-shirts, backpacks etc?

    What a joke.

  44. HungLo


    You’re so right, you have so many dumb asses caught up some so insignificant as skin pigment, that they’re being too fucking stupid to realize that they’re being enslaved too. The reason they’re fighting so hard against a candidate like Barrack Obama is because he wants to give the power back to the people. “The Bill Of Rights” doesn’t say “We The Government” and our subjects the people. It says “WE THE PEOPLE” This fucktard moron Bush has done everything to make himself and his cohorts wealthy billionaires while taking all rights away from the American people, and subverting the constitution, and if this push to eradicate the borders of Mexico and Canada moves forward The Bill Of Rights won’t be worth the paper it’s written on. In fact those words actually came out of George W. Bush’s mouth; “The Constitution Is Just A God damn Piece Of Paper!” I wonder how the fucking idiots that were duped into voting for him feel now.

  45. Jim

    So much hate. This is why I’m pretty sure whitey will vote McCain when they’re alone in the voting booth. True dat! Maybe in 2016.

  46. KAMAAU



  47. DOG MAN


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  49. Wesley Snipes gets 3 years in prison

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