Wesley Snipes gets 3 years in prison

April 25th, 2008 // 153 Comments

Wesley Snipes pretty much decided in 1999 that he’s not going to pay taxes anymore. Considering he was, at the time not so much now, a major movie star the government kind of noticed that he wasn’t paying them a nice chunk of change. Eight years later, hello, welcome to your three prison sentence. Though some are actually calling the trial a victory for Wesley Snipes because he ducked five of the eight charges including felony tax fraud and conspiracy. Wesley, however, made a last minute move to appease the government by cutting them a check for $5 million. It, uh, didn’t work. The AP reports:

So taken aback were prosecutors that they first declined the cash. But by the end of the day, the government took the money and more — a maximum three-year sentence for its highest-profile criminal tax target in decades.
“The sentencing court sends the right message to the American taxpayer — you’ve got to pay your taxes,” U.S. Attorney Robert O’Neill told reporters outside the usually quiet central Florida courthouse. “Rich, poor, it doesn’t matter. We all pay our taxes.”

Even stranger is the fact that, afterwards, Wesley Snipes was actually smiling outside the courthouse and flashing the peace sign. Somebody needs to explain to Blade that he’s going to jail where his fellow inmates will pretend his ass is a vampire and you guys can do the math on what they’ll use for a wooden stake. Answer key at the bottom. Please show your work.

Answer Key: X = The square root of a whole lotta butt sex.

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  1. mamadough

    im not going to deny that the white race has sucked balls since the beginning of time (specifically the british), but im sick and tired of any minority using the “well it’s because they’re black/indian/asian/mexican” etc.

    instead of using their Goddamn brains and realizing that regardless of race, that person committed a crime and must be prosecuted for it. oh no! couldn’t be because of the crime….but because they are black! must support that criminal no matter what!

    Free O.J. because he’s black….even though he stabbed two people to death.
    Free Michael Jackson because he’s black (sorta)…..even though he was molesting children.
    Free R. Kelly because he’s black….even though he peed all over a minor.
    Free Wesley Snipes because he’s black…..even though he evaded taxes and hid from the government.

    God, i’m going to start picketing for unfair racial treatment every time a white person is arrested…and how the hell would that be any different?

  2. kat

    #37…..um…did i say that the illegals were the only ones??? NO. read my post, sweetheart.

    as far as reparations for blacks. get over it. jesus! it was 250 years ago. get off your fat ass, quit using drugs, learn how to speak proper english, pull your pants up, take out your cornrows, and get a real job. earn your own money like the rest of us do.

    #45 – you took the words right out of my mouth.

  3. HungLo

    #39. duddette – You’ve got it wrong at least about me, he broke the law he should take his punishment. Don’t get me wrong there are whites who did their time for the crime too such as Martha Stewart and Leona Helmsley. But let’s be real how many white men in corporate America is getting away with not only evading their share of taxes, but numerous other felonies such as bribery, kidnap, murder, racketeering, and the list goes on. None of these CEO’s are brought up on a single charge ( http://karim.gnn.tv/blogs/11333/Report_The_14_Most_Evil_Corporations ) . What’s being said is that the playing field is far from level.

    #40. coffeebean – You’re just a stupid fucktarded moron. It isn’t just slavery, we’re talking about shit not even 40 years ago. Picture this; someone could just bust in your house kidnap your father, hang him, burn his body and parade it through town and not as much as one person goes to jail or is even brought up on a single charge…. could you “just let it go”. Some things are very easy to say when it’s not you or yours going through it. It’s easy to sit under a warm cozy roof looking out a window and say “those people should get out of that storm” not knowing if they were not only left out in the storm but threw out in it. So before you navigate someone’s path, ride shotgun first.

  4. Silly crackas! Most of you white people live no where near any black people, and wouldn’t be able to indentify one if it stole your purse or jacked your car.

  5. Conscience_Found

    how is it racist that blacks are 14% of the population but 75% of the prison poulation. It tells me…uh… they are committing the crimes, maybe?

    How about coming up with a culture that glorifies something other than sneakers / clothes you can’t afford and guns?

    Just calling balls and strikes here

  6. HungLo

    @ #45 Anal Fistula – It doesn’t shock me that a racist prick like you would want to deny that it all ever happened, just like those uneducated fucktarded Neo Nazis now trying to deny the Holocaust ever happened.

    As far as your comparison of the plight of blacks to what happened to the Japanese being put in internment camps just further solidify your stupidity and ignorance. I didn’t see one Japanese American citizen murdered, lynched, or burned. There is no record of their houses, churches, hospitals, stores, and communities being totally destroyed. You can sit there and deny that water is wet but if you jump your ass in a swimming pool you’ll find out different. I’m sure you aren’t the only one who want to deny the atrocities of depraved whites, there are many who’d like to sweep it under the rug and forget it. One thing about evil, it lasts a long time and does haunt, and the only way to put evil asunder is with good and righteousness. People with your mindset just aren’t willing to do that.

  7. New Orleans

    You talk this shit about how we should forget slavery when the Jews don’t forget the Holocaust. Should we forget New Orleans now and how the President and the whole US abandoned us?

  8. miso soup

    This has nothing to do with being black you stupid ‘tards. Man, no wonder the rest of the world thinks America is full of paint-eating Neanderthals. Look, the guy didn’t pay millions of dollars in taxes for YEARS. He needs to go to prison. Black or white, that’s a stupid thing to do.

    As for Snipes in jail; the guy is a serious badass, I’m sure he will be fine. He’s been in one form of martial arts or another since he was 12.

  9. Angry Taxpayer

    Great, now us taxpayers will have to pay for Snipe’s jail time. Sure, he broke the law and that can’t go unnoticed, but why not have him on house arrest where he foots the bill? I’m sick and tired of my tax dollars going toward locking up non-violent offenders.

  10. Scrum

    I wonder if he’ll look this cocky when he’s getting ass raped in the laundry room by twelve angry white supremacists.

  11. Veenus

    #40. Slavery was still going on in the 1960′s. They just did not call it slavery. My parents got married in the 1961. My Dad is Black and my Mom is white. In the State of Colorado, people were allowed to deny couples marriage based on the color of their skin. My parents had to get married at the justice of the peace. Slavery was offically abolished July 1, 1928.

    Did Slavery end in 1865 as your history books told you?

    Many have argued that this date is not accurate, because the South managed by various legal means to keep many blacks in a state that, except for the name, was slavery. Chief among these were the system of “peonage” (debt-slavery) and the “convict lease system”, both of which persisted until the early 20th century.

    Under the convict lease system, blacks might be arrested for petty (or even trumped up) charges, given very long sentences, then brutally worked by the state (think of the famous/infamous chain gangs) or leased out to farms or businesses. The system was frequently criticized, but only began to be dismantled during “the Progressive era”. The last state to end this practice (also the first to use it, beginning in 1846) was Alabama. The legislature mandated that it end on June 30, 1928.

    Hence, according to some reckonings, the date at which slavery was finally legally abolished was:
    July 1, 1928.

  12. 23apples

    Okay, I think I’ve got it, U.S. government — rich or poor, you’ve gotta pay up when it’s tax time. On the other hand, if you’re rich, you get off easy with little to no jail time for a DUI. Money is the priority over reducing drunk drivers on the roads – got it!

  13. Classic line from OZ when Schilinger was bending over the Italian kid and applying machine grease to his exit hole:

    I wonder if my dick is a big as Ada Bisi’s..?

  14. Missystar

    Isn’t it odd how the feds will ALWAYS fuck you mercilessly for tax avoidance, but actual violent criminals–like that motherfucking demon spawn O.J. Simpson, for example–is walking around free.

  15. Nabisco the true clown sons of Satan

    Our day is comin baby. Next year we make these alabaster sissys face the music. Music with a beat as in “Beat Down”, yo.
    Then we see who laffin.

  16. coffeebean

    @61 When are the colored folk going to let the whole slavery thing go? It’s been what, 80 years now?

  17. Clem

    If he had a better defense he could have gotten away with it as income tax is purely foisted upon us by the Federal (ahem!) Reserve Bank. If they didn;t charge the gov. interest we wouldn;t haev to pay so much tax to pay back that interest.
    Too bad Wesley, I was rooting for you.

    @36 – WTF are you on about? Keep fearing ‘god’ and keep keeping yourself down. Try English next time too.

  18. Betty

    To sista girl!
    Just go to the welfare office you entitled worthless whiner!

  19. Betty

    Now lets get the other biggest US tax cheats, Dionne Warwick, Sinbad and OJ.
    Hey they are all black too!

  20. Sallie Mae

    Yeah black peple suck!
    All a bunch of criminals, even the wealthy ones like snipes.

  21. And there’s a party in the comments!

    @45. Anal Fistula
    “…yeah, who needs roads and fire departments anyway? pfft…”

    The income tax doesn’t go to paying “…roads and fire departments”.
    100% of it goes to pay *interest* on the money the FED prints.

    again, watch
    America: From Freedom to Fascism

  22. idiot smacker

    Here we go with the racist comments “my man did nothing wrong, it’s all the white people’s fault! ” Always so ignorant. It’s okay when YOU make racist comments. GET OVER IT! No one in this generation is responsible for anything anymore so quit your whining and complaining and stop making excuses for all of your huge f****ups and make this world a better place instead of pointing fingers! This guy screwed up because HE DIDN’T PAY HIS TAXES!!!! RACE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT BUT YOU BLACK FOLK ALWAYS HAVE TO THROW THAT SHIT IN THERE!


  23. Barak Hussein oBama.

    Slavery was THE BEST thing to happen to Africans.
    Firs of all it was the blacks in Africa that captured the slaves (as they do now) slavery is rampant in Africa and whites have nothing to do with it.

    As a result of slavery African Americans get to live in the greatest country in the world.
    Without slavery blacks would still live in places like, the Congo, Mozambique and sudan where if you are lucky you make 2 dollars a month and live to a ripe old age of thirty before dying of Aids, yellow fever, malaria or ebola.
    You can all go back there if you like!
    Or stay and be our bitches! Since you cant take care of yourselves.

  24. hey Monty

    Yeah Bro it is some scary fucking shit we are going through and I don’t think we are gonna come out the other side…free. We are doomed.
    They have planned this for a long time and are wonderful chess players. Just don’t tell the half of us that are Republican. They think it is all in their best interests. Of course the Dems are stupid as well and I am not sure if many of them really know what is going to happen either.
    But hey, at least the terrorists and bogeymen won’t get us. Just Uncle Sam.

  25. Guys, guys…
    I don’t think this should be a racial issue, the American government doesn’t discriminate… it hates each and every American citizen the same amount!

    The main point is, they’re enforcing an illegal tax (the income tax) on people by intimidation and making examples of people who try to stand up to “the man”.



  26. coffeebean

    If Obama wins will Uncle Sam have his name changed to Uncle Sambo?

  27. JohnnE

    Obama will not win. He’s an ex Muslim there is no way the REAL powers that be will let a Muslim past or present be president.

  28. HungLo

    #75 Monty – You’re right, when it comes to money, whites, blacks, latinos, asians, and all who make up America are fucked over equally.

    #76 coffeebean – You’re just a stupid fucktard.

    #77 JohnnE – Where are your facts? Just like the Clinton and McCain camps, you’re accusations are bogus and unfounded. Plus I really wouldn’t give a shit if he was. Did Bush being a Christian (allegedly) stop him from sending America down the toilet?

  29. gotmilk?

    sorry, 50, speak for yourself. I have NOTHING to do with slaver and no one else alive now does. so how is it that I, or anyone else alive now, owe black people who are alive now, who were not enslaved, anything??

  30. sameshitdifferentyear

    Isn’t he doing 3 full years imprisonment for a just couple of misdemeanors?

    Fucking lot of time for the equivalent of throwing some bubblegum wrappers out of a car window and spitting on the sidewalk.

    Guess some cunts had him in their crosshairs. Blade 3 stunk.

  31. leevland

    Tsk…tsk… Look at you pathetic Americans, no wonder you’re so easy to attack and conquer. You don’t thin the rest of the world have figured it out. You lame fucks can’t even come together as “Americans” No love, no peace, no camaraderie, you stupid twits let something as meager as the pigment of skin totally divide what should be a beautiful nation. No wonder China has surpassed you, and Russia is on it’s way back. Black, white, or whatever….. The (un)United States Of America is shit and it’s people like a lot of the stupid fucks that I see here that make up your nation. For your sake I hope what I see here is a small minority that represents the American mindset.

  32. Death and Taxes

    What a stupid, cheap bastard. Why do all black people think that they can get everything free from the U.S. government. He should have gotten 20 years! Three years is a joke.

  33. Wright.

    57–New Orleans.
    So in your mind a natural disaster where 1,836 people, who were all told to evacuate, died is the moral equivalent of slavery or the holocaust.

    Veenus- good post, the convict lease was deplorable and did happen but only in a couple southern states, and mostly by one or two absentee business owners from England. Their bricks built Atlanta. Thats History.

  34. What's Up Doc

    I want the Burberry Scarf that the ugly, fat white dude behind him is wearing.

    #81 – You’re a dumb fuck – He He He!

  35. ToTellTheTruth

    I feel sorry for him a little, but he knew he hadn’t paid his taxes and it wasn’t like he didn’t have the money to pay them….

  36. Border Patrol

    I bet he spent all the money that he was supposed to pay for taxes on booze and whores like all of our illegals do.

  37. deacon jones

    They wouldnt touch him, blacks are smelly

  38. dudette

    Sounds good to me #57. Especially if you have that reasoning, I’m totally willing to forget New Orleans.

  39. LOL

    It’s funny how we can’t read a single article about a black person on this site without all the lame, insecure white faggots creeping out of the woodworks to spout their corny lines. LMAO at the corny-ass impersonations. Dumb lame wimps

  40. White Devils

    Did you white folk help us out after Katrina? No. You left us to die and hoped as many would die as possible. Admit it. And then we lose our homes where we and our families were born and then because we were poor somehow our humanity was questioned.
    I guess you really think we are apes after all.

  41. gigi

    good god! he couldn’t afford a frigging tube of chapstick?!?! what the hell… and #87, your comment, I assume, is to see how many people will react to it….. but I’m curious, what exactly do your blacks smell like? my blacks smell great- fresh– acqua di gio, hermes, sandlewood… maybe you need some new blacks

  42. Builders of Pyramids, Singers of Song, First People, of God

    After all we have GIVEN you. This is the thanks. You have stolen everything you have from us. WE invented EVERYTHING. And YOU take ALL the credit. Shame on you little white folk.

  43. @81 Eurofags in glass houses should not throw stones.. Don’t give me that crap that “You lame fucks can’t even come together as “Americans” “. That statement is absolute shit, you hypocrite. Brits are just lovely to the Pakistanis. German skinheads are the most gracious hosts to central African. No one beats the French for courtesy when it comes to Algerians. Just shut the fuck up dumbass.

  44. Wright.

    #90 White devils

    We did help you! Why cant you help yourselves. We gave you money for food and you bought Night Train, and malt liquor! We gave you MRE’s and you sold them on eBay.

    Katrina was a natural disaster and if you had not stayed to loot, steal and pillage after you were told to leave, you wouldn’t have drowned! or had to be rescued from the tops of your shanties costing us honest taxpayers tens of billions of dollars!

    Get a job tobey!!!

  45. Reverend Wright.




  46. Tejus

    What’s with all the black/white hate? I’m Indian, where’s the hatred for us? We ARE stealing all your jobs. I feel like I’m not getting enough attention here.

  47. coffeebean

    @96 Indian like rag-head or indian like Tonto?

  48. George Bush

    #96 Tejus-

    We love Curry!

    Also Indian immigrants have been invited because they are smart, motivated, creative, hard working and self-sufficient, (not on the dole). Indians understand personal responsibility.

    That whole cow worship thing is pretty fucked up though!
    Hows that!

  49. dew

    @New Orleans

    I do not think what happened to your city was based off racism as far as the federal govt goes. I think the only politician dumber than Bush is your mayor Nagin. Look at that pic with all the flooded buses; I wonder if there were any more bus yards full of now-useless buses that could have been used to evacuate people without transportation.

    And then there’s the moron Brownie, posing for photos and eating fancy luncheons while none of his people could find him (how is that possible in the day of cellphones?), and all those gunshots that prevented real help from coming in.

    And speaking of the gunshots, I do believe there was racism as far as many New Orleans not being able to evacuate northwards to Graetna, when the Graetna police fired over the heads of the people trying to evacuate on foot on the freeway. It’s their friggin fault they closed off New Orleans to help from non-military groups.

    So while I do believe racism did factor into how botched up getting help to your city, I believe that it started from the Graetna politicians, not Bush. It didn’t help much that incompetent Brownie was given that position as an connected friend either.

    To sum things up: I think things would have gone much smoother if Nagin had used everything at his disposal to evacuate more people, someone with a brain would have been running things instead of Brownie, and your racist neighbors wouldn’t have shot at people trying to evacuate, causing the entire city to go under marshal law.

    So, tell me if you’re still living rent-free singing the Katrina song? I’ve met plenty that don’t; they were on the ball and once they caught up on food and water, and found their families, they looked for jobs, and I know plenty that found them. But then again, there’s the others that whine, or threaten local violence if their 2 year run on free rent is threatened.

  50. dew

    Hmm, make that almost 3 years, duh.

    And Graetna: YOU SUCK!

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