Bunk From ‘The Wire’ Allegedly Attacked A Bernie Sanders Supporter

“Hey! Hey, dude from The Wire! Sheeeeeeeeit.”
“That was the other black guy.”

So remember that episode of The Wire where it was McNulty’s turn to haul Bunk’s drunk ass out of some chick’s house because he kept lighting his clothes on fire so his wife wouldn’t smell pussy on him? Well, this is kind of like that only way more boring and with the dramatic gravitas of a Facebook meme. Ha, made you click! TMZ reports:

“The Wire” star Wendell Pierce was arrested Saturday after allegedly physically assaulting a woman supporting Bernie Sanders.
Sources at the Loews Hotel in Atlanta tell us the actor struck up a convo with the woman and her boyfriend at around 3:30 AM. The talk turned political and Wendell — a big Hillary Clinton supporter — got upset when the woman declared her support for Bernie.
We’re told Wendell — who played Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in the HBO drama, “Confirmation” — became enraged, pushed the boyfriend and then went after his girlfriend … grabbing her hair and smacking her in the head.

Granted, Bernie Sanders supporters have essentially become the left’s version of Trump voters, you’re not going to win any arguments by beating the shit out of an entire couple of them. Not that civil discourse would’ve worked either, but that’s how our forefathers settled things. — Shot each other with pistols? Almost all the time? Cool, so we were fucked from the jump. Awesome, great.

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