Bunk From ‘The Wire’ Claims Bernie Sander Fans Tried To Kidnap Him

When news broke that Wendell Pierce allegedly attacked a couple for supporting Bernie Sanders, the most telling piece of information was that it took place at 3:30 in the morning on a Saturday. (Read: Drunk. Everybody was drunk.) Which is why Photo Boy’s first reaction was “threeway gone bad,” and it’s starting to sound a hell of a like that. TMZ reports:

Pierce’s side of the story is he followed the Bernie fan and her friends to their room as they argued about Clinton and Sanders — but stayed outside the room. He claims they tried to pull him into the room … as he tried to run away.
The alleged victim has a more brutal memory of what happened. She says when Pierce followed, he stuck his arm in the door and tried to enter her hotel room. She claims when they tried to push him out, Pierce grabbed her hoodie and ripped it so hard it came off.

So basically a bunch of drunk assholes were yelling at each other like drunk assholes, then started shit like drunk assholes, and then somebody got arrested for being a drunk asshole. All is right in the world. And if you’re wondering why I even bothered to update this story in an effort to question the existing narrative, Hillary Clinton is hovering a high heel over my comic books and it’s as unnerving as it is erotic. It’s like I want a stilleto-sized hole in Captain America’s face, but at the same time, I’ll have 18 heart attacks if there’s even a slight tear.

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