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Starring STEPHEN STUCKER as JOHNNY. “Muahahahahaha!”

Alright, folks, I’m not going to pussyfoot around this one: Photo Boy’s on vacation until Saturday – *curls up in fetal position, sucks thumb for five hours, returns* – and I’m still deeply embroiled in a shitty, shit-shit family situation, so posts might be a tad scattered this week. Or they might not, but just in case, I felt it my duty to inform you I’m self-medicating – *pours anti-freeze into coffee, sips* Santa Maria! – and I may not get to be my usual anal retentive self regarding site functions, so hope you like spam! On that note, Most Important People, and possibly even Crap We Missed, are probably going to be the first ones shoved out of the plane and told to flap like a butterfly.

Whiningly bitchingly yours,

- The Superficial

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