Weekend Box Office

20050124yet.jpg1. Are We There Yet? — $18.5 million ($18.5)
Seriously? Are we being serious here?

2. Coach Carter — $11 million ($43.2)
This looks like the most boring movie in the world but I guess people enjoy that kind of stuff. “Playing basketball will save your life!” Indeed.

3. Meet the Fockers — $10.2 million ($248)
Ben Stiller is the funniest human being on the planet. I mean next to Will Ferrell and all.

4. In Good Company — $8.5 million ($28)
Why haven’t I watched this yet? It looks interesting.

5. Racing Stripes — $7.06 million ($27.3)
Somebody needs to take Frankie Muniz out back and kick him in the nuts for me. He’s probably the most annoying child actor alive right now.