We all fall down

Anna_Wintour_Falls.jpgFrom time to time, it’s reassuring to know that even celebrities embarrass themselves by doing dumbass things that we plebes do everyday: falling down, making sex tapes, going on trial for child molestation, murdering hobos. Recently, it’s been the not-so-nimble who have been making their way into the headlines, like the Prada-clad Devil, Anna Wintour (right). She committed two faux pas at the US Open when she fell from her chair for no apparent reason, and then devoured the girl behind her whole for daring to gasp in her direction.

Then there’s Alicia Silverstone, who drunkenly tumbled out of the GQ Men of the Year Awards party at London’s Royal Opera House. An onlooker tells Female First UK:

“She really let her hair down at the party. But when she left the venue she tripped over and fell in a heap.”

And so, because there are few things as funny and fulfilling as celebrity Schadenfreude (except maybe big, complicated German words), I give you Miss Alicia Silverstone:

[Image: Getty Images]