Watch Justin Bieber Hit A Paparazzo With A Money Truck

Last night Justin Bieber (sort of) ran over one of the paparazzi while leaving The Church of Pac Sun or whatever kind of crystal-powered jesus religion he’s obsessed with. In JB’s defense, the guy who got hit basically threw himself underneath the wheel well of his jacked-up Dodge Ram while dozens of photographers barraged the driver with flashbulbs. I think it was a flop, but that’s just me… and everyone else who watches the video. From PageSix:

The pop star was in front of the Saban Theater when his truck came into contact with the pedestrian at around 9:30 Los Angeles time, according to the Beverly Hills Police Department.

The 57-year-old photographer was transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Bieber remained at the scene until the investigation concluded.

Just because he ‘remained on the scene’ doesn’t mean that the Beebs is off the hook for being a little shit. Prior to nudging this photographer to the brink of slight pain, Beebs was filmed being his usual, whiny, “get away from my ice cream” self. It wasn’t until after he idled his truck into the photographer that he reverted back to Canadian Bacon Bieber, everybody’s best hockey buddy, to give ‘good guy’ evidence for his inevitable lawsuit.