Watch Britney Spears Sing for Her Supper

Every year around the holidays, Britney Spears’ handlers make her do her Christmas rituals to appease the board of trustees that dictate her every move. Over the weekend they made her stand in the foyer of her giant house and gasp her way though Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” which is technically not a Christmas song but fuck it, nothing matters. She’s also wearing that same dress her daddy picked out for her 8th grade dance because that’s daddy’s favorite…

WARNING: The cinematographer just figured out that you can walk while filming on your camera phone.

According to Britney’s caption, this was in response to Madonna posting a video of her covering “Toxic” through an infrared camera. She was so moved by Madonna singing her song that she decided to just sing Elvis because, like I mentioned before, nothing matters anymore.

One has to wonder if they make her do this every time someone shows up at the door…

**doorbell rings**

“Britney! Somebody’s here! Get on your mark and start singin’ or you’re gettin the hook stick again!”

**Britney starts making squeaky toy sounds with her mouth**

“Hey Jamie, just returning that leaf blower you let me borr- oh, hey you don’t need to sing, Brit I’m just dropping this off real quick.”

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