Virginia Madsen upset over Lindsay Lohan questions

*lindsay_lohan_thumb6.jpgSideways star Virginia Madsen, having befriended Lindsay Lohan on the set of the new Robert Altman film A Prairie Home Companion, has come out in defense of the teenager, insisting she has to answer unsavory questions the media would never ask of boys. “(In) every interview I read, somebody was asking her about her weight and, ‘Do you throw up in the bathroom?’ I mean, no one asks teenage boys, ‘Do you have pubic hair yet? What size are your balls?’ Whereas they’ll ask a teenage girl, ‘Are you still a virgin?'”

Where is this woman from? Hell, when I was a teenager, people were always asking me about the size of my balls. I’d be like “hi” and they’d be like “Hi! So…how big are those balls of yours?” And I’d be like “Should we really be discussing this in church?” But the reason nobody asks these questions is that, unless you’re a reporter for Naked Boy Balls Weekly, the answers aren’t gonna sell a lot of magazines. That’s probably a good thing.