Vinnie Jones gets his ass kicked over X-Men 3

December 6th, 2008 // 45 Comments

Tough guy actor and former British soccer star Vinnie Jones (Snatch; Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) got the shit kicked out of him at a Sioux Falls, South Dakota bar after two guys recognized him only for his role as Juggernaut in X-Men 3. This infuriated the actor who was in Gone in Sixty Seconds, too, you guys. C’mon. The reports:

Juan Barrera, 24, said his roommates were playing pool when Jones approached and asked to play. He said Jesse Bickett, 24, of Montrose told Jones he’d have to wait.
That’s when one of Barrera’s roommates asked Jones whether he was “that guy from X-Men.”
“He got offended by that, and he started pushing my other friends around. He said he’s been in so many other movies or whatever,” Barrera said.
Barrera went to the restroom, so he didn’t see what happened next.
Sioux Falls Police Sgt. Tim Hagen said people were pushing and shoving when Jones charged at Bickett, who hit the actor in the face with a beer glass.
“He got the worst end of that deal,” Hagen said, examining a police photograph of Jones’ face.
“His whole face was covered in blood,” Barrera said.
“I just walked out the restroom, didn’t say a word to him … and he struck me in the mouth.”
Barrera said he countered with one or two punches to Jones’ face, then knocked him to the floor before Wiley’s staff escorted Barrera outside.

In Vinnie Jones’ defense, X-Men 3 is a complete ass sandwich. So, technically, this is all Bryan Singer’s fault for letting Brett Ratner get his greasy mitts on the franchise. You just had to make your “Gay Superman” movie instead, didn’t you? And now look what happened: Vinnie Jones got made to look like a 15-year-old girl. For shame, Bryan Singer. For shame…

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  1. wuts-up-ur-hoo-ha

    xmen 1 was the best


    I prefer to refer to him as “the British guy” in Eurotrip….

  3. LargelyGay

    More posts about Heidi Montag plz.

  4. Yeah that xmen sucked,,,that was a 5ft tall Juggernaut!

  5. Me

    Anyone posting after Me sucks on Vinnie’s penis and swallows his British ale

  6. Stanky

    You say “Gay Superman” like it’s a bad thing, Fish. You voted for proposition 8 din’t you, you faggot hating bigot!

  7. Stanky

    Fish won’t be taking you up on that offer, Me. He doesn’t like poopydicked fags or sucking cock. What a diversity hater!

  8. Bob

    In “Not Another Not Another Movie”, due out in 2009, he plays the role of Nancy.

    I think he was just rehearsing while in the bar… wonder if he broke a nail or messed up his hair…

  9. Phil

    I forgot that Bryan Singer chose to do “Superman Returns” instead of “X-men 3.” I would have respected that choice if Superman wasn’t such a boring character.

  10. Gazzas_testicles

    The bloke’s a thug and it looks like the fates have finally caught up with him. Amen.

  11. palor

    i find it hard to believe no one said “im tha juggernaut, bitch!” during this whole event.

  12. spankiewenkie

    let’s not forget he was also in she’s the man..possibly one of the best movies ever to exist. ever.

  13. Tom

    This sounds like a bunch of local yokels lying their asses off.

    He said he’s ‘been in so many other things’?

    And the guy conveniently went to the bathroom when all of this happened.

    And of course he countered a few punches.


  14. Moethebartender

    Should’ve had his desert eagle 5.0

  15. Your Mom

    Singer’s take on Superman was horrid. X-Men 3 gets too much undeserved hate.

  16. Mary

    He was in that Amanda Bynes movie, too, “She’s the Man”. I love him.

  17. julie

    on a positive note, it’s the best damn thing that’s happened here in sioux falls south dakota since pat o’brien and mary hart. thanks for quoting the actual paper here rather than some random rag.

  18. Pathetic Worm

    Vinnie Jones = 1D thug.

  19. Juggernaut has a cockney accent.

  20. el ces

    The Juggarnaut started it?

    Just two jealous drunks…and they had to gang up on him.

    Some ppl need to grow a pair.

  21. F U

    What are you TALKING about. X3 was the best of the bunch.

  22. steve

    hahahahahahahaha eat shit

  23. Carter

    WHY WOULD ANYONE TAKE ON THE JUGGERNAUT/BULLET TOOTH TONY? He’s the baddest motherfucker this side of Bristol.

  24. woodhorse

    @17 hi home girl & Minnehaha Co. Don’t forget that other best thing some years ago when the first gay couple fought to go to prom there at Washington High. Except for those 2 guys, all the men in Sioux Falls are macho bad asses.

  25. justifiable

    Seriously, what 24 year old is doubly lame enough to have roommates and then goes to “the restroom” when the fun’s just getting started? I guess one who goes around saying “he struck me in the mouth”.
    Way to represent, JUAN.. Either learn to fight or learn to lie better than that.

  26. Amy

    15 & 21, X3 was not just the worst of the otherwise perfectly-tolerable franchise, or even at the bottom of the barrel of superhero flicks, it was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Ever. Only two movies I’ve considered walking out on were that and 300.

  27. dude

    Quote from X Men:

    “I’m the fucknut, bitch!”

  28. Ron Mexico

    Why the Hell was he in Sioux Falls anyway?

  29. Julie

    hunting, “allegedly” but they’re sketchy about that too. thanks for the props, wood. actually i am in lincoln co. it’s all the same really :P*

  30. Grant

    I second #28′s comment of “Why the hell was he in Sioux Falls?” If you’re A. British, and B. Moderately rich and famous, why would you go to a town thats main source of revenue comes from lousy strip malls? Seriously, I’ve never liked that town.

    That said, X-Men 3 was awful. I’ve read the comics and been a fan, and seriously, the animated cartoon series (The first one, on Fox, not the shitty one on the WB where they were in high school) was a million times better. They ruined the Phoenix saga and killed characters that it was senseless to kill.

    And Superman sucks balls. Seriously. He’s the lamest superhero ever. And Superman Returns was a shitty emo Superman movie. Ugh. Now I’m pissed.

  31. rob

    so some faget hit him in the face with a glass? sounds about right. i’m gonna guess vinnie could fuck up all 6 or however many of those homos argued with him, until of course they start bottling the guy.

    maybe vinnie was out of line but i’m absolutely certain that all of those pussies couldn’t take a single punch from him if they didn’t have glass in their hands. fucking losers.

  32. friendlyfires

    If you watch X-Men, and enjoy it immensely, hand over your testicles, you’re not fit to be men nor to reproduce at all. C’mon, step lively, hand ‘em over ladies, it’s not like you were ever gonna’ inseminate anything except the bathroom floor, a crumpled up Kleenex or your bedclothes.

  33. I wanna see it

    Where is a pic of his screwed up face?

  34. meh

    He should’ve said “don’t ya knowww who I m? I’m not the Juggernaut bitch!”

  35. Do not “forget” his balls, folks!!

  36. MrJolly

    Good, the tosspot finished Gary stevens football career with a horrific tackle in the 80′s that beggard belief. Hope he got a major slapping.

  37. Bob

    Haha, I guess he’s not so unbreakable now. But seriously he is a british actor in british movies and he’s upset about americans in south dakota not recognizing him? He should have just said he was clive owen!

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  39. Racer X

    Superman Returns/X-Men 3 = EPIC FAIL.

  40. B

    But but – he’s the juggernaut bitch!!

  41. facefacts911

    gay = not bad
    superman = not bad
    gay + superman = BAD!

  42. erik

    Considering X-Men 3 was a complete and utter piece of shit, I think he should be thankful anyone recognizes him from that film.

  43. rocko solido

    Found an extended statement from Juan Barrera;

    Barrera said he countered with one or two punches to Jones’ face, then knocked him to the floor before Wiley’s staff escorted Barrera outside.

    “Of course those homos couldn’t hold me back, brah. I chased Juggersnot out into the street and went Steven Seagal on him. There were karate chops to the throat and shit, then I finished him off with a little something I call the ‘Tornado Twister’ before he started crying,” said Barrera as the 24 year old wildly swung his “registered weapons” around in the air.

    Man, what a badass!

  44. All of Vinnies (and Guy Ritchies) movies are crap. Why get upset over any specific one?

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