Vinnie Jones’ bar combatant cleared of charges

The South Dakota man who put a beer bottle into Vinnie Jones’ face last week will not be facing criminal charges, according to TMZ:

Prosecutors have dismissed three counts of aggravated assault against 24-year-old Jesse Bickett, after he turned the actor’s face into a mangled mess of blood and glass last week.
Minnehaha County State’s attorney Dave Nelson said, “After we had an opportunity to review all the evidence, we thought that the incident with which Mr. Bickett was charged was a result of a mutual combat situation.”

Vinnie Jones also hasn’t been charged for the incident, but he did take some time last night to pose for the paparazzi and show off his scars. I love the sad puppy dog look he’s trying to pull off. Jesus Christ, man, show some balls. If I were you, I would’ve smashed another bottle in my face right in front of the paps. Then again, if it were me, I also would’ve asked them to shut off the cameras while I screamed like a little girl and fainted at the sight of blood. Because I’m hard, dammit!

Photos: Splash News