Vinnie Jones’ bar combatant cleared of charges

December 10th, 2008 // 45 Comments

The South Dakota man who put a beer bottle into Vinnie Jones’ face last week will not be facing criminal charges, according to TMZ:

Prosecutors have dismissed three counts of aggravated assault against 24-year-old Jesse Bickett, after he turned the actor’s face into a mangled mess of blood and glass last week.
Minnehaha County State’s attorney Dave Nelson said, “After we had an opportunity to review all the evidence, we thought that the incident with which Mr. Bickett was charged was a result of a mutual combat situation.”

Vinnie Jones also hasn’t been charged for the incident, but he did take some time last night to pose for the paparazzi and show off his scars. I love the sad puppy dog look he’s trying to pull off. Jesus Christ, man, show some balls. If I were you, I would’ve smashed another bottle in my face right in front of the paps. Then again, if it were me, I also would’ve asked them to shut off the cameras while I screamed like a little girl and fainted at the sight of blood. Because I’m hard, dammit!

Photos: Splash News

  1. Jesse


  2. Jesse


  3. Duke

    Someone should tell the Welsh soccer player that Montana ain’t Hollywood. Fucking with real cowboys and ranchers is a pretty good way to get your face mashed up.

  4. Oh please, those don’t even look like real stitches.

  5. havoc

    Dude got his ass handed to him….Montana style.


  6. Superpunx

    Guy, Lopez, Ugly Guy, Fugly Guy.

    Ok, that’ s it: I’m boycotting this page until I see boobies. Relevant, non-annoying boobies (No Lopez or beat-women from the Hills)

  7. Who is this douche bag?

  8. Richard McBeef

    I thought this happened in SoDak. What is up the Montana talk, cockfags?

  9. rumble grumble gurgle roar

    hahahahahah – you got beat up by a South Dakotan! loser! hahahahhahah.

    honestly, don’t mess with So Dak’s – we’re bad arse!

  10. Jrz

    Nice sutures, bitch.

    SoDak is no joke!

  11. scabbeus

    Ladies and gentlemen: the face of the ass-kicked!

    But, his surgeon does great work.

  12. ella

    who? wha? why is this story on the superficial?

  13. I hope it wasnt just a punk kid who rearranged vinnie’s face! or ill never watch his tough guy movies again!

  14. immune

    “do you wanna know how i got these scars? my father was a drinker…” ;-)

  15. Clem

    With those stiches in his head now I’m sure many other avenues will present themselves in which he can demonstrate his acting skills.
    Like X-Men 4, Snatch 2, Gone in 59 Seconds…

  16. LuLu

    #12–who? wha? why are YOU on the Superficial?

  17. Whoa! Got his left temporal artery. I bet he was bleeding like a stuck pig. Damn!

  18. Chauncey Gardner

    What a pussy. This guy probably expects people to cower in his presence because of the “tough” characters he plays, but there is a simple truth at work, here: Big, mean-looking guys can’t fight for shit, because they almost never have to actually have to fucking pay up. Between a big bully and a little scrapper, I’ll put my money on the scrapper any day, because they HAVE to fight.

  19. ummm...yeah

    Hahaha, I agree with #18, what a fuckin pussy! Hahaha, he got served!
    Goes to show you…just cause you “play” a badass, doesn’t mean you ARE one.

  20. axg

    The guy did use a beer glass, where vinnie was using his fists. Yeah it looks like he got his ass kicked, but he did end up fighting with two guys. Its nice to see that the law in South Dakota has some common sense, and understood this to be a bar fight and no charges will be made. I am sure a scumbag lawyer will find the kid and sue vinnie though. Showing up in that town and browbeating locals doesn’t seem like a good idea-(Can I get you a beer with that attitude, Mr. Celebrity? Would you like a pint or perhaps the “DWI special” mug implanted in your coconut?

  21. Chauncey Gardner

    I bet this guy is a closet queer. Why else would some big 40-ish English movie actor go into a bar in South Dakota and get all pissy when a bunch of 24-year-old cowboys reject his desire to play pool with them? That’s like the kind of shit Philip Seymour Hoffman’s “Linus queer” character in BOOGIE NIGHTS would want. It’s fucking sad.

  22. L_Dubba

    @ 3.

    That’s the truth. The 24 year old probably has been very physical and active since he was 8.

    The awesome Harley jacket is a good clue to his queerness.

  23. Deacon Jones

    Looks like one bad ass cracker to me.
    I think I will keep my dumb black ass right here.

  24. Bob

    Ok, wait… “Mutual Combat Situation” Since when did 2 wrongs make a right?

  25. Mitch

    This guy is nothing but a glorified extra – not even a real actor. He’s a little dickweed fuck jack and I’d like to pistol whip the other side of his face.

  26. havoc

    South Dakota / Montana….

    One of those Canadian hemorrhoids…..


  27. toolboy

    Fry it, Fight it, or Fuck it. Vinnie is lucky he only got the Fight it portion of the local mantra.

  28. Trail Boss

    He’s lucky he didn’t wind up buried with own his arms shoved up his ass in some prairie. Those Big Sky cowboys don’t fuck around.

  29. Sodak

    What??? Montana, well Sioux Falls is in South Dakota not Montana…. Look at a map this should help….

  30. 233232

    guess they ll have to re-cast JIGSAW for the next punisher movie!!!!!

  31. ella

    #16, you must be this guy because nobody cares about him but you. i’m on here to read stupid stories about celebrities. this ugly soccer guy isn’t a celebrity.

  32. wheezer

    hahaha look like his entire nose fell off and it had to be sewed back into place. He looks like Sally from Nightmare before Christmas

  33. I’m boycotting this site until the Fish stip deleting my racist comments.

  34. I’m boycotting this site until the Fish stops deleting my racist comments.

  35. lol @ you tards thinking it was in Montana.

  36. britney's weave

    that first pic is so pathetic i can’t help laughing my ass off.

  37. ford prefect

    Sore loser. Doesn’t like the thought of getting pwned by a redneck farm boy.

  38. it was………..HEINEKEN?

  39. English Bob

    Ha, It took 2 of your so called Cowboys with weapons to beat an old Englishman. God help the people of South Dakota (or whatever pissy little redneck place it was) if a real man turned up for a fight… With all your ”Yeh we kicked ass” bravado you guys really are a bunch of soft lads.

  40. Dal


    Wrong. He picked a fight with two of them and got a bottle bashed over his face after he sucker punched one who was on the way out of the bathroom.

    Hmm…European soccer players hitting people who aren’t ready for it. Why does that sound so familiar? OH YEAH Zinedine Zidane.

  41. so dakotan

    i love the perception that all south dakotans are “cowboys”.. . let it be a lesson to all. bar fights in so dak are a sport.

  42. SDGirl

    Awesome…. so many of you are ignorant.
    Sioux Falls is the biggest city in SD…
    You don’t piss off a South Dakotan.
    Amen, I love this state!

  43. Mallridge

    Thing is SoDak doesn’t take kindly to anyone thinking their better than them in a bar. They don’t need guns or 18 people in a crew to fuck someone up. They need 12 beers and some pussy from Hollywood mouthing off. He’s lucky it was Sioux Falls and not Pine Ridge or North Rapid.

  44. Evil

    Well done, if it had been chicago he’d have gotten the bottle then a brick and a few bullets. So I guess what I’m trying to say is I want to move where I can be a complete ass and not earn bullets.

  45. Eleni

    Has anyone seen the Extras episode with him and Ross Kemp? HAHAHA irony! I don’t care if the man is a footballer, he is a puss, and got his ass handed to him for messin where he shouldn’t.

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