Pete Campbell Is The New Col. Sanders. Jesus, Why?

I’ve done a lot of bitching while Fish has been out today — too much, I admit — so here’s a post in which I’m going to step almost completely out of the way because it’s fucking Pete Campbell as Col. Sanders. Having hung in there for all of Mad Men and watched every weirdly dark and esoteric plot line unfold, I have to say this is even stranger than when Michael Ginsberg cut off his nipple. Alright, maybe not, but still what the fuck is going on here? Is that a chicken harmonica? Via Adweek:

“Like KFC’s Nashville Hot Chicken, I’m a bit of a rebel decked out in authentic Nashville flavor—a perfect combination of classic and cool,” Kartheiser said in a groan-inducing statement. The chicken chain said that in casting the specialty role, it “sought out a young actor with lots of hair and flair. Vincent’s vintage good looks and piercing blue eyes made him perfect for the role.”

He doesn’t even talk in the ad. He’s just featured on an album cover, so not only did I never get to see (Spoiler Alert) Don bang Peggy on a pile of Lucky Strikes while whispering “You’re pathetic,” I’ll never know what Col. Sanders would sound like if he over enunciated every word. And shit, I’m bitching again aren’t I? See what happens when you take me off butt patrol? This is on you, Fish. You shouldn’t have let me drive this thing.

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Photo: KFC