Vince Vaughn sues for cheating on Jennifer Aniston


Vince Vaughn is set to sue the Sun, Daily Mirror, and New York Post after they claimed he kissed a “mystery woman” at a London charity event at the Old Vic theater earlier this month. The Sun and Daily Mirror articles ran a photograph of Vaughn kissing a blonde woman (above) which Vaughn will argue was “seriously misleading” and that “the suggestion he was involved in a passionate embrace and kiss was false.”

I’m looking at the picture and that looks about as close to a passionate embrace as Vince Vaughn is capable of. Considering he’s a lumbering bear she should just be glad he’s not using his mouth to drag her back to his cave by her neck.

Thanks to the oddly named N & D for the tip, though I suspect they may or may not be a chain of tire stores.