Vince Vaughn sues for cheating on Jennifer Aniston

October 16th, 2006 // 30 Comments

Vince Vaughn is set to sue the Sun, Daily Mirror, and New York Post after they claimed he kissed a “mystery woman” at a London charity event at the Old Vic theater earlier this month. The Sun and Daily Mirror articles ran a photograph of Vaughn kissing a blonde woman (above) which Vaughn will argue was “seriously misleading” and that “the suggestion he was involved in a passionate embrace and kiss was false.”

I’m looking at the picture and that looks about as close to a passionate embrace as Vince Vaughn is capable of. Considering he’s a lumbering bear she should just be glad he’s not using his mouth to drag her back to his cave by her neck.

Thanks to the oddly named N & D for the tip, though I suspect they may or may not be a chain of tire stores.


  1. juice_up

    First Bitches!

  2. Natalina


  3. thatthingisgood

    Good! I love Vince and Jen! Don’t break Up EVER!! Buy the Break-Up tomorrow on DVD!!!

  4. thatthingisgood

    Good! I love Vince and Jen! Don’t break Up EVER!! Buy the Break-Up tomorrow on DVD!!!

  5. Why sue them? Either you are or are not dating Jennifer Aniston. This cat and mouse game is ridiculous.

  6. Anastasia_Beaverhausen

    Of course its false and misleading, Vince is GAY.

  7. ApacheRose

    Hmmm…. nope. Don’t care.

  8. mrs.t

    Yummy cigarette breath.

  9. Tracie

    Who are they kidding? Vince is like, 7 feet tall or something, so that’s no woman, it’s obviously a MAN, baby! Plus, it’s not even a kiss, he’s just blowing cigarette smoke into the dude’s ear.

  10. I’d rather go fishing on Christmas Day with Scott Pederson than kiss Vince Vaughn. Ewww.

  11. I’d rather hire Michael Jackson as the night manager of my Chuck E. Cheese than kiss Vince Vaughn.

  12. Natalina

    Anyone know where can I find nude pictures of Donald Trump?

  13. I’d rather get an enema from Madonna’s semi-adoptive son that kiss Vince Vaughn.

  14. Shit, Nat fucked up my hat trick.

    Natalina – go here:

  15. Italian Stallion

    They fucking tell you everything except who the tranvestite he got caught kissing was…………

  16. Anonymous

    vince and john mayer would make a great couple

  17. pixel killya

    Shit. I hate Vince and Jen. Don’t keep going on with the charade. Ignore the Break-Up tomorrow on DVD, unless you’re into expensive coasters.

  18. Natalina

    Sorry angry ferret, none of yours had come through yet, and my question was kind of urgent.

  19. Vince Vaughn a sexual deviant, republican ass? No, it can’t be true!


  20. Spunkbubble on J. Alba's chest

    That fucker has one big ass balloon head!

  21. peanutbuttercrotch

    #11, ROFL!

  22. Vince, it’s okay, Aniston ain’t so hot looking. I understand your need to stray.

  23. RichPort

    The word “lumbering” was tailor made for Lurch motherfuckers like this. I can imagine him as a 6′ 2″ 7th grader, walking slightly forward as if always almost about to trip, dragging and clopping his feet along.

  24. NipsyHustle

    somehow kissing vince vaughan seems alot like kissing shamu but replace the fish smell with old spice.

    i don’t think he’s kissing her. i’m sure he’s trying to get her to go back to his cave and bang her on his dirty air mattress. he’ll be whispering lots of sweet nothings like “just let me stick the head in for a minute” and “you want to catch a shooting star….in ya mouth tonight?” classy. so classy.

  25. LOL @ Poster # 11.

  26. jrzmommy

    It’s not a woman—it’s Luke Wilson, his hair is just a little long.

  27. RichPort

    Vince is shown kissing Madonna as he is told that yes Malawian government offical are fucking idiots, and his new servant has been shipped to the UK via FedEx.

  28. Stuey75

    I have a theory on how Jennifer A. is really like. I think that shes ultra jealous, needy, whiney, everything that would make you want to shoot her in the back of the head with a nail gun…or stab her in the face with a fast running chainsaw.

    I mean nothing specific

  29. what a tool…..just take it like a man

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