Vince Vaughn is probably not dating Jennifer Aniston

vvaughn_aniston.jpgVince Vaughn is denying reports that he and Jennifer Aniston are a couple. They’re both currently filming The Break Up in Chicago, Illinois and have been photographed cuddling together on set, but Vince Vaughn is upset about claims that he would take advantage of Jennifer so soon after her breakup from Brad Pitt.

“We’re making a film together, man. Jennifer’s a sweet girl, but she’s very vulnerable right now and has been through a really hard time. I know people would love it if we were dating, but we’re not. She doesn’t need to cry on my shoulder.”

I have a lot of impressive degrees in sociology, so I know that whenever a man and a woman are photographed touching each other, they’re obviously in a relationship that revolves around steamy sex and a stuffed Shamu doll. It may not be an exact science, but I’ll be damned if these fancy sociology degrees have failed me yet. They’re framed and everything, so you know they’re legit.