Vince Vaughn doesn’t understand celebrity gossip

vvaughn_dontget.jpgVince Vaughn is a pretty hilarious actor, but when it comes to real life he’s probably the biggest ass in Hollywood. He recently told reporters that he doesn’t understand people who are interested in the love lives of celebrities.

“I don’t know who spends their time on `Oh my God, what happened today?'” Vaughn told reporters recently, according to AP Radio.

He has this advice for those who are obsessed with celebrity gossip: “Go kiss someone and go get something to eat and take a nap, you’re going to be fine, kid.”

Vince needs to realize that not everybody’s life is as exciting and glamorous as that of a celebrity. Nobody gives a crap about the love lives of high school janitors, but I’d wager my own genitals that Vince Vaughn would never trade places with them. Why? Because janitors don’t make eleventy million dollars to make pretend for a living and be loved by half the world. If you don’t want to be popular, then take up an occupation that doesn’t place you in the direct view of every human on the face of the planet.

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