Vin Diesel still alive, procreating

June 6th, 2008 // 44 Comments

Anyone remember Vin Diesel? Anyone? Well, apparently model Paloma Jimenez did, I’m guessing about nine months ago, because she let him put a baby in her. She quietly (?) birthed the child in April. Vin’s rep must’ve just now realized he has a client and announced the news yesterday to People:

Vin Diesel and his girlfriend, model Paloma Jimenez, have quietly become parents of a baby girl, his rep tells PEOPLE.
Diesel, 40, and Jimenez welcomed their first child on April 2.

First off, how do you quietly become parents? I mean, that kid either had Vin Diesel’s monster schnozz and/or his eggplant head. I doubt she came out without a fight. Second, how far gone is Vin’s career that he had a baby, and no one bothered to even notice until two months later? No wonder he’s doing another Fast and the Furious. Otherwise, Vin Diesel will start disappearing from pictures like in Back to the Future – which will really piss off anyone that owns a copy of XXX. So mostly just the South.


  1. FRST


  2. Danielle


  3. Wow, didn’t know this guy was still alive. Good to know he’s able to get some model knocked up.

    Oh, #1 – you are a douche for being excited about posting first. get a life!

  4. sportsdvl is a douche

    Wow, he’s still around huh?

    #3, lets be honest, if you had an opportunity to post first…you would. admit it.

  5. English Bob

    WOW, did you see his girlfriend?? Very hot. Why didn’t you post a picture of her Superficial Writer instead of that fool?? A hot girl once told me i looked like Vin Diesel…….When he was 12…….D’oh!

  6. Barack Obama

    Goot Mornin’ Whitey!

    I be continuatin’ to speechify y’all into a TRANCE today.

    I gon’ be speechifyin’ CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE.

    An sportsdvl, y’alls wastin’ time compain’ ’bout firss postin’s. Dat be goin’ on on every artickle on dis muhfuh, ain’t no use sayin’ nuh-in.

  7. Danielle

    Good Morning Barack ONOTa.

    Will you be removing your head from your ass today?

  8. Cokeasian

    Wow, I didn’t know he was bi.

  9. Barack Obama

    Ah’s wunderd whut dat funny smell was. An’ why it so dark up in herrrr.

  10. Hollywood’s bout with defective rubbers continues…

  11. Diesel is a great bull-dyke name. That baby girl’s future is already written

  12. How did it take so long for him to make babies? Must have needed alot of practice!

  13. sissy

    Someone mentioned that you met your woman on the famous celebrities/rich men seeking beautiful women site ^^^sugardaddy connect. c o m? True or not??

  14. gerbil_king

    I could swear it was common knowledge he was gay… was that wrong or did he jump the fence or what?

  15. Jackson'shole

    My husband told me for the first time ever last night that he loves my tits. It made me very happy.

  16. shoofitz

    #6: As always, LMFAO! Also, might I add that your speech was most beauteous today Barak! *\o/* Down wit whitey!

  17. timeoffrequestform

    Kevin Smith once said in an interview that he knew of a major hollywood action star that was a closet gay that everyone would be surprised to learn, but he wouldn’t say who. I always figured it was Vin. I guess the Rock would be my next guess?

  18. Troll #4 – I have been the first to post on numerous occasions. But, see no thrill in that fact and find it funny that others are so excited by that notion. Thus, they are usually losers with not much else going for them. Of course, they aren’t as big of douche bags as the trolls that slink around this place.

  19. gotmilk?

    agreed, how do you quietly have a baby or quietly wed? i guess they mean without making a big fuss. everyone in hollywood should do this though.

  20. Navel Gazer

    Yeah! Danielle.

    and double Yeah! to Ms. Jimenez: that is one hot piece

  21. Iheartpdx

    Perhaps they adopted.

  22. Male pattern baldness???

  23. shnoze family

    wow just googled Paloma Jimenez and she has a helluva honker nose herself. My god poor baby, just a big squeeky ol’ thing.

  24. yikes

    I believe Paloma Jimenez wins prized for fakest looking breast implants ever. Looks like two two grape fruits on a wooden board. She makes Victoria Beckham look natural.

  25. double yikes

    I believe Paloma Jimenez wins prize for fakest looking breast implants ever. Looks like two grape fruits on a wooden board. She makes Victoria Beckham look natural.

  26. Jammy

    nice beanie

  27. luckyglinda

    well, I guess then Clay is just following in Vin’s loafer steps.

  28. Do_Freebird

    Isn’t that the little French dude who used to be on Hogans Heros?

  29. Salim Singh of Pankot Palace

    I saw him on I’m wondering, what about his family?

  30. Chris Rock

    #17: timeoffrequestform:

    no, that would be tom cruise………i rest my case.

  31. Kevin Smith


    Dude, sorry, I forgot to be obvious: it IS Tom Cruise.

  32. The man who uses another man's pocket pussy

    He is one ugly sorry jackass. He has not acting ability. He represents a multiethnic tough guy image for the spics and nigs and wiggers and other half and quarter breeds. I think he looks stupid.

    Does anyone know if you can get AIDS from dirty pocket pussy? I am lonely and this is the best I can do.

  33. GG1000

    Dude, boring as it may be, perhaps he’s not into the media thing, and if so, more power to him. Kudos to him for getting the concept of a private life.

  34. Mississippi

    Dude.. WTF? Someone lied to MEEEEE! They told me he was gay! Those lil fuckers lying! I knew he didn’t suhwing that way! pfftt!
    He looks like a monchichi in this picture hahaha.

  35. Nick

    Paloma Jimenez is UGLY. She is a butter face. There is nothing to be proud of there, now is there Vin?





  37. Sally

    What a ^%$&$%$ man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The magazine SEEKING GOSSIP reported him joined the rich man seeking sugar babies site”S e e k i n g R i c h . c o m ” and he is mentioned to find his sugar girl
    there! the magazine foolx he????????????or fools us????

  38. redsinja1313

    GAY DUDES WANT KIDS TOO !!!! it was quite because there was a turkey baster invovled.

  39. Frebee

    Another gay star (is he still a star ?) turkey baste an ugly 3rd world model, young enough to be his daughter, not very news worthy I guess. But lets hope the new daddy does not blow all his money on male hookers down in the Dominican Rep. , because baby sure is gonna need some major plastic surgery when she grows up (both momma and daddy are damn ugly – who’s got the bigger nose ?)

  40. Frebee

    One more thing, I wonder if the guy behind Vin in the stripped shirt is his lover, in every pic you see of Vin you see him, maybe Vin’s his bitch LOL

  41. Zee

    Of all the people who have a life of their own It’s VIN DIESEL. He has a girlfriend, wife and then a baby. He gets the right to have these things without paparazzi. Let him and his other be, with their baby.

  42. yo

    vin is fine, big nose, little nose who cares, his girlfriend is not so cute. love you vin.

  43. ohnoyoudidnt

    Wow, mother f*ckers in here are SOOOO jealous because he got himself a fine piece of ass, because he’s HOT AS HELL (yeah you all skinny mother f*ckers who have never seen a real 6 pack in your lives), and because above all he kept it all private, like a REAL star, not making big fuzz out of it like the Tom Cruise faggot.

    YOU GO VIN!!!

  44. I have started reading this book and love it so far! I just couldn’t wait for it to go in to paper back.

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