Vin Diesel still alive, procreating

Anyone remember Vin Diesel? Anyone? Well, apparently model Paloma Jimenez did, I’m guessing about nine months ago, because she let him put a baby in her. She quietly (?) birthed the child in April. Vin’s rep must’ve just now realized he has a client and announced the news yesterday to People:

Vin Diesel and his girlfriend, model Paloma Jimenez, have quietly become parents of a baby girl, his rep tells PEOPLE.
Diesel, 40, and Jimenez welcomed their first child on April 2.

First off, how do you quietly become parents? I mean, that kid either had Vin Diesel’s monster schnozz and/or his eggplant head. I doubt she came out without a fight. Second, how far gone is Vin’s career that he had a baby, and no one bothered to even notice until two months later? No wonder he’s doing another Fast and the Furious. Otherwise, Vin Diesel will start disappearing from pictures like in Back to the Future – which will really piss off anyone that owns a copy of XXX. So mostly just the South.