Vin Diesel dropped by publicist for diva behavior

Vin Diesel pulled a diva move on Sunday by failing to show up for a Fast & Furious press junket, according to Page Six:

“No one could get a hold of him,” our spy said. “He didn’t pick up his phone and it wasn’t until a Universal executive called that he finally picked up and used the lame excuse, ‘I’m sick.’ ” Diesel finally showed up four hours late and “didn’t look sick. But he did do a couple hours of press,” we’re told. Diesel’s publicist at 42 West told us that as a result of the incident, the firm no longer represents him.

Another brilliant career move by Vin Diesel. Seriously, how the hell is this guy still getting work? I’m 90% convinced he agreed to be paid in sandwiches for this flick – with a clause that he provide his own mustard.

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