Vin Diesel Really Needs To Stop Singing To Paul Walker

Mocking someone for grieving the death of a loved one is probably the lowest form of comedy besides Adam Sandler movies. But I think that applies when the grieving is done privately, as opposed to extremely publicly, wearing a wifebeater, singing a song about getting high, with the backdrop of a memorial slideshow that’s mostly just video clips of you and that person. Comes across a bit self-serving. Then again, Bill Cosby’s bathrobe karaoke rendition of Enter Sandman after Nelson Mandela died was critical to the world’s healing process, so maybe I’m just a heartless bastard. Take it away, Groot:

The ever continuing process of healing…All love…

Posted by Vin Diesel on Wednesday, May 20, 2015


This shit right here, though? This is fair game and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise. No, not in person, I have delicate wrists.

Photo: Facebook