Vin Diesel Is The Goddamn King Of Sucking It In

Last week, photos of Vin Diesel going full dad bod were all over the place, which isn’t good for a guy who planned to spend an entire weekend not so subtly hinting that Marvel cast him as Black Bolt because of his slamming physique. Except here’s Vin Diesel not even 24 hours ago at New York Comic Con where he apparently decided to shame the body-shamers by lifting up his shirt and demonstrating that he’s literally the only person on the planet where sucking it in is goddamn devil magic:

For real though, what Instagram filter is that? Sunset Steroids? HGH In Orange? I Made Some Nerd Dressed Like Malcolm Reynolds Photoshop This Or I’d Break His Wookiee? Either way, I want it.

*looks down at soft, pale, skeletal frame*

At last, we will reveal ourselves to the vaginas. At last, we will have our reveng- whoa, that came out mass shootery. Goddammit. Sorry, everybody, sorry!

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Photo: Instagram