Viggo Mortensen will not cross the picket line for Oscar

The Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences nominated Viggo Mortensen for Best Actor today. His role as a Russian mobster in Eastern Promises is up for the Oscar. He told the Associated Press that he will not cross the picket line if the writers strike continues:

“No, if there’s a strike I will not go but I have a feeling they’ll solve it. I hope they do. I’m sure my mom would like to see me on TV and so forth, but if there’s a strike I’m not crossing the line.”

For the record, I believe Viggo deserves an Oscar for accurately portraying how I take a shower everyday. (Really NSFW video after the jump.) Here’s hoping the writers strike is solved, so Viggo can accept his award and thank me for teaching him everything he knows. As for the facial hair, I don’t even know. Do chicks dig Civil War beards? I’ve been told I look like Ulysses S. Grant – or was it Abe Lincoln? Whichever one had solid steel abs that could stop a steam engine.

Photo: Getty Images