VIDEO: Scarlett Johansson gets her breast squeezed at Golden Globes

January 17th, 2006 // 43 Comments

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  1. AndyKandy

    Maybe he’s trying to find out where she stashed her coke?

  2. Sheva

    Homo does wot?

  3. tito

    Everything this site has covered on the Golden Globes so far has been about boobs. Brava, thesuperficial.

  4. amazinggrace2005

    He’s just considering a Scarlett Johannesen push up bra line that he’s doing for Target.

  5. SuperSpence

    It’s true, this site has become absolutely obsessed with titties. And that’s a wonderful thing. Please, Superficial, stick with the titties and we’ll stick with you.

  6. That supports my post from before. When she said “if you did that you’d get slapped”. Look at his facial expression right after she says that. He looks like he jizzed in his own shorts.

    “I’m Seacrest – I should be allowed to touch a breast on natioanl television”.

  7. SuperSpence

    I’m telling you, Seacrest isn’t interested in Scarlett or her magnificent mammaries. During the awards ceremony he and Ryan Phillipe skipped off to a men’s room and honored “Brokeback Mountain” by repeatedly and anally violating each other.

  8. Larry

    [i]It’s true, this site has become absolutely obsessed with titties. [/i]

    And your point is … ?

    The only globes that were golden at this event were the ones protruding from Scarlett’s chest.

    I want Scarlett Johanssen, now, chained in my basement. But then again, what else is new?

    Bravo to Scarlett for being bold again and not being afraid to be killer sexy. Scarlett knows how to be fabulous.

  9. SuperSpence

    LARRY, I thought I made my point perfectly clear. This site is obsessed with titties and that’s a very good thing. Pretty difficult to misunderstand that.

  10. cinder

    mmm scarlett
    he probably was feeling whatever she was using to push up her fabulous boobs <3

  11. Now there is a great reason to go gay. But ironically, if I was gay there’d be no thrill in touching her boobs.

  12. hafaball

    I think he was just checking to see if she stuffs… :o

  13. HollyJ

    I would’ve slapped the FCK out of him. I would’ve literally dislodged his mandible from the temperomandibular joint with the force of one perfectly-placed open-handed bitchslap. It would’ve looked like McEnrow railing on an innocent glass of water during one of his tantrums.

    The footage would’ve been a Discovery Health 1-hour documentary : “When a Women with Boobs went Apeshit and Kicked Mizrahi’s Ass.” The entire world would’ve watched in dismay as doctors tried to re-attach his jawbone in the ER, as he cried desperately for the ability to once again give fellatio.

    Why is she giggling like it’s cute to be titty-squooshed by some random publicity whore? ACK! No wonder so many men have no respect for women. They see shit like THIS.

    She’s completely lacking in judgment and self-esteem, and Isaac is just a sewage-filled publicity bottom. What a pair.

  14. diddleysquat

    I can’t think of one funny thing to say….I just want to touch those jubblees!

  15. boymoto

    THis is classic…

    But knowing Scarlett, she probably said the dress has ‘push padding’ and he reached out to confirm…

    Or he asked if it had ‘push up technology’ and she said “go ahead and check”…

    Either way, he isn’t actually touching her breasts.

    Her body is nice, but she is not a massive cup size.

    But thank you for the amazing video…

    Wonder if she let him grab down below as well?

  16. Danny Fein

    Ryan is straight?

  17. What ever happened to the innocent girl from Ghost World.

    That Thora Birch is a real goer.

  18. Cindylover1969

    Thora showed her massive mammaries in “American Beauty,” made “The Hole” and seems to have disappeared down it. Funny how things turn out…

  19. Zapp Brannigan

    I’d like to know what Scarlett and Isaac were saying to each other that led up to this “groping”. I could easily imagine that Isaac complimented her on her outfit and her “lift”; Scarlett replying that she just is wearing a great support; Isaac saying really? and Scarlett jokingly saying check for yourself, and Isaac actually doing it and Scarlett can’t believe she said that and Isaac is feeling her support bra.

    That’s what it looks like to me. It doesn’t look like an actual groping or molesting. But I find that turning off the audio and watching this clip, I can still effectively fantasize that she is being groped. :-)

  20. We miss you, Thora.

  21. hafaball

    Maybe Scarlett ate Thora. You can steal peoples’ abilities if you do that. Like, if I ate Kobe Bryant, I’d be able to play basketball.

  22. The-Cryp

    Why do gays talk in that stupid camp way? What an idiot.

  23. slinkhard

    She’s completely lacking in judgment and self-esteem, and Isaac is just a sewage-filled publicity bottom. What a pair.

    Agreed, HollyJ.

  24. zena marie

    great post #13HollyJ … you nailed it.

    I’d love to see that on the Discovery Health, followed by, medical attempts to reattach Scarlett’s brain to her nervous system (“Yes! I think of my boobies as two little twin dolls on my chest, because they get me so much attention!”).

  25. Binky

    Yeah yeah – very unconvincing. I still think Seacrest quietly called for a ‘right hand red’. Why do you think they wear those earpieces ? “You’ll never know when a game will break out on Monday Night Reality Twister!” F the NFL.This will save ABC billions. Do you know how much it costs to feed John Madden ?
    Of course I might be mistaken.
    In either case, I agree, Isaac should have been kneed.

  26. Larry

    SuperSpence, you were responding to this comment:

    “Everything this site has covered on the Golden Globes so far has been about boobs. Brava, thesuperficial.”

    And I was joining you in responding to it. Maybe I didn’t make that sufficiently clear, so, in penance, I will now spend the day holding up Scarlett Johanssen’s twenty-year-old breasts.

    Anyway, why don’t we talk about something new for a change, like Scarlett Johanssen’s fabulous headlights.

  27. Realistic

    I think we are all looking past the obvious here….Isaac was simply trying to make Ryan jealous.

  28. SuperSpence

    LARRY typed: in penance, I will now spend the day holding up Scarlett Johanssen’s twenty-year-old breasts.

    REPLY: You sly sonofabitch! You win this round. But when Amanda Bynes [and no, I don't know who that is] is old enough to ogle, I’ll have my sweet, sweet revenge.

  29. Larry

    Amanda Bynes is now legal, or (dear God) at least I *hope* she is.

  30. al rarow

    For goodness sakes, look at dem cakez.

  31. Oh, joyous Moo Sacks!

  32. CheekyChops

    Who did Seacrest blow to get a star on the walk of fame in Hollywood?

  33. Was it just me or were Ryan Seacrest and Debbie Matawhatever totally unnecessarily mean to poor Isaac? It was very mean spirited. Hello, he’s gay, he’s a designer, and he’s completely fabulous. I’d let Isaac grope my built-in underwire any time.

  34. The Devil

    Right now I’m groping HollyJ (#13) and zena marie’s (#24) breasts.

  35. fonetik

    Forgetting for a moment about Scarlett’s hoohas, has anyone noticed what AWFUL hair extensions she has? They don’t even match her real hair.

  36. ScottyBitch

    Page 6 reports that Mr. Mizrahble also grabbed Terry Hatcher’s breast! More research into chest-cantilevering I suppose?

  37. i need to order an issac mizrahi?? body double suit.its the only way ill get to touch some hollywood boobage.:(

  38. HollyJ

    LOL @ 34! HA!

    :::SMACK:::: Take THAT! :::THWACK::: Get your paws off my eboobs!!! :::WHACK::::

  39. BullwinkleDaMoose

    Fair is fair. gay or not, the guy should be charged and arrested for sexual molestation or what ever they call it now a days. It should not be laughed off as a cute little prank by a sweet little gay guy. If I had been her escort, I’d have laid him out and given him a swift kick in the groin. He wouldn’t have thought it funny nor ever did it again to any woman.

  40. londonlady

    I don’t know what to say. I generally don’t have a lot of respect for Scarlett as she seems determined to set women’s lib back 20 years every time she steps out in public. But…she’s also so attractive that she almost makes me wish I were a lesbian.

  41. What would Chuck Norris do?

  42. EmilyEmilyEmily

    Precisely what I was thinking joseph_m

    …before Isaac knew what hit his completely class-less self, Chuck Norris would appear from behind Scarlet and round-house kick Mr. Pervy Hands in the face thus dislodging his jaw, HollyJ-style.

    Scarlet’s and all women’s breasts would be forever free of public groping, and Chuck Norris would live happily ever after knowing he had used his right foot in the name of justice.

  43. wow, that’s a good groper’s defense – i’m gay!

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